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Lancaster : Tokens

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 158
Tokens 1800 Christ's Hospital DH11 EF, 18th Century (4) - 1795 KM#21 GEF with traces of lustre and old lacquering, Horn Edward IV KM#33 EF, lacquered, 1794 John of Gaunt DH39 EF lacquered, 1793 Peace and Plenty DH11 EF lacquered

Auction 156
Tokens National Series (6) Prince of /Royal Arms DH952, undated Prince of Wales/Royal Arms DH953, undated John of Gaunt/Royal Arms DH957, 1789 Bust of Prince Regent/Feathers DH968, 1795 Duke of /Ship, 'Payable in , or ' edge DH987a, 1794 Duke of York/Seated Female, edge 'Payable at , or ' DH989 edge variant NVF to VF

Auction 154
Tokens Tokens a high grade group (5) 1812 Union Company UNC and attractively toned with traces of lustre, (7) Skidmore's es and Gates, 1797 St.Margarets, Lothbury DH 605 UNC and prooflike with some original colour, Warwickshire 1792 Birmingham Hickmans DH144 Two buttonholes UNC with traces of lustre and a small edge flaw, 1794 Richard Bacon edge DH13 UNC and lustrous with prooflike fields, Petersfield 1793 DH47, Holland and Andrews edge GEF with traces of lustre, Hampshire Emsworth 1795 DH30 Smaller ship, , or edge UNC toned with traces of lustre, Blything 1794 DH 19 Sword points to L UNC and superbly toned, 1794 DH6 UNC and nicely toned with traces of lustre, a very pleasing group

Auction 143
Tokens (5) 1796 DH4 EF, Cross Conders Drapery warehouse DH35 EF, West Front of New Pump Room DH40 EF, (2) 1794 Daniel Eccleston DH 58 EF, Lancaster 1794 John of Gaunt DH 43 EF all with traces of lustre

Auction 140
Tokens 1791 DH11 A/UNC toned
£16 London Coins : A140 : Lot 1180 : Halfpenny 18th Century Lancashire 1791 Lancaster DH11 A/UNC toned London Coins : A140 : Lot 1180 : Halfpenny 18th Century Lancashire 1791 Lancaster DH11 A/UNC toned

Auction 132
Tokens Tokens (7) George Jobson Banker 1794, Earl Howe Emsworth 1795, John Howard & 1794, St Bevoir , , John of Gaunt, Promissory Halfpenny 1796. Fleece Hanging 1791. Generally GVF or better

Auction 132
Tokens Tokens (6) Charles Heaths Bay Maker 1794. Dim, Romney Marsh Halfpenny 1794, Hawkhurst Charles Hiders 1794. Gloucs. Brimscombe Port 1795. Lancs. Daniel Eccleston Halfpenny 1794. , Let Britain Flourish & antlers. AEF or better

Auction 122
Tokens (12) 1793 DH47a UNC with some lustre, Norfolk 1793 DH32 Norwich Toned UNC, 1795 DH16a UNC with some lustre, 1792 DH95 Toned UNC, Warwickshire Birmingham Bissett Museum DH120 UNC with lustre, DH58 UNC with lustre traces, Suffolk Sudbury DH38 UNC with lustre, Strand- DH302 Plain edge Toned UNC, Middlesex 1790 ic DH370e Lustrous UNC, Earl Howe 1795 DH30e VF, Leek 1793 DH10 UNC Toned, 1793 DH15 GEF, plus Leo XIII1887 EF Toned and probably mounted at the top of the reverse

Auction 114
Tokens (3) 1794 DH58 CO of COMMERCE badly struck NEF, DH153e with engrailed edge EF, Sheff

Auction 102
Tokens Castle A. Steward 1794 in white metal Dalton and Hamer 3 rare VF

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