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Lindner Trays X : Misc Items

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 157
Misc Items Aluminium Carrying box containing 10 Lindner Trays, in very good condition

Auction 157
Misc Items Aluminium Carrying box containing 9 Lindner Trays, in very good condition

Auction 157
Misc Items Lindner Trays x 13 good second hand, a variety of slot sizes £70

Auction 156
Misc Items Lindner Trays (32) a mix of sizes, in excellent condition, now over £16 each new

Auction 156
Misc Items Accessories a small carrying case, along with a variety of trays including Lindner, empty promoters boxes and albums (lot)

Auction 155
Misc Items Accessories a large group includes Display trays, Lindner trays, boxes, Coin capsules, Albums and more some in new or as new condition (lot) Room buyers only, NO POSTAL

Auction 152
Misc Items Accessories, Lindner Trays (4), a coin album, second hand with used pages, box 1927, Red boxes 1935 for the official issue (4), Whitman folders (4) varied state

Auction 151
Misc Items a in 5 Lindner trays a wide variety includes GB, Germany, USA, many Victoria issues noted, in mixed grades to UNC

Auction 149
Misc Items Accessories a mixed group includes boxes, trays, album pages, Lindner trays, capsules etc. (lot in 5 boxes, over 28 Kilos)

Auction 146
Misc Items s and Accessories in 3 large boxes, the books include many useful titles, Krause coins and paper money, Spink, Coincraft catalogues, the accessories includes Lindner Trays (12) these in excellent condition

Auction 145
Misc Items Accessories set boxes (4) 1937 , 1989 3-coin set, 1902 card (poor condition), 1927 card box, plus Lindner trays (7) and Abafil display trays (2), along with a few - s, in varied state

Auction 138
Misc Items Lindner carrying case/box containing 8 mixed trays, good condition

Auction 133
Misc Items Accessories a small lot includes Lindner trays (2), display cases, coin capsules, slides cases etc. (approx 3 Kilos)

Auction 131
Misc Items Coin First Day Covers (14), a small group of GB and World banknotes (37), as part of a group of s and accessories includes Lindner Trays (4), Lindner Aluminium carrying case, World Paper Money 1368-1960 11th Edition, in mixed condition

Auction 127
Misc Items Lindner Trays (16) a mixture of sizes, three without the inner red storage area, one with a cracked outer, others in good condition

Auction 126
Misc Items Lindner Trays (16) a mixture of sizes, three without the inner red storage area, one with a cracked outer, others in good condition

Auction 124
Misc Items Lindner Trays (5) mixed sizes in good used condition

Auction 122
Misc Items A retired dealers display accessories includes Lighthouse trays (34), Aluminium carrying cases for the lighthouse trays lockable with keys (2), Lindner trays, a quantity of tickets, flips etc. all in good condition (lot of 5 boxes and two aluminium cases)

Auction 122
Misc Items Lindner Trays (2) both with mixed sized slots

Auction 118
Misc Items Lindner Trays (8) to hold a variety of coin sizes, all in excellent condition

Auction 106
Misc Items Lindner Trays (16) various sizes most in the cardboard boxes of issue, good second hand

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