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London Mint Office Queen Elizabeth Ii : English Cased and Proof Coins

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 162
English Cased Queen Birth Year set 1926 a 10-coin set comprising Sovereign 1926SA GVF, Half Sovereign 1926SA VF/NVF, Halfcrown 1926 Modified Head, Florin 1926, Shilling 1926 Modified Head, Sixpence 1926 First Head, Threepence 1926 Modified Head, Penny 1926 First Head, Halfpenny 1926 and Farthing 1926 these VG to Near Fine, in a box with certificate

Auction 162
English Cased Quarter Sovereign 2009 BU in a soft case, Cook Islands One Dollar 2007 Queen and Diamond Proofs in plated - each with a different coloured photo on the reverse, FDC in a Westminster box with certificates, Two Pounds 2007 UNC in a Westminster box, Britain's First Decimal Coins 1968/71 UNC in the blue wallet of issue, Gibraltar Crown 2008 The Elizabethan Era BU in silver plated cupro-nickel, Turks and Caicos Islands 5 Crowns 2004 The Crown Jewels, St. Edd s Crown in gold plated with emerald inset Proof FDC, History of British Currency (21) Pre-Decimal and Decimal issues coloured and gilded in the folders of issue, in mixed grades , Numismatic First Day Covers (12) from a selection of series, along with the accompanying stamps, Rothmans Cambridge Collection of rare banknotes in three mini albums, Stamps - The History of the Monarchy - 10x First Class on a large sheet depicting all monarchs since 1066, A Photo Frame containing British Armed Forces Notes 1950s issues (4) Five Pounds 2nd Series, One Pound 2nd Series, One Pound 3rd Series and One Pound 4th Series mounted on card in a large frame, along with an additional three display boxes, one a case the others MDM style cases

Auction 160
English Cased The Queen Longest Reigning Monarch by the containing Proof Five Pound Crowns 1990, 1997, 1998, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2012, 2015, 2015, 25p Crowns Proofs 1972 and 1977, crowns 1953 and 1960 and Maundy Set 2000 generally Unc to FDC in the London Mint Office Presentation case with booklet and an empty slot for a Crown that is missing from the set

Auction 159
English Cased Proof and Mint Sets and singles, includes Tristan da Cunha a 2-coin set 2015 Battle of comprising One Crown 2015 One gramme of 9 carat gold and Five Pounds Gold-plated with colour picture on reverse Prooflike UNC in the box of issue with certificate, Medal 2015 Hawker Hurricane in silvered UNC boxed with certificate, Battle of Waterloo 2015 a 200th a 5-medal set in bronze Prooflike UNC in the Worcestershire Medal folder of issue, 75th Anniversary 2015 a 6-medal set in bronze, layered in silver Prooflike UNC in the folder of issue, World Crown sized issues 21st Century (19) UNC in capsules, in presentation boxes, along with two modern prize medals, Medals (6) 70mm in base metal, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014 and 2015 coloured reverses with embedded jewels, the sixth in gold plated the reverse with coloured picture of XVI, Proof like UNC in capsules, in presentation box, Cook Islands Five Dollars 2013 Jubilee 65mm diameter in gold-plated copper with coloured reverse picture of the Queen Prooflike UNC in the Westminster box of issue with certificate, Tristan da Cunha Five Pounds 2015 50th Anniversary of the of Sir Winston 65mm diameter Proof in Gold plated copper with photograph of Churchill on the reverse, in the Westminster box with certificate, Niue Two Dollars 2016 Queen 90th Birthday 65mm diameter Proof in Gold-plated copper, in the Westminster box with certificate, Medallic Replica 100mm in the style of Twenty Dollars 1933 by MDM Prooflike UNC with certificate, Medallic Replica 100mm diameter II 90th Birthday Proof by MDM in Gold plated copper, with certificate, Medallic Replicas of iconic US Coins (5) each Double Eagle 1907, Indian Head Double Eagle 1907 , Double Eagle 1849 Liberty Head, Five Dollars 1822, Brasher Doubloon 1787 Prooflike UNC by MDM with certificates, Gold Giants Replica series 70mm diameter by MDM, Poland 100 Ducaten 1621, South Africa Pond 1898, Farewell medal 2003, Churchill Medal, all Proofs in gold-plated copper, with certificates, Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Edition set by MDM a 3-piece set comprising 1952, 1977 and 2002 pieces all with a small diamond inset into the crown in the design, Proofs FDC in the box of issue with certificate, Queen 1837-1901 medal Crown-sized in gold plated copper, of the UK 2011 75th Anniversary of the Year of the Three Kings, Crown sized medal in gold plated copper Proof FDC with certificate, Dover Castle Medal undated in base metal UNC, s (7) depicting famous Battles Battle of Bunker Hill, Battle of El Alamein, Battle of Inkerman, Battle of , Battle of Waterloo, and the Battle of Britain UNC, 2002 Golden Jubilee Medal UNC boxed with certificate, USA State Quarter 2012 Puerto Rico - El Yunque (13) a single coin and a sealed roll of 12 coins UNC

Auction 157
English Cased The a 14-coin set in silver and gold plated silver, replicas of iconic coins of the past, Prooflike UNC in the London Mint box of issue with certificates, The coins of Britannia's last Century an 11-coin set all but one base metal in mixed grades, in a box with certificate, Crowns a 6-coin set comprising 1935 NEF, 1937 EF, 1977 Silver Proof FDC, 1980 80th Birthday Silver Proof FDC, 1981 Silver Proof FDC, and 1977 EF partly gilded, in the London Mint Office box with certificate, London Mint Office the Emblems series comprising a set of Halfcrown to Farthing, Halfcrown to Farthing and Elizabeth II Decimals One Pound to Halfpenny all gilded with coloured reverses, in mixed grades in the box of issue, Tristan da Cunha 'Help For Heroes' One Crown 2010 a 12-coin set in gold plated base metal UNC in the London Mint Office box of issue with certificates, II 60th 2013 a 16-coin set Crown-sixed Plated and Gold Plated Steel issues from Jersey, Guernsey, Tristan da Cunha and Cook Islands, Prooflike UNC each piece with a different Royal photograph on the reverse UNC in the box of issue with certificates

Auction 157
English Cased The a 15 coin set in .925 modern replicas of a number of iconic coins, such as Coenwulf Penny, Gold Penny, Gold Florin, Henry VII Sovereign, Testoon, Shilling, Triple Unite, Halfcrown, Portcullis money Four Testern, Queen Five Guineas, Henry VIII George Noble, Crown, Carlisle Siege piece Three Shillings, Sixpence and more, by the , including 14 with certificates

Auction 155
English Cased Florins Florin Engraver's Trial pieces undated c.1961 (5) each with TRIAL DIE on the reverse, the obverses with the standard early Elizabeth II portrait, the legend on each coin with a different typeface, with the type face abbreviated name raised in the field, i.e. Albertus (TRIAL ALB.) Albertus Light (ALB.L), Poliphilus (Pol.). Baskerville (BAS.), and Ionic (ION.) each coin UNC, comes with booklet and copy of original handwritten notes detailing each type face and the experiments conducted by the Deputy Master of the Mint into the suitability of certain styles of lettering for use in the design and minting of coins and medals, The set is accompanied by an additional handwritten note stating that there were originally seven sets made, these sets were then presented to the Queen for her consideration. One set had the handwritten note and typed manuscript, the other six sets, rather than having TRIAL DIE on the reverse, had plain reverses. This set is the original set, with a photostat copy of the folder from one of the six other sets which became detached from the coins. Comes in a large and impressive hard black case, originally purchased from the for £18,000, a wonderful documented insight into the processes involved in development of pre-decimal coinage in the early Elizabethan era
£7,050 London Coins : A155 : Lot 84 : Florins Elizabeth II Florin Engraver's Trial pieces undated c.1961 (5) each with TRIAL DIE on t... London Coins : A155 : Lot 84 : Florins Elizabeth II Florin Engraver's Trial pieces undated c.1961 (5) each with TRIAL DIE on t...

Auction 155
English Cased The Queen First Half Sovereigns pair comprising Half Sovereigns (2) 1980 Proof FDC and 1982 BU in the box with certificate £200

Auction 153
English Cased s (2) 1970, Executive Set 2000, nFDC to FDC in the boxes of issue, Year sets (5) 1982, 1986 (2), 1988, 1990, Five Pound Crowns (18) 1993 40th , 1996 Queen 70th Birthday (2), 1997 Golden , 1998 50th Birthday, 1999 Diana Memorial, 1999 (3), 2000 (3), 2001 100th Anniversary (2), 2002 (2), 2003 Coronation 50th Anniversary, 2006 II 80th Birthday, Two Pounds (6) 1995 Peace Dove, 1996 Euro 96 Football, 1997, 1999 Rugby World Cup, 2004 's locomotive, 2005 , One Pound (3) 1996, 1997, 2006, Fifty Pence (2) 2003 WSPU, 2004 50th Anniversary of the 4-minute mile, UNC in the Royal Mint wallets of issue, Two Pounds 2002 Games a 4-coin set UNC in the wallet of issue, Last £sd set 1965-1967 (7 coins) UNC in the wallet of issue, £sd/Decimal First and last set EF to UNC in the wallet of issue, Britain's First Decimal Coins 1968/71 UNC in the wallet of issue, Crowns an unofficial 5-coin set 1965-1981 UNC in a slide case, The Queen Elizabeth II Crown Collection 1953-1990 an 8-coin set comprising Crowns 1953, 1960, 1965, 1972, 1977, 1980, 1981 and Five Pound Crown 1990 UNC in the wallet of issue, Fifty Pence collection a 6-coin set 1973, 1981, 1992/3, 1994, 1997 Large and Small sizes VF to UNC in the blue wallet, Two Pounds Royal Mint trial set 1994 comprising the 4 stages of minting a £2 coin, UNC in the wallet of issue, Crowns and Five Pound Crowns (13) 1953-2003 in a Royal Mint box EF to UNC, Time Capsule 2000 mint set (9 coins Five Pound Crown to One Penny) UNC in the tin of issue, Shilling mintmark Star Fine in a pouch, Hong Kong Mint set 1997 Handover, UNC in the wallet of issue, Medals (2) 1992 Millennium of the Office of the High Sheriff 5 ounce UNC with matt finish, 1991 The Royal Veterinary College, London UNC both in the boxes of issue

Auction 148
English Cased Tristan Da Cunha issues a mixed group Five Pounds 2010 Engagement of and Kate Middleton Triple Thickness Proof, Ten Pounds 2010 Engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton 5oz. Silver Proofs (2), 2010 84th Birthday of Queen Silver Proof, Five Pounds 2008 George and the Dragon Plated Silver Proof with 6 inset rubies, Five Pounds 2008 End of Gold plated Silver Proof with 4 rubies inset and one black sapphire, GB Fantasy Penny 1797 in , Sierra Leone a 4-coin set 10 Dollars 2008 Silver Proofs each depicting different British monarchs, GB King New Strike Set 1936 a 6-coin set fantasy strikes depicting Crown to Threepence designs Silver Proofs, FDC in the boxes of issue with certificates, GB Pre-decimal and Decimal Coins a 26-coin set all with coloured surfaces, Great Briton's Heroes an 18-coin set in Gold Plated - FDC boxed as issued with certificates, plus an additional box containing World Crown-sized modern issues (6) UNC to FDC

Auction 145
English Cased s (4) 2003 (2), 2004 (2), Five Pound Crowns (6) 2007 Diamond (2), 2010 (4), Equestrian Crown collections (2) 3-coin sets comprising Crown 1953, Crown 1977 and Five Pound Crown 2002, Five Pound Crowns 2-coin sets 2005 and (4 sets), Two Pounds (10) 2004 's Locomotive (4), 2007 300th of the Act of Union (2), 2007 (2), 2008 100th Anniversary of the 4th Olympiad (2), One Pound 2011 2-coin sets Edinburgh and Cardiff (3), One Pound 2009 , Fifty Pences (5) 2004 50th Anniversary of the 4-minute mile (4), 2009 250th Anniversary of Kew Gardens, UNC in the Royal Mint wallets of issue, Crowns 1965 (2), 1977 (12) UNC, Fifty Pence 1977 UNC, Alderney Five Pound Crowns (5) 2004 (2), 2009 50th Anniversary of the Mini (2), 2010 70th Anniversary of the , Tristan da Cunha Five Pound Crown 2006 Queen 80th Birthday, time trading card replicas and replica wartime memorabilia, along with Books (2) 'The Sovereign' by Daniel Fearon and Brian Reeds, 'Designing Change, The Art of Coin Design' edited by Kevin Clancy both in good condition, also coloured coins (2) in wallet of issue

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