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Maine : World Banknotes

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 168
World Banknotes British Administration 1950's Queen portrait issues (2) both in VF comprising Government 5 s Pick 18b dated 1st May 1957 serial number Q/1 414049 along with & Board of Commissioners of Currency 1 Pick 1a dated 21st March 1953 serial number A/90 769221. Both Scarcer and always sought-after collectible examples. The Bermuda is an example from the last issue before Bermuda changed its system to dollars partly due to the increased tendency to keep their reserves in US dollars, nevertheless Bermuda red a member of the sterling area
£36 London Coins : A168 : Lot 119 : British Administration 1950's Queen Elizabeth II portrait issues (2) both in VF comprising Berm... London Coins : A168 : Lot 119 : British Administration 1950's Queen Elizabeth II portrait issues (2) both in VF comprising Berm...

Auction 166
World Banknotes early Kingdom & First Republic and Commercial bank issues (104) in mixed grades including Caisse d'Échange des Monnaies, Rouen Pick S245b dated 1er Frimaire 12 (23.11.1803) No. 1486 & 1595 both with "Annule" stamps on obverse. Kingdom & First Republic Assignats Dos Nationaux (82) including 10 Livres Pick A51 (Ass-21a) dated 16th December 1791 (2). 50 Sols Pick A56 (Ass-26a) dated 4th January 1792 (7). 10 livres dated 24th October 1792 (16) Pick A66a (Ass-36a) watermark: two fleurs-de-lis at bottom (3) and Pick A66b (Ass-36b & Ass-36c) watermark: RP-FR (13) including a SOLID "Lucky" serial number 7777. 50 Sols Pick A70b (Ass-42b) watermark RF 50s and some of which Ass-42b-v1 variety with the letter i missing the dot in "Republique" at upper right (51). 25 Livres Pick A71 (Ass-43a) dated 6th June 1793 (20). Republicque Francaise Domaines Nationaux 5 Livres Pick A76 (Ass-46a) 1793 "10 Brumaire l'An 2ème" Issue 31.10.1793 (6).

Auction 166
World Banknotes Y.M.C.A. (Young Men's Christian Association) Herford & Bad Salzuflen canteen 1/6 Mark Token Voucher (Lothar-Weiß SU.9) for the English speaking Soldiers and Army in the area of Herford and Bad Salzuflen, after the end of World War II circa 1945 onwards. Printed in black on light red thin cardboard and uniface, featuring the Y.M.C.A. triangle logo at upper centre which was a well recognized and common sight during the war. Almost as soon as the war broke out Y.M.C.A. developed mobile canteens to bring refreshments to the troops. These second-hand vans painted camouflage green were first used in East London and by the end of 1940 there 500 vans in operation bringing refreshments to the troops, rescue workers and victims of bomb raids. At the retreat of , Y.M.C.A. red on the beaches until ordered to leave. The vans followed advancing and withdrawing armies not only serving mugs of tea but also selling cigarettes, chocolate, cake, hair cream, toothpaste and stationery. They also provided food and drink to those made homeless and hungry. They also had cinema vans and mobile libraries. The first YMCA mobile canteen landed on the Normandy beaches on 29th July 1944. Internationally, the World Alliance of YMCAs expanded its work with prisoners of war and refugees: more than 250 secretaries visited camps in 38 countries. The Y.M.C.A. was given ‘official establishment status’ – essentially given permission to operate with troops in all areas and particularly in front line positions which was very dangerous in these circumstances where the canteens became under attack and the men being wounded or captured. GVF - EF and very Scarce
£60 London Coins : A166 : Lot 511 : Y.M.C.A. (Young Men's Christian Association) Herford & Bad Salzuflen canteen 1/6 Mark Token...

Auction 165
World Banknotes Government Administration 1 Pound dated 2nd December 1914, serial number in red 008547, P1, 25 VERY FINE. An extremely rare piece, black on green underprint with arms at left on obverse. This is the first ever 1 Pound note issued in Bermuda and the only one to be printed by the n Banknote Company, Ottawa as the following later denominations were printed by British printers, mostly Waterlow & Sons and & Wilkinson & Co. In 1882, the local 'legal tender act' demonetized the gold doubloon, which had in effect been the real standard in Bermuda, and this left pounds, s, and pence as the sole legal tender. The British pound sterling then red the official currency of Bermuda until 1970. In 1920, 5 shilling notes were introduced, followed by 10 shillings in 1927 and in 1941. The 5 shilling note ceased production in 1957, with 10 pound notes introduced in 1964. It was finally decided to take the action that British had already done 85 years earlier. In line with the international trend towards decization, Bermuda introduced a new currency in the form of a that was fixed at an equal value to the US dollar. The new Bermuda dollars operated in conjunction with decimal fractional coinage, hence ending the pounds, shillings, and pence system in that colony in the year before it was ended in the United Kingdom itself. The decision to finally align with the US dollar was at least in part influenced by the devaluation of sterling in 1967 and Bermuda's increasing tendency to keep its reserves in US dollars. Although Bermuda changed to a U.S. based currency and changed the bulk of its reserves from sterling to U.S. dollars in 1970, it still nevertheless remained a member of the sterling area since at that time, the pound sterling and the US dollar had a fixed exchange rate of £1 = $2.40. The design makes it a bit of an outlier as it does not feature any royal portraits.
£2,600 London Coins : A165 : Lot 862 : Bermuda Government British Administration 1 Pound dated 2nd December 1914, serial number in red 0085... London Coins : A165 : Lot 862 : Bermuda Government British Administration 1 Pound dated 2nd December 1914, serial number in red 0085...

Auction 147
World Banknotes Dos Nationaux Assignat 2000 francs 18 Nivoise An III (7.1.1795), PickA81, large size note, 2 staple holes, about EF

Auction 138
World Banknotes 25 livres issue, Dos Nationaux dated 1793 as PickA71, a contemporary ed FAUX DORDRECHT, signature of L. Lammers on reverse, GEF
£60 London Coins : A138 : Lot 441 : France 25 livres French revolution issue, Domaines Nationaux dated 1793 as PickA71, a contem...

Auction 127
World Banknotes Dos Nationaux assignat dated 1792, PickA58, King I at top, small holes & mount marks reverse, Fine+

Auction 123
World Banknotes Dos Nationaux 50 livres dated 1791, portrait I at top, PickA43, pinholes, VF

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