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Manchester : Medals

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 165
Medals Group of three, 1914-1915 Star, Medal and medals to 1214 Acting Sergeant Henry Winrow 5th () Battalion, . GVF. Henry Winrow was appointed Lance Corporal on 13th July 1912, promoted to acting Corporal on 28th November 1914 and acting Sergeant on 12th December 1914. He served in Gallopoli and Mudros from 19th 1915 until 16th January 1916. He was discharged on 21st January 1916 on completion of his Territorial engagement. Comes with copy papers.

Auction 164
Medals 19th Century a small group (6) of 1821 49mm diameter in white metal, Obverse bust left GEORGIUS IV. D:G: BRITT: REX F:D: Reverse the King enthroned is crown at the Coronation ceremony, Exergue: GEO: IV: CORONAT: MDCCCXXI VF. Coronation of George IV 1821 45mm diameter in bronze and Salford local issue, Fine with some edge knocks. and Leopold 1816 Nuptials celebrated Carlton house 2nd May 1816 45mm diameter in white metal NEF pierced at the top. Bridge opened 1831 Eimer 1245 29mm diameter in brass, Obverse THE FIRST STONE OF THE NEW LONDON BRIDGE WAS LAID BY JOHN GARRATT ESQr LORD MAYOR OF LONDON ON THE 14th MARCH 1824AND OPEN'D BY THEIR MAJESTIES AUGUST 1st 1831 in 10 lines, Reverse a 5-arched bridge spanning the river with ships, CARRIAGEWAY 33 1/2 FT.LENGTH OF BRIDGE 782 Ft CENTRE ARCH I50..SIDE ARCH I40, Good Fine, along with Halfcrown 1830 type reverse enamelled in 4 colours, and an imitation Two Pounds 1823 on a loop mount, these both around Fine

Auction 162
Medals William Pitt (2) Pitt Club 1813 50mm diameter in silver by T. Eimer 1039, Obverse: Bust left, draped Rt.HONble.WILLIAM PITT MANCHESTER PITT CLUB 1813, Reverse: An allegory of Pitt rousing the genius of to resist the demons of Anarchy, who have overthrown Religion and ty; the Virtues, left, await the result, Exergue: HIMSELF A HOST, William Pitt , Fit Lord of the Treasury 1799, 53mm diameter in bronze by T.Wyon Snr. Eimer 912 Obverse: Bust left, draped, WILLIAM PITT APPOINTED FIRST LORD OF THE TREASURY AND CHANCELLOR OF THE EXCHEQUER DEC:1783, Reverse: WITH FORTITUDE WISDOM AND INTEGRITY HE SERVES A PROSPEROUS NATION AND A VIRTUOUS KING 1799 AGED 40, within a wreath EF

Auction 159
Medals Prize Medals in silver (2) , and North Agricultural Society, aded to Moore, Murton & Varley, for Improvements in bearings of Wringer Washing Machines, Exhibited at Manchester 1887, by Elkington and Co. EF boxed, Royal Standard Benefit Society 1828 Presented to Jas Cox 'As a Token of Respect For His s to the Society' EF with suspension loop and blue ribbon, EF boxed

Auction 152
Medals Grand National 1809 Eimer 993, by T., 1821 Eimer 1145var, of 1863 Eimer 1563 51mm diameter by Ottley of , Exhibition of Art Treasures 1857 Eimer 1513 variety without floral border, Exhibition 1891 & Camperdown on obverse Eimer 1767, all white metal issues, NEF to EF (5)

Auction 152
Medals , Thames Tunnel Completed 1842 Eimer 1372 42mm diameter in White Metal, by W.J., EF, Laying of foundation stone at St. Georges Hall, 1854 by Allen & Moore, 44mm diameter in bronze, EF, Exhibition of Art Treasures 1857 by Pinches, bronze, 41mm. EF.

Auction 147
Medals Exhibitions (20), Exhibition of Art Treasures, 1857, w/m., 1862, Prize Medal (H.Hussey Vivian M.P. F.G.S. Juror Class 1), bronze, Fine Arts Exhibition 1873, gilded lead, and n Exhibition 1886, bronze, together with 16 other exhibition medals. Generally VF or better (20).

Auction 146
Medals Football Alliance medal in silver, crest with red and blue slanted stripes with a ship sailing above, hallmark date 1900-1924, Fine, with a loop mount at the top
£32 London Coins : A146 : Lot 1879 : Manchester Football Alliance medal in silver, crest with red and blue slanted stripes with a ship sa... London Coins : A146 : Lot 1879 : Manchester Football Alliance medal in silver, crest with red and blue slanted stripes with a ship sa...

Auction 143
Medals 1897 56mm diameter in silver the official issue NEF with an edge nick, Victoria Diamond Jubilee 1897 56mm diameter in bronze the official Royal Mint issue NEF, The 12 Apostles 50mm diameter in cupro-nickel with gold plated highlighting UNC, 100 Forint 1982 World Cup UNC, 100th 70mm diameter in silver plated copper with gold highlighting UNC, of and Miss Sarah Ferguson 1986 57mm diameter in bronze UNC, of 1935 56mm diameter matt finish the official Royal Mint issue UNC, Art Treasures Exhibition 1857 63mm diameter in white metal by Pinches Obverse Exhibition building opened by Prince Albert, Reverse the 3 Muses A/UNC, Diamond Jubilee of Queen 70mm diameter with coloured portrait of the Queen in robes on the obverse, Crown 1851 in Copper Obverse Head, Reverse Advance Australia Lustrous UNC, Diamond Jubilee 2012 Numis by in gold plated cupro-nickel the obverse with coloured picture of the Queen, Prize Medal and District Sunday Football League in copper, also a large 89mm medal in the style of a modern reproduction in brass (?) in mixed grades many EF-UNC in a Westminster box

Auction 139
Medals Games Medals 2002 (3) in Silver (54.2 grammes), Bronzed Silver? (54.2 grammes) and Bronze (46.36 grammes) each 51mm in diameter UNC in the box of issue

Auction 139
Medals Exhibition of Art Treasures, 1857, by J.Pinches, white metal, 63mm., in case, light surface scratches VF

Auction 136
Medals Prize Medals in Silver (3) Hovis Bread (2) Worsley 1936 awarded to J.W.Murray, 1929 awarded to H.Tong, The Confectioners Bakers and Allied Trades Exhibition awarded to H.Corradine 1930 GF to NEF, in base metal EF, Double Florin the reverse with an engraved of a sphinx on a plinth over a Rose with the inscription EGYPT, EAST LANCASHIRE Fine, Halfpenny Token 1793 barracks Good Fine

Auction 128
Medals Assorted Medals (7), relating to Birkenhead, Dewsbury, , , . Wm. and bronze, VF or better.

Auction 127
Medals Exhibitions (7), Handel Festival 1859, 1862, wm. In Spink case, Fine Arts Exhibition 1873 (2) & 1874, 1887, & , Crystal Palace 1901, bronze unless stated otherwise. GEF

Auction 127
Medals Exhibition of Art Treasures 1857, by J.Pinches, wm, 63 mm. obv. title with large floral border, rev.three muses. In J Pinches brass tin. EF

Auction 127
Medals Assorted Medals (5) inc. 1851 Exhibition, wm., Holloway's Pills Penny Token 1858, Soc. For Propagation of Gospel 1891, bronze, Ship Canal wm. Pierced, Music Prize 1964 silver. VF

Auction 126
Medals Prize medals (4) Shoe and Leather Exhibition 1925 presented to A.J.Jackson 38mm diameter in silver, boxed UNC, Croydon Master Bakers Exhibition 1938 presented to H.W.Thornton 38mm diameter in silver, boxed UNC, and Grocers Exhibition 1902 38mm diameter in silver presented to J.B.Jowett EF with some scratches on the reverse, Institute of Clay workers Long Medal 1946 37mm in silver aded to Reuben James GEF with suspension loop at top, boxed

Auction 125
Medals DCM group to Sjt F Tomlinson, , Medal G.V.R. (10721 Sjt. F Tomlinson 18/Manch.R.), 1914-15 Star, & Medals (10721 Cpl. Manch R.). Extremely fine. Gazette "10721 Sjt. F. Tomlinson, 18th Bn. (now 30456, 1/4th Bn. N. Lan. R.) ()'. London Gazette 30 January 1920".
£1,200 London Coins : A125 : Lot 569 : First World War DCM group to Sjt F Tomlinson, Manchester Regiment, Distinguished Conduct Med...

Auction 125
Medals William Pitt, Pitt Club 1813 Obverse Bust draped RT HONble WILLIAM PITT MANCHESTER PITT CLUB 1813 Reverse an allegory of Pitt rousing the genius of to resist the demons of Anarchy who have overthrown Religion and ty; the Virtues, left await the result. Exergue HIMSELF AN HOST Eimer 1039 (see footnotes) 50mm diameter in White metal frosted UNC within a watch case-style glass bound by a silver frame with suspension loop
£240 London Coins : A125 : Lot 593 : William Pitt, Manchester Pitt Club 1813 Obverse Bust draped RT HONble WILLIAM PITT MANCHESTER PI... London Coins : A125 : Lot 593 : William Pitt, Manchester Pitt Club 1813 Obverse Bust draped RT HONble WILLIAM PITT MANCHESTER PI...

Auction 122
Medals 1914-15 Star trio to 2 Lieut C.M.S. Cunningham . Extremely fine, in card boxes of issue.

Auction 104
Medals In copper (3) International Horse Show 1874 by F.Pinches two horses standing obverse 40mm, Institute MDCCCVII in exergue beneath stu

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