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Mars : World Banknotes

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 169
World Banknotes The of , & Pick 55a ( Illustrated Catalogue of Hong Kong Currency S12, KNB34a) and a very FIRST date for this type 1st July 1931 with 1 printed & 1 hand signed signature serial number T/G 029439, original GVF - about EF and an Exceptionally Rare note especially in this high grade for this very first date of issue. The note in black and red on light red and green underprint featuring a portrait of a helmeted warrior at left and the Royal Coat of Arms at centre on obverse. The reverse with an illustration of rice field farmers at work and pagoda building. Printed by Waterlow & Sons Limited London and watermarked with a helmeted warrior same as on obverse facing left. A very tough to acquire seldom offered example of this early first date for this type and perhaps one of the very few high-grade examples seen if not the highest. According to our research no examples of this date have been offered in grades above VF in fact the Population report indicates only 32 recorded examples of this type at the time of writing with none above Choice VF 35 with the majority between VF20 and VF30, the only 1 highest graded being Choice VF35 EPQ. According to the story this note had been hiding away in a big and old late 1800's book in the possession and gifted to the owner's family from the time of their grandfather and his sister (grandmother). They were based in Chatham and the grandfather was working for the Navy at the time, serving regular tours to China, Hong Kong and general and the grandfather's sister lived in Hong Kong with her husband who unfortunately passed away in one of Hong Kong's major earthquakes after which she returned to the UK. It is uncertain which of the two was the book containing this note gifted to and who had brought it back, but it is certain that this note is a fabulous and Rare find
£4,800 London Coins : A169 : Lot 195 : Hong Kong The Chartered Bank of India, Australia & China 10 Dollars Pick 55a (Mars Illustrated C... London Coins : A169 : Lot 195 : Hong Kong The Chartered Bank of India, Australia & China 10 Dollars Pick 55a (Mars Illustrated C...

Auction 168
World Banknotes early 1900's and World War II to modern (153) a in a metal tin in various grades averaging Fine - VF some better and includes a selection of different issuers and interesting notes. Comprising countries as including some Not geld issues and Deutschosterreich s. mostly 1940's various denominations 5 to , also some Allied World War II 2, 5 and and World War I and Chamber de Commerce including various places of issue as Nancy, , eille, Ville de Lille and Lyon. Also an (2) 1941 and 1942. 5, 10, 20 and mostly 1970's. 1000 Lire 1982. various denominations 5 to 1000 Francs including World War II period issues onwards and some earlier 1 Franc 1920 and 5 Francs 1938. Along with including a denomination set 1966-71 of 5, 10, 25 and along with some earlier 1940's issues and 2 and 1/s. Also 20 to mostly 1960's to modern including some constively numbered and an earlier 1920's Casa Da Moeda . An interesting and varied collection certain to attract significant attention

Auction 166
World Banknotes World (50) a in an album in mixed grades including higher ones comprising 1 Dollars Pick 58d (2). (5) including 1 Dollar George VI Pick 312 along with (4) including the 2 varieties Pick 315a without prefix and Pick 315b with prefix (3). George VI 2 Rupees Pick 17b prefix B/72. s Pick 25b">Pick 25b plate letter A s on India Pick 25 (2) prefixes D/25 & C/95. 1 George VI Pick 16. George VI 1941 issues (5) including 10 Cents George VI Pick 8 (2). Pick 7b. s Pick 6 (2). ese Occupation notes (7) including 1 Dollars (2). 5 Cents (2). 1 Cents (4). Netherland Indies (3) including Pick 111 and Pick 110a (2). . eille tram tickets dated 1941. " Trésorerie - Région Économique d'Algérie Pick 99b." 1943 WWII First Issue 5 Francs Pick 24a. 5 signature Makram Ebeid star in serial numbers Pick 164 (2). Premium Savings Bond 1 . 20 Mark. (6) si, si (2) and si (3). 1 Dollars (14) including Silver certificates blue seal Pick 416D2f series 1935F, Pick 419a series 1957A, Pick 419b series 1957B along with notes (12) including Pick 462a series 1977, (10) Pick 480b series 1988A (9) along with Pick 480a series 1988. Alexander Hamilton Pick 482 series 1988A. Post World War II Motor Ration Coupons (6) dated 31st August 1950 and May 1950. Includes some claimed. 20 Pick 49 issue 1984. 50 Deutsche Mark Pick 33d issue 1980 serial number KL1224224B. France Pick 152d dated 1989. 1 Fen Pick 860b 1953. e 100 Gulden Pick 128b issue 1985. 50 Zlotych Pick 142c issue 1988. Pick 133 issue 1987. 100 Pick 117a overprint issue 1961 (1976). 1 Pound Pick 53d dated 1995. Poland Pick 143a.

Auction 165
World Banknotes 1 s Pick 26 L. 1949 (1963) QE2, St. George's Cross & a Indus Estate (2) series A/4 631145 & A/4 665301 both VF - GVF
£75 London Coins : A165 : Lot 973 : Malta 1 Pounds Pick 26 L. 1949 (1963) QE2, St. George's Cross & Marsa Industrial Estate (2)... London Coins : A165 : Lot 973 : Malta 1 Pounds Pick 26 L. 1949 (1963) QE2, St. George's Cross & Marsa Industrial Estate (2)...

Auction 134
World Banknotes (4) Boer One and Two Shillings Green Point Track Capetown course, One Shilling and Two Shillings Stamp money Bulawayo, VF

Auction 127
World Banknotes Hole , Pick s664F, some staining & edge wear, EF or better

Auction 109
World Banknotes 2 s , Picks667a, Hole Bulawayo, issue dated 1900, crease across one corner, GEF or better

Auction 109
World Banknotes , Pick s664c, Hole Bulawayo, issue dated 1900, light stains & edge wear, overall about UNC

Auction 108
World Banknotes Hole, Bulawayo 2 s dated 1900, Pick s

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