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London Coins Auction 163
Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED

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Medals Tokens 20th Century : Tokens

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 162
Tokens s and Tokens a mixed group (140) includes some Russian themed, 1991 250th Anniversary of the Novo Arkhsk One of .900 silver 40mm diameter The Capital of the Russian America UNC, as part of a group of Russia Medals and Tokens (18) Explorers 300 Years Anniversary a set of six medals 38.5mm diameter UNC toned, Russian World War II Monuments (5) in golden alloy EF, Russia Subway tokens (6) a mixed group EF to GEF, along with a mixed group of Russia Medals (5) Alexander III Coronation 1883, Medal, by S Vazhenin and A Griliches, conjoined heads of Alexander III and Maria Feodorovna right, rev crest, 50mm in silver, some digs to the obverse field, VF tooled, in the brown box of issue, Order of Maternal Glory Class I, awarded for bearing and raising 9 children, Class II awarded for bearing and raising 8 children, Class III awarded for bearing and raising 7 children, Motherhood Medal second class for bearing and raising 5 children, GVF to EF the enamelling good, Circular medal with eyelet for ribbon suspension; the face with two central characters 'Congratulations from Your Subjects' between two stylised peacocks aspectant on auspicious clouds, a radiant rising sun with inscription above reading 'Your Royal Highness Prince', an inscription below reading 'In Commemoration of (your) Birthday'; the reverse dated '1933.11.23'; likely to be a private issue of the Qing dynasty, VF, along with Chiang Kai-Shek a fantasy issue in the style of the Victory Order, reverse enamelled with crossed swords design, with suspension loop, not hallmarked and presumed base metal NEF, Denmark Nordic Industry, Agriculture and Art Exhibition 1888 Obverse: Christian IX Bust Right, Reverse View of Building, 46mm diameter in White Metal by Lindahl, EF, France Jetton Charles IV Standing King series (1322-1328) Reverse Triple stranded Cross Fleury GF with green patina from having been in the ground, also with an additional group of Medals, Tokens, badges and paranumismatic items (70) most if not all in base metal, in mixed grades some A/UNC, along with a group of Medals, Medalets, Tokens, Tokens and Toy Money (43) 19th and 20th Century, in mixed circulated grades

Auction 159
Tokens Tokens and s a wide ranging group (82) 19th and , in mixed grades £120

Auction 159
Tokens Tokens and s, includes a few items of Toy Money, mostly issues, housed in an aluminium case with 7 trays, in mixed grades

Auction 158
Tokens s, Coin Weights, Tokens and Toy Money (50) includes Admiral Vernon Portobello Medal, prize Medal W.W.Field Challenge Sculls 1899-1900 Rowing Club 45mm diameter in VF, Christopher Evelyn Blunt 80th Birthday 16th July 1984 49mm diameter in EF, Thomas Charles 1885 Eimer 1713 Welsh language inscription (Search the Scriptures, for in them ye think ye have eternal life, and they are they which testify of me - Jesus Christ) 44mm diameter in bronze EF, Emergency May 1926 medal 51mm diameter in bronze UNC boxed, Paul VI - St. Peter and St. Paul martyrs 44mm diameter in bronze EF, as part of 18th to a wide ranging group, in mixed grades a few EF

Auction 158
Tokens Calendar 1821, by Kempson, Fine, as part of a group of Tokens, Medals and a coin weight (85), to a wide variety in mixed grades

Auction 158
Tokens Tokens and s 18th to (114) a varied group, some tokens , some medals in white metal, in mixed grades

Auction 158
Tokens Tokens and s 18th to , and paranumismatic items a varied group, in mixed grades (77 pieces in lot) £95

Auction 158
Tokens GB and World Tokens and s issues (16) in mixed grades to UNC

Auction 155
Tokens GB and World Tokens and s 19th and a wide-ranging group (approximately 1.8 Kilos), in mixed grades

Auction 151
Tokens Tokens, weight and s 18th to an eclectic mix (99) in mixed grades

Auction 151
Tokens s and Tokens a wide and varied group (65) 19th and in base metals in mixed grades some EF to UNC £120

Auction 146
Tokens Tokens (36) and s (56) a in a stock box, 18th to , in mixed grades

Auction 146
Tokens Tokens and s a mixed group 18th to (112) the vast majority in base metal, in mixed circulated grades £70

Auction 143
Tokens Tokens and s largely 18th to (181) a mixed group includes a handful of GB and World coins, in mixed grades £120 London Coins : A143 : Lot 703 : Tokens and Medals largely 18th to 20th Century (181) a mixed group includes a handful of GB and Worl...

Auction 139
Tokens Tokens and a few s mostly 19th and in base metal, in a coin library folder (65) in mixed grades

Auction 123
Tokens , , Milk Tokens, Co-op Tokens, s, Forgeries plus a few World Coins a varied group (43) in mixed circulated grades

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