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Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED

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Norfolk Norwich 18th Century Undated Halfpen... : Tokens

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 164
Tokens (4) Aylsham 1795 Grocers Arms/Prince of Plumes, edge S & T.Ashley DH5a About EF, scarce. 1792 Ship/Arms, edge The Glass Warehouse of W.Absolon DH51 VF. 1793 Eagle/Arms DH32 Dunham and Yallop smiths edge, NEF with a trace of lustre. Norwich , Hope standing/Bottle, Finger points to Y, DH24 EF

Auction 163
Tokens (7) (2) 1795 Davidson's - Female seated/Hands holding crowned triangle DH295 NEF, National Series - Conjoined portraits/A Man-of war sailing DH945 NEF, (3) , Hanging fleece/Norwich Castle DH12 EF, Norwich undated DH24 Bottle/Figure of Hope standing EF, Norwich 1792 City Shield of Arms/Shop front in a circle DH28 About EF, - (2) undated John Howard/Female seated, DH36D GVF, Bath 1794 Camel/India House DH50 EF

Auction 162
Tokens (5) - (2) 1792 Norwich Arms DH14, edge PAYABLE AT N.BOLINGBROKES HABERDASHER &c. NORWICH, Norwich 1793 Norwich Barracks DH47, - 1794 Britannia, Large Annulet after HALFPENNY DH4, - Davidsons - Prince of , DH296, Middlesex - Political and Social Series undated, T.Hardy DH1027 all EF to A/UNC with traces of lustre

Auction 160
Tokens (5) 1793 R.Campin DH20 VF, Norwich 1793 Arms/Loom, edge John Harveys of Norwich DH43 VF, Norwich Bottle/Hope pointing to T of Prosperity, Plain edge, DH23b GVF, Norwich 1792 Dunham & Yallop Shop Front/Arms, DH28 About EF, Norwich undated Castle and Lion/Plough and Shuttle DH17 EF and prooflike with collectors number inked in field £85

Auction 160
Tokens (2) Brandy Bottle/Hope DH24c GVF with a spot on the reverse, Norwich undated Hope/Corucopia DH26e NEF £55 London Coins : A160 : Lot 1680 : Halfpennies 18th Century Norfolk (2) Norwich undated Brandy Bottle/Hope DH24c GVF with a spot on the... London Coins : A160 : Lot 1680 : Halfpennies 18th Century Norfolk (2) Norwich undated Brandy Bottle/Hope DH24c GVF with a spot on the...

Auction 156
Tokens (6) 1794 Glove/Female seated DH21, Norwich 1794 Muff and Tippet/Umbrella, stocking, hat and glove, Plain rounded edge DH22, Norwich Brandy Bottle/Hope DH23, Norwich undated Hope/Cornucopia DH26, Norwich 1792 Loom/Arms DH38, Norwich 1793 Mounted Dragoon/Barracks, Plain edge DH47a NVF to GVF £40

Auction 154
Tokens - (9) 1792 Castle above Lion DH15, 1794 J.Clarke DH22, R.Dinmore Trade Bottle Reverse (3) DH23B, DH24 and DH24A, Peace and Plenty/Dove and Cornucopia DH26 , 1792 Man in loom DH38, 1792 Man in loom DH41, 1792 Man in loom Dh42 £70

Auction 144
Tokens (5) 1794 Hanging Fleece/Norwich Castle DH12 GEF, 1792 Norfolk and Norwich DH14 EF, 1792 Norfolk and Norwich Halfpenny DH15 GVF, SUCCESS TO THE PLOUGH SHUTTLE DH 17 EF, 1794 Bullen and Martins DH19 NEF

Auction 122
Tokens (12) 1793 DH47a UNC with some lustre, Norfolk 1793 DH32 Norwich Toned UNC, 1795 DH16a UNC with some lustre, 1792 DH95 Toned UNC, Warwickshire Birmingham Bissett Museum DH120 UNC with lustre, DH58 UNC with lustre traces, Suffolk Sudbury DH38 UNC with lustre, Strand- DH302 Plain edge Toned UNC, Middlesex 1790 ic DH370e Lustrous UNC, Earl Howe 1795 DH30e VF, Leek 1793 DH10 UNC Toned, 1793 DH15 GEF, plus Leo XIII1887 EF Toned and probably mounted at the top of the reverse

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