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Olympic : Medals

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 158
Medals n Post Medals (25) and s (12) in base metal, includes many Moscow s badges from 1980 , in mixed condition

Auction 157
Medals Medals by Pinches 1973 for the Churchill Centenary Trust, 24 silver Crown size medals each around 25 grammes, in an album. nFDC with House of Commons letter, Great Britons Medallic First Day Covers 4 coin cover set, along with GB and world these including 1964 Tokyo s 1000 Yen and a silver 5 pesetas (lot)

Auction 154
Medals Games 1908 , medal 50mm diameter by B.Mackennal, silvered and toned, Eimer 1904 Obverse Fame standing upon a globe, facing, head right with trumpet and palm branch ELIS ATHENS PARIS St. LOUIS LONDON IN COMMEMORATION OF THE OLYMPIC GAMES HELD IN LONDON 1908 Reverse a quadriga advancing left, driven by two standing figures, inscribed Laughton on the edge, NEF
£500 London Coins : A154 : Lot 691 : Olympic Games 1908 London, Commemorative medal 50mm diameter by B.Mackennal, silvered and toned, Eim... London Coins : A154 : Lot 691 : Olympic Games 1908 London, Commemorative medal 50mm diameter by B.Mackennal, silvered and toned, Eim...

Auction 153
Medals Games, , 1908, a bronze medal for Lawn Tennis Men's Doubles by B. Mackennal for Vaughton, two allegorical figures seated holding a wreath above a standing figure, rev. St George riding left over dragon, angel at left, un-named, edge stamped vaughton, 33mm (GV 62.1; BHM 3964; E 1905; Peers, The Medal 23, p.31, fig.3). VF and very rare, in a contemporary box by Fattorini (Skipton and ), we note a similar Olympic bronze medal realised over £4000 in auction in 2015. Cataloguers Note: The Olympic bronze medals for Men's Lawn Tennis Doubles were won in the 1908 London Games by Clement Cazalet and Charles Dixon
£2,000 London Coins : A153 : Lot 864 : Olympic Games, London, 1908, a bronze medal for Lawn Tennis Men's Doubles by B. Mackennal for V... London Coins : A153 : Lot 864 : Olympic Games, London, 1908, a bronze medal for Lawn Tennis Men's Doubles by B. Mackennal for V...

Auction 149
Medals Games 1936 40mm diameter Judge's breast , VF in damaged box, canteen token 50 Reichspfennig 1939 Fine with some verdigris, Anglo-German Youth Movement badge Capel Morris 1936 , by Thomas Fattorini Ltd, Regent Street in three colours

Auction 148
Medals Winter s Grenoble 1968, by Querdle, silvered bronze, 68mm., bust of Baron Pierre de Coubertin (founder of the International Olympic Committee). In case, GVF.

Auction 145
Medals A mixed group plenty in silver and including , an interesting Hotel De Ville AN XIII in silver, Moscow s, a uniface GB 1945 set in need of further research and more (lot)

Auction 145
Medals Canadian s, 1976 "The Official Ad" by Pobjoy Mint. 22mm dia. In case with certificate, 7.96 grams of 950/1000 pure Platinum

Auction 143
Medals Games Participation medal 1992 Barcelona 70mm diameter weighing 252.6 grammes EF in a maroon pouch

Auction 139
Medals World (5) Rubens portrait medal by Hart 1840 bronze 72mm., Geographical Society medal for 1901 by L.Bottee metal, France Vichy Medal "Source des Celestins bronze, 67mm., Christoforo Colombo medal 1953 silvered metal, Tokyo s Medal 1964 gilt metal. GVF. (5).

Auction 135
Medals Medals (15) 2005 200th of the of in bronze, Battle of 175th Anniversary 63mm diameter in Bronze, 1988 400th Anniversary 63mm diameter in bronze, Dhurva Mistry Medal 63mm in bronze, Numismatic Society Medal 44mm diameter in Bronze, Centenary 1987 Two ounces of .999 silver, Eurotunnel Celebration 1994 50mm diameter in Cupro-nickel, the Unfinished 1984 in bronze, 21st Birthday of the Princess of 1982 in cupro-nickel, s 1984 in cupro-nickel, Paul II British Visit 1982 in cupro-nickel (2), Festival 1983 in cupro-nickel, Rijks Museum 100 Years 1985 in bronze, plus an amateur gardening medal in base metal mostly UNC many in the cases of issue some with certificates

Auction 133
Medals Assorted world medals & tokens (40), mainly base metal includes "VW" car pin and 1936 , enamelled. Mixed grades & includes some copies

Auction 127
Medals The Official Medals of the 20th Games 1972 an 18-piece set each in .999 silver and weighing 19.6 grammes each medal depicting a different Olympic event nFDC in the brown case as issued with certificate

Auction 123
Medals Games, 1908 by B.Mackennal, bronze, 50mm., obv. Fame standing holding trumpet and palm branch, with inscription "in commemoration of the Olympic games held in London 1908". Rev. A quadriga advancing left. GVF.

Auction 122
Medals Medals, Tokens (about 300) includes , , Sports and others, includes transit fare tokens for 1984 Olympics (23) boxed, copper medal for Games (2) 1978, 1970 etc. in mixed grades

Auction 120
Medals Medals and Tokens plus copies of Ancient coins (325) includes s, s, and sports in mixed circulated grades

Auction 118
Medals s 1972 26 mm diameter Obverse Charioteer on four-horse chariot OLYMPIA below, Reverse Olympic rings above view of town,OLYMPIADE

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