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Oman : World Cased and Proof Coins

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 163
World Cased State Quarters in an album (112) 1999 to Northern Mariana Islands 2009 A/UNC to UNC in the blue album of issue, Presidential Dollars (78) to Ronald Reagan issues, A/UNC to UNC and lustrous, in a Lighthouse album (2 examples of each president), USA National Park Quarters Folder 2010-2016 and Mints A/UNC to UNC and lustrous, includes additional land 2013D and 2013P issues (72 coins in total), Euro Sets in 2 albums 1999-2002 and 2008-2015 mixed dates 8 coins each from 22 countries , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and 2 Euro to 1 Cent plus a small additional group Monaco (5) 2 Euro to 10 Cent (181 coins in total) A/UNC to UNC and lustrous, some with toning, , from a selection of countries, 2 Euros a collection in an album (35) 2001-2014 A/UNC to UNC, Europe Pre-Euro Coinage a collection in 2 albums comprising sets from 245 countries:- Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Greece, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Finland, , , Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, , Malta, , , Slovenia, and Slovakia, assembled from coins largely dated from the 1970s to 2000s mostly EF to Lustrous UNC

Auction 162
World Cased Promoters Ancient Group (3) Ptolemic Dynasty and Alexander The Great Tetradracmns Fine - VF each in a Westminster presentation box with certificates, along with The The Janus Coin Roman Republic 2nd century BC VF in a presentation box with certificate

Auction 161
World Cased World Wildlife Conservation Series (23) 1974-1978 -sized issues from , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Oman, , , , , , , and n the boxes an packaging of issue, some in the drawers of the cabinet issued with the coin set, nFDC to FDC all with certificates

Auction 161
World Cased World sets, singles and cased items including issues, along with some replica roman coins, and GB from circulation in Whitman Folders (lot)

Auction 158
World Cased Oman One Rial Proofs 1995 AH1416 a 20-coin set depicting the different castles and forts within the Sultanate of Oman all Silver Proof KM#PS6 FDC in the blue presentation box with certificate, seldom offered

Auction 153
World Cased sets (6) 1992 a 4-coin set Discovery of s, 1996 a 2-coin set Francis Drake and Magellan Silver Proofs (no certificate), 1997 a 4-coin set History of the Cat Silver Proofs (with original receipt), 1997 a 4-coin set 90th of the TT Races Silver Proofs, 2000 a 5-coin set Summer s Silver Proofs, 2000 nnium a 4-coin set Birth of Christ/Fall of the Roman /Flight of Mohammed/Norman Conquest Silver Proofs, in the boxes of issue with certificates unless stated

Auction 152
World Cased Dollars (22) 1880S VF, 1923 NVF, 1971S VF, 1976S Proof, 1983S s Silver Proof, 1984 Los Angeles Olympics Silver Proof, 1986S Statue of Liberty Silver Proof 1987 US Constitution 200th Silver Proof, 1988S Olympic Games Seoul Silver Proof, 1989D Congress Bicentennial UNC, 1990 Eisenhower UNC, 1991P Silver Proof, 1991 Mount Rushmore Silver Proof, 1992D White House UNC, 1992D UNC, 1992S Olympic Baseball Silver Proof, 1993D James Madison UNC, 1994S World Cup Football Silver Proof, 1994P Memorial Silver Proof, 1995S field Preservation Silver Proof, 2002 Shawnee Tribe UNC, plus 2001 a copy in base metal, painted UNC, s (2) 1973S, (8 coins), 1976S (6 coins), plus a host of sets of State Quarters and Quarters in various presentation folders, Sacagawea Dollars in a presentation album 2000-2004 (12) Lustrous UNC, Presidential Dollars 2 collections in albums 2007-2011 20 pieces and 19 pieces respectively, all lustrous UNC, plus Books (3) Yeoman Blue Book 2010, State Quarters by Q.David Bowers, and 2007 North n Coins and Prices a Krause publication edited by Davis C.Harper all in very good condition

Auction 150
World Cased Westminster crown sized issues plated - (43) William and Kate 2011 (12) coin set, Cook Islands Roman Britain (8) coin set, Cook Islands Diamond Wedding (12) coin set, East Caribbean Leaders (10), Conquest of Everest (1) most with coloured designs and an issue price of £29.99 each

Auction 148
World Cased Oman (6 coins) 1990 AH1411 the 2 Omani Riyal Coin in , in the red presentation box of issue, unlisted by Krause (the standard sets have the " Omani Coin in and come in a green box)

Auction 143
World Cased Oman One Rial Proofs 1995 AH1416 a 20-coin set depicting the different castles and forts within the Sultanate of Oman all Silver Proof KM#PS6 FDC in the blue presentation box with certificate, Krause now lists at $1700

Auction 141
World Cased 150 Dalasis 1996 'Year of the Three Kings' , 1995 Queen Mother to the Duke of York Gold Proof, 1996 -Ten Years of Membership of the Euro, History of London (3) Opening of Tower Bridge, Roman London and The Opening of Tower Bridge 30mm diameter 10 grammes of .925 , 1996 II 70th Birthday A/UNC, Crown 1953 UNC in an MDM box with certificates

Auction 134
World Cased GB and World cased and Proof items (37) includes some in and Crown-sized, with some medallic items and some Roman Replicas mostly UNC-FDC

Auction 125
World Cased Oman (3) Half Rial 1994 250th of the Rule of the Albu-Sa'id Dynasty KM#111 Proof FDC with coloured portrait, One Rial 1996 26th National Day Sultanah series Silver Proof FDC, One Rial a two-coin set 1997 WWF International Coin Collection comprising One Rial 1997 Leopard KM#138 and One Rial 1997 Gazelle KM#113 both Silver Proofs FDC all cased as issued with certificates, Saudi as KM#36 (2) similar with MOM22 on the left of the reverse weighing correct at 8 grammes GEF, sold as seen

Auction 125
World Cased Dollars (6) 1879 (2), 1882S, 1885O, 1890 (2) VF-A/UNC in boxes, Mint Set 1996 a three coin set comprising Five Dollars Koala in .995 , Five Dollars Nugget in .999 and One Dollar Kookaburra in .999 boxed as issued with certificate, United Kingdom Ecu Set 1992 a 7-coin set Ten Ecu to One Tenth Ecu UNC in the wallet of issue, USA Lincoln Cent Mis-strike struck about 80% off-centre UNC, Roman s (2) Gallienus 253-268, Claudius II us 268-270 About Fine

Auction 122
World Cased World and GB some in generally Westminster and issues including a box of lower grade Roman promoted by Westminster an album of first day covers with crowns, some paranumismatic material including The Sovereigns Sceptre and The Times newspaper this too in a Royal Mint promotional box, and others (lot)

Auction 122
World Cased 2007 Diana, Legacy of a Unique Woman .925 Silver weighing 155.5 grammes Proof FDC cased as issued with certificate

Auction 121
World Cased 25th an impressive 13-coin set in comprising 5 Golde 1987, 1000 Dalasis 1987, 200000 Rupiah 1987, 2500 1987, 100 s 1988, 1oz.Asarfi 1986, Yonga Half Hau 1986, 5 Pula 1986, 2000 Shilingi 1986, $200 1986, Malagasy 10 Ariary, 1986, Oman 25 Omani Rials 1987 FDC cased as issued the case water damaged

Auction 116
World Cased Oman One Rial Proofs (20) 1995 depicting the different castles and forts within the Sultanate of Oman all Silver Proof FDC in the presentationm

Auction 110
World Cased Oman Omani Rial 1995 50th of the FAO UN KM#96 Proof FDC (22) and packaged in capsules in the original sleeve (still sealed)

Auction 103
World Cased s 1976, 1971, 1969, 1974, Oman AH1390, 1969, 1964, 1974, 1978 aFDC-FD

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