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One Pound Peppiatt Collection : English Banknotes

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 168
English Banknotes s Fourth Period B260 Green Britannia medallion Threaded issued 1948 (28) all averaging VF - GVF and comprising examples of almost all recorded prefix types including T46A, T57A, T70A, T92A, U12A, U97A, X10A, X53A, X64A, Y14A, Y45A, Y62A, Z66A, A24B, B01B, B38B, B47B, B90B, C04B, C78B, C84B, C89B, C99B, D35B, E05B, E73B, E79B and E88B. An attractive group perfect for both beginning a as well as filling the gaps for an advanced collection £80

Auction 167
English Banknotes ,s (11) various signatures from to , including , , and a very high grade group, mostly Unc

Auction 165
English Banknotes Great Britain a in album pages in mixed grades from circulation comprises (34) s to s some better issues such as Five Pounds dated 25th June 1949 series N72 064671, Emergency issues Ten Shillings and . (25) One Pounds and Five Pounds mostly after 1970. Ireland One Pound 1977. The States of Jersey One Pounds (2) a pair series DB 583599 & DB 583600. Along with Black Bull and Black Sheep Company (10) Ten Shillings to s all Cancelled.

Auction 165
English Banknotes (15) a fine collection in an album in mixed high grades comprising s B212 issues 1928 (2) series A23 608241 & B24 363589. (3) s B223 issue 1930 series S46 970661 along with One Pounds Green B225 issues 1930 (2) series U52 367561 & M15 026051. (10) Ten Shillings (3) including B235 issue 1934 LAST series A37 281325, B236 issue 1934 series 63U 317395 & B262 issue 1948 LAST series 73E 690853 along with One Pounds Green (7) comprising B238 issue 1934 LAST series 11Z 477160, B258 issue 1948 series R54A 832714 and B260 issues 1948 (5) series W52A 082956, E61B 092860, T13A 622901 & FIRST series (2) S54A 129563 and S54A 129590

Auction 165
English Banknotes in an album (56) mostly in mixed circulated grades comprises s Note B270 dated 25th November 1949 series P05 090648. s T12.2 De La Rue Red issue 1915 series D1/3 01409. Ten Shillings (2) T26 Red Dash in No. First issue 1919 last series H38 112465 and T30 Second Issue Red No. omitted prefix P77. s Lion & Key B327 Brown issue 1971 first series M01 693529. (7) Ten Shillings to s includes s and One Pound Green B239 First Period issued 1934 first series prefix A52A. Beale (12) Ten Shillings to One Pounds. O'Brien (12) Ten Shillings to Five Pounds includes Lion & Key 1957 issues (2) B277 Shaded Symbols prefix D41 and B280 White Symbols first series prefix H22. (4) Ten Shillings and a Five Pounds. (7) 10 Shillings and One Pounds. One Pounds Page (4). s prefix AA08. Along with (2) and Jersey (2).

Auction 165
English Banknotes Emergency issue Second Period, B249 Blue/Pink Metal Thread issue 1940, sub series N96E 991949, GEF . A note from the personal of Mr Charles Vincent Anstey Duggleby author of the popular "English Paper Money" published December 1975. Comes with a certificate signed by Mr Duggleby himself and J.E. Jones titled "for Border Coins ()" dated 18.1.1978
£32 London Coins : A165 : Lot 338 : One Pound Peppiatt Emergency issue Second Period, B249 Blue/Pink Metal Thread issue 1940, sub series... London Coins : A165 : Lot 338 : One Pound Peppiatt Emergency issue Second Period, B249 Blue/Pink Metal Thread issue 1940, sub series...

Auction 161
English Banknotes S (13), very scarce with heavy printers ink smudge to right edge issued 1948, about Uncirculated, s design misplaced vertically on reverse, issued 1967, good VF, One Pound (3) all with ink smudges through portrait of Queen, issued 1970, good VF, EF and Uncirculated, Page s with heavy printers ink smudge through portrait of the Queen, issued 1975, good VF, Page Five Pounds (3) a pair of ly numbered notes with queens portrait only lightly printed, issued 1975, about Uncirculated & Five Pounds horizontally misplaced on obverse, issued 1975, about EF, Page One Pound approx. 5mm taller than a standard note, issued 1978, about EF, 10 Pounds with silver security thread misplaced to left and completely exposed, unusual error, issued 1988, VF, Gill Five Pounds missing orange, yellow and green in underprint on back, issued 1990, Uncirculated, Ten Pounds missing 5 digits from serial number at top left, issued 2004, about VF, an interesting and varied of errors needs viewing

Auction 161
English Banknotes (13), GB and coins (54), a of coins and banknotes set in frames including 2 II pre-decimal currency of Great Britain frames with examples of 10/-, £1 and £5 banknotes and 10 coins in each, 3 framed pairs of Bank of England notes, one with a 10/- and £1, another with 2 different examples of £1 and one with 2 different examples of £5 notes, also a framed £5 signed , a framed collection of coins (14) commemorating the Royal Wedding of Charles and Diana and a framed collection of GB currency coins all dated 1953 and celebrating the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

Auction 161
English Banknotes (17) & O'Brien, Peppiatt (5) B238 & B239 including a first and last series, O'Brien (12) B273 & B274 including a pair and a note, high grade , EF to Uncirculated

Auction 159
English Banknotes & (125) in 2 albums and some loose, range from to 5 Pounds, Bradbury, , , , , O'Brien, , , , & Gill, 1st & last runs and s seen, including runs, mixed grades, a very interesting and varied collection of English banknotes, viewing recommended

Auction 154
English Banknotes s to s a in a green album comprising Five Pounds (2), (22), Ten Shillings (5) to in mixed grades to UNC

Auction 153
English Banknotes s to s a to (122) Twenty Pounds (2), s (6), s (31), (62), Ten Shillings (21) along with One Pound 1957 and National Bank of Scotland 1958, many in high grades includes some s

Auction 150
English Banknotes a in an album (114) Blue to , in mixed higher grades the majority EF to UNC, along with One Pound Peppiatt (2) Green and Blue issues in a photo frame with a short account of 'Banknotes of World War II'

Auction 146
English Banknotes blue B249 issued 1940 series A05E 814084 cleaned & pressed EF, comes with a hand signed certified card that the note belonged in the Vincent Duggleby , card dated 1977.
£20 London Coins : A146 : Lot 125 : One pound Peppiatt blue B249 issued 1940 series A05E 814084 cleaned & pressed EF, comes with a h...

Auction 144
English Banknotes A in an album £470 face comprising s (2), s (10), s (8), s (14), (16), s (7) signatures to , the majority in high grades, plus One Pound (4), St.Helena (2) One Pound, Fifty Pence, Iceland (2) 1000 Kronur 2001, 500 Kronur 2001 EF-UNC

Auction 142
English Banknotes GB a in 8 small albums to signatures, s (6), s (29), s (33), s (31), (30), s (22), and an note from 2000 includes Five Pounds , One Pound Bradbury (2), One Pound (2), also includes First Runs, s and Column sorts, in mixed grades, along with a Book 'English Paper Money' by Vincent Duggleby 6th Edition

Auction 140
English Banknotes A small and useful s 18th April 1945, 10/- , others 10/- to £10 back to including Mauve 10/- and Peppiatt Blue Shades s and a number pair of Lion and key Five Pounds, along with a small group of Scottish notes these dating back to 1946 (69 notes) mixed grades some Unc

Auction 135
English Banknotes Banknotes (3) s B241 K83 prefix 21 Nov 1945, T24 K25 prefix first series, s Peppiatt B251 W52D prefix mounted in two glass frames so difficult to grade exactly, the notes appear to be GF-VF bought as seen, no postal service room clearance or only

Auction 131
English Banknotes A in an album (44) comprising (20), s (24) to in mixed grades to EF

Auction 121
English Banknotes A in an album (61) s (5) Duggleby B385 (2) numbers, Duggleby B370 (2) consecutive numbers, Duggleby B355, s (6) Gill B354 (2) consecutive numbers, Kentfield Duggleby B366 (4) two pairs of consecutive numbers, s (2) December 4 1944, O,Brien July 23 1956, Five Pounds (9) Kentfield Duggleby B362 R36 prefix (2 consecutive numbers), Gill Duggleby B353 RD prefix (4,two pairs of close consecutive numbers), Duggleby B297 , (24) (1), Blue (1), (1), (15) (5) later notes with many consecutives, s (23) (7), Hollom (6), O'Brien (4), (1), Peppiatt (4), Catterns (1), One Pound (5) 1992 consecutive numbers, in mixed grades many VF or better some later notes in UNC

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