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One Pound Sovereign Royal Mint Proof Silver : English Cased and Proof Coins

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 167
English Cased 1996 S.SC2 FDC, and 1996 Proof S.J11 FDC both in the 2-coin box only 250 sets issued in this format £305 London Coins : A167 : Lot 141 : Sovereign 1996 Proof S.SC2 FDC, and One Pound 1996 Silver Proof S.J11 FDC both in the Royal Mint 2-c... London Coins : A167 : Lot 141 : Sovereign 1996 Proof S.SC2 FDC, and One Pound 1996 Silver Proof S.J11 FDC both in the Royal Mint 2-c...

Auction 163
English Cased 2013 nFDC/FDC, (3) 2008 Handover to London Proof, 2009 Charles 200th of his Birth Silver Proof, 2011 400th Anniversary of the Silver Proof, (3) 2010 London Silver Proof, 2010 Silver Proof, 2011 Cardiff Silver Proof, s (2) 2010 100 Years of Girl guiding Silver Proof, 2011 50th Anniversary Silver Proof nFDC to FDC some with toning, in the boxes of issue with certificates

Auction 162
English Cased Quarter Sovereign 2009 BU in a soft case, Cook Islands One Dollar 2007 Queen and Diamond Proofs in plated - each with a different coloured photo on the reverse, FDC in a Westminster box with certificates, Two Pounds 2007 UNC in a Westminster box, Britain's First Decimal Coins 1968/71 UNC in the blue wallet of issue, Gibraltar Crown 2008 The Elizabethan Era BU in silver plated cupro-nickel, Turks and Caicos Islands 5 Crowns 2004 The Crown Jewels, St. Edd s Crown in gold plated with emerald inset Proof FDC, History of British Currency (21) Pre-Decimal and Decimal issues coloured and gilded in the folders of issue, in mixed grades , Numismatic First Day Covers (12) from a selection of series, along with the accompanying stamps, Rothmans Cambridge Collection of rare banknotes in three mini albums, Stamps - The History of the Monarchy - 10x First Class on a large sheet depicting all monarchs since 1066, A Photo Frame containing British Armed Forces Notes 1950s issues (4) Five Pounds 2nd Series, One Pound 2nd Series, One Pound 3rd Series and One Pound 4th Series mounted on card in a large frame, along with an additional three display boxes, one a case the others MDM style cases

Auction 161
English Cased (12 coins) £5 to Maundy Penny all in PCGS holders:- Five Pounds PR65, Two Pounds PR65 Cameo, Sovereign PR65 Cameo, Half Sovereign PR65 Cameo, Halfcrown PR67+, Florin PR67, Shilling PR67, Sixpence PR66, Maundy Fourpence PR66, Maundy Threepence PR67, Maundy Twopence PR66, Maundy Penny PR67. With three of the four gold coins attaining a Cameo designation, the particularly attractive and with choice tone, this can be considered a top level set, comes with the Official long set box, so with all coins in PR65,66 or 67+ this set must be amongst the finest known in PCGS grades and we notice the Five Pounds alone in PR65 has recently been realising US$32,000 - $35,000 in North American auction sales
£26,000 London Coins : A161 : Lot 609 : Proof Set 1911 Long Set (12 coins) Gold £5 to Maundy Penny all in PCGS holders:- Five Pounds P... London Coins : A161 : Lot 609 : Proof Set 1911 Long Set (12 coins) Gold £5 to Maundy Penny all in PCGS holders:- Five Pounds P...

Auction 149
English Cased Proof set 2001 FDC in the box of issue with certificate, s (2) 1977, 1980 nFDC, Sovereign 2007 UNC in a box (incorrect box), Five Pound Crown 2000 , Five Pound Crowns (4) 1999 Silver Proof, 2000 Millennium, reverse with gold highlighting Silver Proof, 2005 Silver Proof, 2006 Queen 80th Birthday Silver Proof, Two Pounds a 4-coin set 2002 Games Silver Proofs, Two Pounds 1999 Rugby World Cup Hologram Reverse Silver Proof Piedforts (2), Two Pounds (4) 2003 DNA Silver Proof, 2004 's Locomotive Silver Proof, 2005 60th of the End of Silver Proof, 2006 the Man Silver Proof, One Pound Silver Proof Piedforts (3) 1999, 2000, 2003, One Pound 1995 Silver Proof, Fifty Pence 2005 Samuel Johnsons Dictionary Silver Proof nFDC to FDC in the boxes of issue with certificates, Five Pound Crowns (4) 1997 Golden Wedding (2), 1998 50th Birthday, 2002 , UNC in the Royal Mint wallets of issue, Crown 1981 Charles and UNC on the card of issue

Auction 133
English Cased Five Pounds, Two Pounds, Sovereign, Half Sovereign, Halfcrown, Florin. Shilling, Sixpence and Maundy Set, the Five Pounds with one or two very minor nicks the with a pleasant matching tone, a most pleasing set nFDC in the red dated case, the case in reasonable condition

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