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Pattern : Medals

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 161
Medals Numismatic and Philatelic 2000 (15) each one ounce of .999 silver, comprising (3), Seahorses and Britannia (4), The Penny Black (2), 's Gold Sovereign (2), Edward VII's Standing Britannia (2), The Three Graces, and Princess Diana'a Pattern Silver Crown, Prooflike UNC and lustrous, some with light toning

Auction 153
Medals Queen 1897 56mm diameter in bronze the Official issue Eimer 1817a EF boxed, along with Fantasy Crown 1987 reverse in the style of the 1936 Hearn , hallmarked on the edge of the piece with the hallmarks corresponding to the date 2000, 25.18 grammes of 9 carat gold UNC

Auction 152
Medals (1509-1547), Head of the , restitutional silver medal or `so-called` crown, c. 1545, Obverse: crowned bust virtually full-face, holding sword and orb, Reverse: crowned arms with lion and dragon supporters, HR monogram below, ANGLICE.Z HIBENICE:ECCLESIE: SVPREMVM: CAPVT, 43mm (cf MI 47/43). VF and rare. Medallic Illustrations states `…the unsatisfactory nature of the workmanship renders it probable that it is a copy, made in the present (ie 19th) century on the Continent…`, however H. E. Pagan (BNJ 40, 1971, "Mr. Emery`s Mint"), writing of these pieces states they "could very well be products of the Emery mint"
£380 London Coins : A152 : Lot 806 : Henry VIII (1509-1547), Head of the Church, restitutional silver medal or `so-called` pattern crown,... London Coins : A152 : Lot 806 : Henry VIII (1509-1547), Head of the Church, restitutional silver medal or `so-called` pattern crown,...

Auction 143
Medals 1897 56mm diameter in silver the official issue NEF with an edge nick, Victoria Diamond Jubilee 1897 56mm diameter in bronze the official Royal Mint issue NEF, The 12 Apostles 50mm diameter in cupro-nickel with gold plated highlighting UNC, 100 Forint 1982 World Cup UNC, 100th 70mm diameter in silver plated copper with gold highlighting UNC, of and Miss Sarah Ferguson 1986 57mm diameter in bronze UNC, of 1935 56mm diameter matt finish the official Royal Mint issue UNC, Art Treasures Exhibition 1857 63mm diameter in white metal by Pinches Obverse Exhibition building opened by Prince Albert, Reverse the 3 Muses A/UNC, Diamond Jubilee of Queen 70mm diameter with coloured portrait of the Queen in robes on the obverse, Crown 1851 in Copper Obverse Head, Reverse Advance Australia Lustrous UNC, Diamond Jubilee 2012 Numis by in gold plated cupro-nickel the obverse with coloured picture of the Queen, Prize Medal and District Sunday Football League in copper, also a large 89mm medal in the style of a modern reproduction in brass (?) in mixed grades many EF-UNC in a Westminster box

Auction 142
Medals Assorted medals including & s, bronze or base metal, Sports medals inc. Grammar School, (3), Fountain's Abbey, Pitman & Hudson's Bay medals, Ecu's (4), One Pound and D.Dat Five pounds 1994. GVF or better (16).

Auction 136
Medals Prize Medals in Silver (3) Hovis Bread (2) Worsley 1936 awarded to J.W.Murray, 1929 awarded to H.Tong, The Confectioners Bakers and Allied Trades Exhibition awarded to H.Corradine 1930 GF to NEF, in base metal EF, Double Florin the reverse with an engraved of a sphinx on a plinth over a Rose with the inscription EGYPT, EAST LANCASHIRE Fine, Halfpenny Token 1793 barracks Good Fine

Auction 117
Medals Lord Protector Medal struck in high relief in Copper after the design for the Gold Broad by Thomas Simon unlisted as such by Eim

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