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RAF : Medals

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 157
Medals 200th of The of (2) both 63mm diamrtre bronze and silver 2015 by The Unc and in the presentation boxes as issued with display stand

Auction 155
Medals of Queen 1702 Obverse Bust left draped ANNA. D:G: MAG:BR:FRA: ET. HIB: REGINA. Reverse Pallas standing left hurling thunder at a two-headed monster VICEM. GERIT. ILLA. TONANTIS Exergue INAVGVRAT. XXIII. AP. MDCCII 35mm diameter in silver Eimer 390 Good Fine with light gfiti in the reverse field, 1710 48mm diameter in bronze Eimer 446 Obverse Bust left laureate and draped ANNA AVGVSTA Reverse presents captured standards to Anne, enthroned. HISPANIS. PROFLIGATIS. Exergue AD. CAESARIAM. AVGVSTVM. AVG.IX. MDCCX by J.Croker VF or better with some contact marks

Auction 153
Medals Medal Restrike 1966 by Pinches 44mm diameter in silver Obverse a uniformed bust of , Reverse a Panoramic view of the engagement UNC and lustrous

Auction 152
Medals Father and Son group (6) World War I pair to Sapper F.G.Harrowell, and group of four , , 1939/45 Star and meal to Flying Officer W.F.Harrowell in Air ministry box NEF to EF

Auction 151
Medals s & buttons (29), mainly inc. many together with some enamelled and includes Sweetheart brooches. Generally VF. (29)

Auction 146
Medals Knights Cross - Order of Orange, (1892-1927), boxed UNC, Miniatures a trio comprising Forces / 1945-1989, National 1939-1960 and 1953

Auction 145
Medals , Boulton's Trafalgar Medal 1805, white metal, contained in a gold coloured glazed case (glass missing from obverse), Obv. GVF, rev. EF.
£280 London Coins : A145 : Lot 1115 : Trafalgar, Boulton's Trafalgar Medal 1805, white metal, contained in a gold coloured glazed cas... London Coins : A145 : Lot 1115 : Trafalgar, Boulton's Trafalgar Medal 1805, white metal, contained in a gold coloured glazed cas...

Auction 140
Medals The Official Emblems of the World's Greatest Airlines 50 piece silver miniature ingot set UNC in the box of issue with certificates, GB Set 2000 FDC in the case of issue, Medals (11) Star to 2.Lieut H.W.Perry-Gore, (7) Star, Star, Star, 1939-1945 Star (2), Medal, Medal 1937 in brass, Medal reproduction in Pewter, German Reproduction, in mixed condition, plus Silver pendant 25mm diameter engraved with a bird, Collectors Knives (2) 1983 of Morgarten 1315, 1984 Battle of Laupen 1339, UNC boxed

Auction 140
Medals Assorted medals (7) including: Admiral - Boulton's Medal - a Tower Mint replica 2005, cased; Medal, bronze, cased; St Georges Chapel , metal; 50th of the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb 1922, gilt metal; Primrose League gilt medal with enamelled brooch dated 1891; J. S. Fry & Sons Bi medal 1928 (Eimer 2013) cased; Life Saving Society bronze medal, cased. VF or better.

Auction 136
Medals The Red Arrows 2005 40 Years of Excellence with coloured airct on obverse 5oz Fine Silver Proof nFDC in a case with certificate, Annual History 2005 5oz in .999 Silver FDC in a Westminster case with certificate

Auction 136
Medals 1897 in silver 26mm diameter the official issue NEF with an edge nick, 1902 the official Royal Mint issue in silver Toned UNC, 1935 the official Royal Mint issue in silver GEF, Prize Medals (2) Wallasey Amateur Photographic Society awarded to E.W.Clarke Slides 1924 38mm diameter in silver A/UNC with an edge bump, boxed, Rifle and Pistol Association 51mm diameter in silver UNC boxed, total silver weight over 4 ounces

Auction 136
Medals of Winston 1965 (2) Obverse Bust almost facing, draped, books and paint brushes on a shelf behind, exergue Winston Churchill 1874-1965 Reverse a soldier standing defiantly on a sea-shore, airct above, Ex. VERY WELL ALONE one 39mm diameter. the other 56mm diameter both in silver UNC and in Red Spink boxes

Auction 135
Medals Medals (15) 2005 200th of the of in bronze, Battle of 175th Anniversary 63mm diameter in Bronze, 1988 400th Anniversary 63mm diameter in bronze, Dhurva Mistry Medal 63mm in bronze, Numismatic Society Medal 44mm diameter in Bronze, Centenary 1987 Two ounces of .999 silver, Eurotunnel Celebration 1994 50mm diameter in Cupro-nickel, the Unfinished 1984 in bronze, 21st Birthday of the Princess of 1982 in cupro-nickel, s 1984 in cupro-nickel, Paul II British Visit 1982 in cupro-nickel (2), Festival 1983 in cupro-nickel, Rijks Museum 100 Years 1985 in bronze, plus an amateur gardening medal in base metal mostly UNC many in the cases of issue some with certificates

Auction 134
Medals 1897 in white metal (2) Obverse Bust left veiled and crowned, VICTORIA REGINA ET IMPERATRIX 1897 below bust, Reverse Shields of and crowned at the top IN COMMEMORATION OF THE SIXTIETH YEAR OF HER MAJESTY'S REIGN EF-UNC with some scuffs, of Boulton's medal a later restrike with die deterioration evident on both sides with 'Daniel Bradley Conqueror' engraved above the design in the reverse field Good Fine

Auction 130
Medals of Memorial 1805 in copper 48mm by Kuchler Eimer 960 BHM 584 Obv. Bust facing left uniformed HORATIO .VISCOUNT NELSON .K.B. DUKE OF BRONTE Rev.a panoramic view of the engagement ENGLAND EXPECTS EVERY MAN WILL DO HIS DUTY Ex. TRAFALGAR Oct 21 1805 Edge TO THE HEROES OF TRAFALGAR FROM M.BOULTON GEF with an edge bruise in original Matthew Boulton 'Clamshell' case Ex-Matthew Boulton
£650 London Coins : A130 : Lot 855 : Battle of Trafalgar Nelson Memorial 1805 in copper 48mm by Kuchler Eimer 960 BHM 584 Obv. Bust facin... London Coins : A130 : Lot 855 : Battle of Trafalgar Nelson Memorial 1805 in copper 48mm by Kuchler Eimer 960 BHM 584 Obv. Bust facin...

Auction 127
Medals Boulton's Medal 1805, by Kuchler, bronze, rim inscribed TO THE HEROES OF TRAFALGAR FROM M BOULTON, in tin case, slight edge bruising otherwise AEF
£480 London Coins : A127 : Lot 562 : Boulton's Trafalgar Medal 1805, by Kuchler, bronze, rim inscribed TO THE HEROES OF TRAFA... London Coins : A127 : Lot 562 : Boulton's Trafalgar Medal 1805, by Kuchler, bronze, rim inscribed TO THE HEROES OF TRAFA...

Auction 126
Medals and the Fourdroyant 1897 Eimer 1813 Obverse Bust facing uniformed three-quarters left. 'HORASTIO VISCOUNT NELSON.' Ex BORN 29th SEPTEMBER 1758. DIED 21ST OCTOBER 1805. Reverse Ship at anchor without rigging, 'FOURDROYANT'. LORD NELSON'S FLAGSHIP' Ex COMMENCED BUILDING 1789. LAUNCHED AT PLYMOUTH, APRIL, 1798. WRECKED AT BLACKPOOL JUNE 16TH 1897 MEDAL STRUCK FROM THE COPPER OF VESSEL AFTER BREAKING UP diameter 37mm in copper Good VF boxed, of the of Nelson 1905 28mm in bronze Obverse Nelson standing with scroll beneath DEATH OF NELSON OCT 21 1805 CENTENARY MEMENTO OCT 21 1905. PRESENTED BY BRITISH AND FOREIGN SAILORS SOCIETY CONTAINING VICTORY COPPER FROM THE LORDS ADMIRALTY, Reverse Ship VICTORY TALGAR OCT 21 1805 beneath, ENGLAND EXPECTS THAT EVERY MAN WILL DO HIS DUTY. THANK GOD I HAVE DONE MY DUTY Good EF Lustrous

Auction 126
Medals Appointment certificate to Wing Commander A.H.F.Turner, AFC to be a Flying Officer in the dated 3rd February 1948. Together with a folder giving record.

Auction 125
Medals Group of sixteen MINIATURE MEDALS as worn by Group Captain Sir Douglas Bader ? DSO & two bars, DFC & bar, service medals for 2nd WW and , , Long , & n Medals. With ribbon bar, cloth RAF wings and photo of on plane with dog. Framed for display.

Auction 125
Medals group of four attributed to Flight Sgt. R.O.Cowley, 1939-45 & Stars, & War Medals. In glazed display case with photograph of Cowley in uniform and cloth "AG" . EF.

Auction 123
Medals & Medals (8), 1897 (2) silver, in red cases of issue. 1897 small silver issues (2). (4) a small silver Royal Mint issue and three other bronze issues one being issued by the Grand Hotel Square. Extremely fine. Some in damaged cases.

Auction 121
Medals Medals (6) Medal 1902 Reverse Grand Hotel Square 38mm diameter in base metal A/UNC boxed. Coronation 1838 64mm diameter in base metal H.M.G MAJESTY VICTORIA Born May 24th 1819, Ascended the Throne June 20th 1837 with crowned June 28th 1838 inside within exergue VF. Victoria 1887 THE STATIONARY TRADES COMMEMORATIVE MEDAL 45mm diameter in white metal, boxed. Victoria 1897 an unofficial issue 35x40mm with small oval portrait of the Queen in the centre flanked by 1837 1897 IVR monogram and 'VICTORIA THE GOOD' below VF. 1937 and Elizabeth Coronation an unofficial issue in base metal NEF boxed. Prince and Princess of 1888 Silver a miniature in bronze 13mm THE FUTURE KING AND QUEEN OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND 1888 EF

Auction 116
Medals Centennial 1905 32 mm white metal as part of a group of s and other paranumisatica some in presentation boxes and including the

Auction 113
Medals of 1805 Eimer 960 48 mm in White Metal by Kuchler obv. HORATIO VISCOUNT NELSON K.B DUKE OF BRONTE etc. rev. View of the engagem

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