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Replica : Misc Items

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 161
Misc Items International Society of Postmaster Official Silver s of The Greatest of the containing 50 silver stamp s with display album and certificates, along with The Heart of Heritage of 25 s includes a large medal which weighs nearly 300 grams 1975 issue in a presentation box

Auction 161
Misc Items Teaspoons (22) various makers, some matching, along with a anointing spoon in base metal, this boxed

Auction 160
Misc Items Stamp in Postal Union Congress 1929 39.96 grams of 22 carat gold in Hallmark Replicas LTD box and struck by The

Auction 155
Misc Items s (3) Pick Standard Catalogue of World Paper Money 1368-1960 11th Edition, Pick Standard Catalogue of World Paper Money 1961-present (2) 12th and 14th Editions, Million note as described in the Mark Twain novel, later made into a 1954 film starring Gregory Peck, plus two replica notes, a Million Pound note dated 20 June 1903, and a 'Bank of Restriction' note these with BANKSY and 3nnLSU underneath on the reverse

Auction 153
Misc Items Henry VII by BU (9 carat 31 grams) cased with certificate

Auction 153
Misc Items Millionaires (2) Double Leopard Edward III modern s (2) the first 22mm diameter in 22 carat , the second 39mm diameter in gold plated - Lustrous UNC
£75 London Coins : A153 : Lot 2079 : Millionaires Collection (2) Double Leopard Edward III modern replicas (2) the first 22mm diameter in... London Coins : A153 : Lot 2079 : Millionaires Collection (2) Double Leopard Edward III modern replicas (2) the first 22mm diameter in...

Auction 151
Misc Items (50) large full colour prints by the Regimental of Great Britain Ltd. By numbered with certificates (Originally sold for £39.50 each)

Auction 151
Misc Items (50) large full colour prints by the Regimental of Great Britain Ltd. By , 23 with certificates (Originally sold for £39.50 each)

Auction 149
Misc Items UK / counters (7), white & metal, most Victorian. U.S.A. miniature coins (19). VF or better (26).

Auction 147
Misc Items A Bracelet with 20 silver coins mounted on it, a variety of issues from Hammered s to Victorian , varied state. USA 1891 Fine mounted on a silver chain. A Large Roman coin in a silver mount, plus a Ladies Omega watch in 18 carat White

Auction 146
Misc Items Stamp s The Collection (24) by Hallmark Replicas Ltd. depicting a selection of from all over the Commonwealth, struck in -plated .925 , UNC in the red box of issue with certificates

Auction 146
Misc Items s, Medallions, and modern s (approximately 1.7 Kilos) in mixed grades

Auction 143
Misc Items 1642 a modern in , of good style Practically 'as made', along with a uniface "" 1828 obverse only, the design an of the original not identical, EF and unusual

Auction 140
Misc Items Stamp s in by Hallmark 1970s issues (22) The Collection and the Coronation 25th Anniversary issue UNC with the original paperwork

Auction 138
Misc Items Tokens, s, Coins mostly 20th Century (277) a varied group in mixed grades

Auction 138
Misc Items Modern s Nero , I , Henry VIII Half base metal, low grade late Roman Bronze (3), Retro s Edward VIII (3) 3d/ 2/6, Crown 1936-37, Jersey 1/13 1858 from circulation along with an Isle of Man Mint Set 2007 9 coin set 1d - £5 BU in a presentation wallet

Auction 135
Misc Items s, s and s (46) in mixed grades

Auction 135
Misc Items and Coins, of hammered and ancient types (15) in mixed grades

Auction 134
Misc Items USA banknote s (2) the first depicting $1000 series of 1928, the second depicting $100 1929 issue each in .999 total weight 434 grammes Prooflike UNC

Auction 134
Misc Items issues (659) including Dassier's English Monarchs replicas (some with verdigris) (37). INA s various Monarchs reverses and metals (330) Golden Jubilee s QEII 1952 - 2002 crown sized gold coloured alloy (64) Money Corp commemorative medals in 1999 (60) others of Eastern European rence these wrapped in paper but probably only two types being commemorative medals for recent membership to EEC (168) generally Unc - BU

Auction 126
Misc Items Stamp collection in , The Collection a 25-piece set from a host of different Commonwealth Countries nFDC cased as issued with certificate

Auction 125
Misc Items s William IV and George a wide variety of types and base metals (circa 200), ic issues (150) these heavily duplicated, Fantasy Australian 6ds in (100), Dassier Historical Medals cast some with tarnish or verdigris (78)

Auction 122
Misc Items Stamp collections in (2) 25th Anniversary of the Coronation of II 1978 a 7-piece set nFDC boxed as issued, The Collection a 25-piece set from a host of different Commonwealth Countries nFDC cased as issued with certificate

Auction 121
Misc Items The Most Famous Coin s' 2006 Copies (3), sized s with gilded coins embedded in them , Shillings (2), , Netherlands 3 1817 a 2006 Copy, 'British Banknotes' a set of four Crown Sized medals depicting coloured examples of British Banknotes thus:- £20 Bailey, £10 Series E, English Lion, Ten Shillings Britannia Series, plus Liberia Titanic Copy 2006 UNC in capsules

Auction 121
Misc Items Coins a wide selection from a variety of countries, plus a few modern token issues (lot)

Auction 117
Misc Items , Stamp 9 carat ignots (3) in 's presentation box (27.4 grams of .375 gold), and a 5 gram bar of fine gold

Auction 115
Misc Items /Paranumismatic sized issues (110), 25 s, Dassier s. Commemorative issues etc. mostly high grades

Auction 111
Misc Items Modern s (24) struck in of Paris Town Tokens ranging from 29 mm to 36 mm diameter 1653-1786, all of good style, UNC most with full lustre

Auction 107
Misc Items A mixed lot including s, lic football issues from the 70s, some stamp s, gb and world coins, and a quantity of first day covers

Auction 104
Misc Items and money (circa 400) mostly modern plastic issues a wide variety

Auction 102
Misc Items Forgeries (13) mostly world sized a mixture of modern s and earlier forgeries from a variety of countries

Auction 102
Misc Items Paranumismatic including ed, advertising and s (49)

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