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Russia 25 Kopeks Treasury : World Banknotes

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 166
World Banknotes , & (36) In mixed grades includes scarce issues as Northwest Russia 50 Mark independent west army under Colonel Avalov-Bermondt, 5 Rubles Pick S102 North Russia Red Regime series BB 081, Chechnya Grozneft Payment Orders 1922 1,3 & 5 Kopeks, Northwest Front 100 Rubles Field Pick S208, Ukraine 10 Hryven Pick 21b">Pick 21b, Independent West Army under Avalov-Bermondt 1919 Issues Kassenschein, Ukraine 50 Karbovantsiv 1918 Pick 6, 2 hryven Pick 20 dated 1918 & 2000 Hryven Pick 25 1918, Russia Transcauc Azerbaijan Socialist Republic 1 Million Rubles Pick S719 dated 1922, South Russia Government Treasury 50 Rubles Pick S438 ND 1920, Azerbaijan 100 Rubles Pick 5 dated 1919, 50 Rubles Pick 2 dated 1919, 25 Rubles Pick 1 dated 1919 and others

Auction 166
World Banknotes & (44) in mixed grades comprising Russia Provisional Government - Priamur Region 25 Rubley Pick S1248, Russia Far East Provisional Government - Priamur Region 100 Rubley Pick S1249 with a blue on reverse, Russia Krasnoyarsk Territory 10 Rubles Pick S969a, Russia 10000 Rubles Pick 97a, Russia 5000 Rubles Pick 96a, Russia 1000 Rubles Pick 95a (2), Russia 500 Rubles Pick 94a, Russia 250 Rubles Pick 93, Russia 1000 Rubles Pick 37 (2), Russia 250 Rubles Pick 36 (3), Bulgaria 100 Zlato Pick 20a, Russia Currency notes ND 1919 1, 2 & 3 Rubles Pick81,82 & 83, Russia Small Chanche notes 1,2,3,5 & (4) Pick 24,25,26,27 & 31(4), Russia Treasury Notes Nd 1917 20 Rubles (2) and 40 Rubles Pick 38 (2) and 39, Russia Central 1 Rubles 1918 Banknote Pick S1162 puncholed, Russia 10 rubles Pick 89, Russia 25 rubles Pick 90, Russia Far East Provisional Government - Priamur Region 5 Rubles Pick S1246, 3 Ribley Pick 9c (3), 3 Ribley Pick 9b, 25 Rubles Pick 12b (2), Government Bank Vladikavkaz 5 Rubles Pick S600A, 10 Rubles Pick11c (2), 10 Rubles Pick 11b, 5 Rubles Pick 10b (2), Government Bank Ekaterinburg 1 Ruble Pick S921a, Government Bank Irkutsk 4 Rubles 50 Kopeks Pick S8888, 1 Ruble Pick 1d (5) and 50 Rubles Pick 8d (2)

Auction 163
World Banknotes (6), Northwest Russia Field notes, dated 1919, (PickS201) surface dirt about EF, 1 Ruble dated 1919, (PickS203) small stain good Fine, 3 Rubles dated 1919, (PickS204) good Fine to about VF, 5 Rubles dated 1919, (PickS205) one tear and a few edge nicks, generally VF, 25 Rubles dated 1919, (PickS207) about EF, 100 Rubles dated 1919, (PickS208) small edge nicks good Fine £55 London Coins : A163 : Lot 1544 : Russia (6), Northwest Russia Field Treasury notes, 25 Kopeks dated 1919, (PickS201) surface dirt abo... London Coins : A163 : Lot 1544 : Russia (6), Northwest Russia Field Treasury notes, 25 Kopeks dated 1919, (PickS201) surface dirt abo...

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