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Shropshire : Tokens

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 156
Tokens (6) Coalbrook Dale 1789 Bridge/Machine worker and machine, 9 under last limb of L, 1 under centre of K, DH10 VF scarce, Coalbrook Dale 1789 Bridge/Machine worker and machine, Stop after Ketley DH12 VF, 1793 Arms/Woolpack DH22 NVF, Shrewsbury 1793 Bishop Blaze/Arms DH23, Shrewsbury 1794 Arms/Woolpack, , Redruth & edge DH25a Fine, scarce, Shrewsbury 1794 Arms/Woolpack , or edge DH25d VF

Auction 155
Tokens (17), includes issues from , , , , , , , , and North , VF to EF and collectable

Auction 154
Tokens (72) all different, , , , , , , , , , , , , Ireland and in mixed grades to VF

Auction 153
Tokens (21) a varied and useful group, Sedbury Withers 970 Reverse Ironworks building, overstruck on another token issue (underlying piece clearly shows an 1813 date) Fine, 1813 Halesowen, The Workhouse Withers 748 EF with a trace of lustre, 1812 Weybridge I.Bunn & co. Withers 1200 VF, 1811 Lye Forge, Nail and Trace Manufactory Withers 855/6 VF/EF, 1812 FOR PUBLIC ACCOMODATION Withers 170/1 GVF, Dublin (3) 1813 E.Stephens, 1816 and Erin Go Bragh, 1820 Withers 1941, Non-local 1815 Withers 1952 overstruck with traces of the 1813 date and harp on the understrike, VG to Good Fine, (2) 1811 Withers 18 Good Fine, updated Withers 1125 Good Fine, (2) 1811 Patent Sheathing Nail Manufacturers Withers 464 Near Fine, 1811 Withers 522A VF, (3) 1811 Withers 1130, 1811 Withers 1133, 1811 Withers 1135 VF to EF, (3) 1812 Withers 675, 1812 Withers 677, undated Cornish Mount Withers 675/7 Near Fine to NVF, (2) and Sheffield Company 1812 Withers 172 GEF with an attractive underlying tone, 19th Century Warwickshire Rose Copper Company 1812 Withers 277 EF, Penny 19th Century Yorkshire Sheffield 1813 Withers 988 Overseers of the Poor, view of Workhouse NVF

Auction 153
Tokens a mixed group (10) - Devizes 1664 John Fry W.66 Fine, - Guildford Thomas Tompson 1657 W.125/6 Fine, - William Wilberfoss VG holed, - Fen Street John Young Stags Head W.1001 VG, - Linton John Harvy W.144 NVG, - Oswestry Penny 1669 Hugh Edwards About Fine, - Samvell Skelton grocer W.36 VG/Fine, - (3) 1652 VG, 1662 NVG (2)

Auction 152
Tokens (4) 25, (3) 71, 81, 82 Fair to Fine

Auction 147
Tokens (3) 1813 Halesowen Withers 748 NEF with some spots, -under-Lyme 1813 Cotton Works Withers 900 NEF with traces of lustre, Staffordshire 1811 Samuel Fereday iron master Priestfield Furnaces Withers 46 GVF

Auction 138
Tokens Tokens (4) a small and varied group, Victorian in Canteen Forces Token First Battalion of the Rifle Volunteers (1860-1880) Fine (bought J.Whitmore 1983 £3), Penny Token in c.1896 The Regiment Weekly W.C Reverse Crowned Crossed Swords VF (bought J.Whitmore 1983 £3), First World War Penny Canteen Token in bone Fine, (bought J.Whitmore 1983 £4), British Armed Forces penny token in brown plastic (c.1946) VF (bought J.Whitmore 1983 £1.50)

Auction 136
Tokens a small (40) DH3C, (2) DH12 and DH12A, DH2, (2) DH6 and DH10, DH4, DH59, (4) DH46, DH63, DH89, DH179, (5) DH7, DH16, DH29, DH38, DH39, (3) DH23, DH128, DH135, Lothian DH7, (14) DH19, DH292, DH297, DH301a, DH306, DH347, DH390, DH 805e, DH902, DH904, DH969, DH1010, DH1012, DH1025, DH6, DH424, (2) DH39 and DH103, DH242d in mixed grades VF-EF a pleasing group all with attributions

Auction 135
Tokens Tokens (8) Mining & Co. 1791, 1652 city arms, ship & castle, Bristol 1811 , Bristol in garter, Mail Coach Halfpenny, Coalbrookdale Halfpenny 1789, Halfpenny 1795 bust of Jestyn. Together with John Wilkinson & Earl Howe (2). Generally AVF or better (8).

Auction 131
Tokens 1797 Skidmore's Globe series Dudmaston DH133 Toned UNC
£130 London Coins : A131 : Lot 388 : Penny 18th Century Middlesex 1797 Skidmore's Globe series Shropshire Dudmaston DH133 Toned UNC London Coins : A131 : Lot 388 : Penny 18th Century Middlesex 1797 Skidmore's Globe series Shropshire Dudmaston DH133 Toned UNC

Auction 126
Tokens (19) D.25, D.51, D.76, D.86, D.94, D.7, D.29, D.3, D.75, D.84, D.98, D.107, D.3, D.14, D.89, D.120, D.126, D.137 Fine to GVF all attributed

Auction 120
Tokens Tokens, assorted Tokens (15) including (D.38), Chatteris (D.2), Cheadle Staffs.(D.82), Cheltenham (D.15), Farthing (D.1), Halesowen (D.3), (D.15,16,20), (D.13), Weybridge (

Auction 103
Tokens Clerkenwell Series Dudmaston D&H 133 Unc good lustre scarce

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