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Somerset : World Banknotes

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 165
World Banknotes World (95) mostly GB iers O'Brien, , , , and 10 s and 1, 10, 20 and 50 s including QE2 portrait and pictorial issues and some Lion & Key. Scarcer notes include a 1 Pound O'Brien B284 LAST run series B76N 106562, Gill FIRST run series A01 886417 and 50 Pounds Somerset B318 FIRST run series A01 395307. Along with world issues from , , , , , , , , and including a 20 Mark Pick 46a 19th February 1914. Various grades to UNC

Auction 165
World Banknotes World predominantly (53) in an album in mixed grades majority in about UNC - UNC comprising mostly s and many constive or near sets iers , , , and . Also includes an O'Brien . And a few world issues include Government of £1, - Bank of Ireland (2) £1 this with a Z prefix and £20, and banking Corporation Limited $20 and The £1

Auction 165
World Banknotes World around 47 notes mostly high grade issues early 1900's includes & - 1917 Exchange Notes 25 Rubles Pick S337 and 3 Rubles Pick S334. SOUTH RUSSIA - High Command of the Armed Forces 10000 Rubles 1919 Pick S425a (2). Along with State issues some of which imitations and Bank s. Prisoners of War stamped "Prisoner of war camp No.225". 1923 Bielefeld SILK NOTGELD 500 Mark. s (2) prefix DS83 and DS72. And Chine 1920s Confucius 'Strings of ' Red and black Confucius in red at top seal on reverse measueres around 25.7 cm in height and 6.9 cm in width.

Auction 165
World Banknotes World (32) a group in mixed circulated grades mostly issues along with 1 Pound 50th Anniversary of the Liberation of Jersey Pick 25a and 10 Rubles Pick 240 (15) issued 1991 and Brass 1 Kopek Coins Y# 126a (5) dates include 1976, 1977, 1982 and 1990 (2). Bank of England comprises notes in frames (2) B270 dated 3rd August 1951 series V35 087337 and O'Brien B275 dated 2nd May 1955 series Z61 019938 with rustmarks and inked numbers on reverse. Beale B266 Red/Brown issue 1950 series T36Z 193642 and s Beale Green (2) B268 issued 1950 prefixes A86C & W26B. Ten Shillings O'Brien B271 Red/Brown issue 1955 series Y82Y 314529 and One Pound O'Brien Green B273 issue 1955 series B15K 555805. One Pounds QE2 & Sir Isaac B341 issued 1981 prefixes DX84, DU60, DT74 and DY13.

Auction 165
World Banknotes World (32) in mixed grades including EF comprising (3) £1 prefix BU70, 10 s prefix B39N and prefix HH16. (4) plc £1 and £5 along with The Lord Ilay £1 and £10. (4) including 1 Dollars (2) series 1993 & 2009 and (2) series 2009. Along with other countries as , , , , , , , , , Eastern Caribbean, , WEST AFRICAN STATES - Bénin, and . Some with tape and inked and all come in a Milenium Hotel At the World Trade Center

Auction 163
World Banknotes 1 Dollar of issued series of 1918 (May 20th 1914), series L19280374A, signed Elliott, Burke, Ambrose & Calkins, blue seal, portrait at left, (Pick371), original Fine, plus 1 in Persil presentation card and ese Note
£75 London Coins : A163 : Lot 1594 : USA 1 Dollar Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco issued series of 1918 (May 20th 1914), series L19... London Coins : A163 : Lot 1594 : USA 1 Dollar Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco issued series of 1918 (May 20th 1914), series L19...

Auction 159
World Banknotes World, & GB accumulation (171) in 2 albums, & including & , (B352), , , , & other commonwealth countries, also world selection including , , , etc., in mixed grades plus a few stamps, postcards and small collectors books and leaflets

Auction 148
World Banknotes GB and World in an album including mixed grades

Auction 144
World Banknotes GB and World (76) with some high denominatons GB to (£199 face) includes Fifty Pounds (2) K30 B385, H02 B377, (3) Kentfield CD15 977938 and 977939 constives, ED27 B402, (3) (2) AX42 B348, CT17 B349, JN24 B354, also lower denominations back to signature, s 2007 A2 902301, Royal Bank of Scotland 2001 (50) s C89 359541 to 359590, in mixed grades VF to UNC
£650 London Coins : A144 : Lot 248 : GB and World (76) with some high denominatons GB Fifty Pounds to Ten Shillings (£199 face) inc...

Auction 138
World Banknotes A mixed group including Scottish, Irish and in high grdaes, £5 and £10 and , some fantasy issues and s, Bank of £5 1958, and some collectors series with coins attached (lot)

Auction 116
World Banknotes World accumulation (52) includes GB face value £14.50 mainly high grade £1 and strong in , average Fine

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