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London Coins Auction 167
Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED

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Sovereign : World Bulk Lots

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 166
World Bulk Lots , GB 1914 EF, 10 Lire 1863 mounted and two Dutch s each 2 grams of 90% gold

Auction 165
World Bulk Lots s 1973A KM#26 (5) Lustrous UNC

Auction 164
World Bulk Lots The Judean Coin a 14-coin set 134BC-79AD John Hyrcanus I to Vespn a coin from each emperor, in mixed grades, in a presentation box with certificate, II The 90th Birthday Coin Collection a 19-coin set comprising issues from , GB issues, and , by 'The Bradford Exchange' all plated in a presentation box most with certificates, also 'The Millionaires Collection' a 6-coin set includes three pieces in plated gold these weighing around 4 grammes each, the others in .925 silver, Crowns (3) 1891 Fine, 1894 LVIII Near Fine, 1953 EF, 2006 Queen Elizabeth II 80th Birthday FDC, Ten s 2006 Proof in gold plated base metal, Isle of Man Five Pound Crowns 2006 (2) with different reverse designs UNC, and 1908 VG, in a box, Five Pound Crowns (19) 1998 Prince of 50th Birthday (3), 1999 nnium (3), 2000 Queen Mother 100th Birthday, 2005 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar, Crowns (2) 1972 Queen Elizabeth II and Wedding, 1981 Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Spencer GEF to UNC, along with a George V Fantasy Token

Auction 162
World Bulk Lots World an eclectic mix (8) 1940 NEF/GVF, 1919 GEF with lustre, 1945 Lustrous EF, 5000 s AH1334 KM#1058 Good Fine, Engraved Love Token on an Anglesey Token Fine, lic issues (3) G.W.F.Hegel Stuttgart 1831 inscribed Wurtt Landessparkasse on the edge UNC, 1969 150 Years of Wutemmberggifche Verfassung, edge inscribed 1000 B.H.Mayer Pforzheim UNC, Medallic Coinage Gulde 1854A X#M1 GVF, along with Toy Money s John Cook and Sons Mark Counters (20) EF

Auction 161
World Bulk Lots (2) Sovereign 1973BN KM#27 UNC, 1973A KM#26 UNC
£320 London Coins : A161 : Lot 2634 : Isle of Man (2) Sovereign 1973BN KM#27 UNC, Half Sovereign 1973A KM#26 UNC London Coins : A161 : Lot 2634 : Isle of Man (2) Sovereign 1973BN KM#27 UNC, Half Sovereign 1973A KM#26 UNC

Auction 159
World Bulk Lots s (4) 1897 About Fine/NVF, 1906 Fine with a flan flaw on the edge, 1911 NVF/GVF, 1912 VF

Auction 158
World Bulk Lots World in an album with strength in sized issues many of these in , an unusual fantasy 1964 pliar details probably base metal and including the sought after Caribbean issues from the 1970 , , |, , St Lucia, St Christopher, and St Vincent (lot) mixed grades many in Unc

Auction 151
World Bulk Lots GB 1885 GF as part of a group of GB and World in bags and album pages, most are base metal issues, with a small group of with a host of countries represented, mostly sorted into countries and a few world banknotes, in mixed grades (lot)

Auction 149
World Bulk Lots 25 (2) AH1327/1 GVF slightly bent, AH1327/3 a lightweight copy weighing 1.53 grammes, quantity unknown EF, along with Jeweller's copies (2) 1913, and Turkey 50 Kurush AH1327/3

Auction 146
World Bulk Lots World a small group including a few notes and issues and a large plastic 1982 promotional wall display

Auction 145
World Bulk Lots 1900 h 495 Fine, housed in a 9 carat mount with 4 diamonds, on a 9 carat necklace total weight 9.65 grammes, in a presentation box

Auction 145
World Bulk Lots 1901 h 496 UNC or near so in a box with certificate

Auction 143
World Bulk Lots GB and World, Cuidad Rodrigo Token 1812 in 7.6 grammes NEF as part of a group of GB and World (104) includes 1970 FDC, 1951 UNC boxed, Smoking and Still Room tokens for £5 and £2 (4), Maria Theresa s 1780 (8) in mixed grades, plus a weighing scale in the original box

Auction 140
World Bulk Lots a 4-coin set 1973 comprising , , Sovereign and UNC in the original plastics

Auction 139
World Bulk Lots A weighing scale and a weighing scale each boxed, Five 2005 Nelson and Trafalgar s boxed FDC, as part of a group of GB and World (24) includes lic items in mixed grades some boxed UNC, also a bag of mixed World in circulated grades approximately 600 grammes
£200 London Coins : A139 : Lot 2617 : A Guinea weighing scale and a Sovereign weighing scale each boxed, Five Pound 2005 Nelson and Tr...

Auction 132
World Bulk Lots to 1887 a 4-coin set comprising Five Pounds, , Sovereign and Half Sovereign EF in a green presentation box

Auction 129
World Bulk Lots GB 1936 Edward VIII Fantasy issue in 9 carat UNC as part of a group of World (12) 1000 s (5) these presumably fantasy issues 2001 (3), 2002 (2), these depicting Elizabeth I, Cromwell, Head and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, 500 Sika 2002 (2) with a coloured picture of the Queen on the reverse, 10000 Kwacha 2002 with a coloured picture of the Queen on the reverse, 6000 Kwacha 2002 with a coloured picture of the Queen on the reverse, plus GB (2) 2004, in mixed grades EF-UNC

Auction 129
World Bulk Lots 1911 VF, Banknotes Peppiatt Wartime Blue issues (3) as part of a group of GB and World largely in mixed circulated grades

Auction 123
World Bulk Lots Sovereign 1973 UNC, Isle of Man 1973 UNC these in a red presentation box, 4 s 1892 KM#2260 Restrike UNC

Auction 123
World Bulk Lots A /accumulation containing runs of issues mostly - with a few in , some cased items including silver issues two imitation s (both correct weight at 4 grams) and others (lot)

Auction 122
World Bulk Lots GB and World (7) GB 1968 NVF cleaned, (3) One Rand 1967 Gold, UNC, One Tenth 1981 (2) UNC, Gold 1862 F ex-mount, 2 1945 EF, 25th Anniversary of the Coronation 1978 UNC

Auction 122
World Bulk Lots 1995 Queen Mother FDC in presentation box with certificate, Fantasy 1977 in 9 ct UNC

Auction 118
World Bulk Lots (11) 1974 nFDC, Sovereigns 1973 (3), s (3) 1973, 1974 (2), 1999 One Tenth oz. Gold FDC, s

Auction 117
World Bulk Lots 1965 KM#16 Bicentenary of the Revestment Act About UNC with presentation green box

Auction 116
World Bulk Lots 1855A GF, GB 1980 FDC cased as issued with certificate, Masonic , in a gold .625 15ct.lunette presented to

Auction 105
World Bulk Lots , 20F 1901, 20M 1872, GB 1918P and two ets Winston Churchill and Kennedy reported as 22 carat (18.7 grams the pair)

Auction 103
World Bulk Lots World earlier collectable material noted Islands and Half with lustre, but this holed, 1805, Per

Auction 103
World Bulk Lots 1866 Fine along with other collectable and s (36)

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