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Spain : Medals

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 162
Medals Defeat of the 1558 51mm diameter in silver, cast, by G.v.Bijlaer, Eimer 56b, Obverse: Philip II of and heads of the and state, blindfolded and seated in discussion, their feet on a spiked floor, O. COECAS. HOMINVM. MENTES. O. PECTORA. COECA above, DVRVM. EST. CONTRA. STIMVLOS. CALCITRARE. Reverse: A fleet of ships, some of which are capsizing, .VENI. VIDE. VIVE. 1588 above, TV. DEVS. MAGNVS. ET. MAGNA. FACIS. TV. SOLVS. DEVS. NEF
£1,200 London Coins : A162 : Lot 906 : Defeat of the Spanish Armada 1558 51mm diameter in silver, cast, by G.v.Bijlaer, Eimer 56b, Obverse:... London Coins : A162 : Lot 906 : Defeat of the Spanish Armada 1558 51mm diameter in silver, cast, by G.v.Bijlaer, Eimer 56b, Obverse:...

Auction 162
Medals , , (7), (6), , 1870 - World War 2 and (19), , Turkish War to World War 2 (5), , World War 1 & 2 (6), , & World War 2 (3), War Cross and UN Korea. All identified. Generally GVF to EF. In white folder. (47).

Auction 158
Medals , The s of the in , and 1808-1814 by Toye, Kenning & Spencer Ltd. 77mm diameter in silver , containing 13 printed Battle Histories, GEF in the box of issue, the tweezers normally supplied with the medal are missing

Auction 152
Medals Conquest of Trinidad, 1897, 48mm diameter in bronze, Eimer 1809, Obverse: Sir Ralph Abercrombie, Bust three-quarters left, Reverse: Ships at anchor in mole of Port of , hills beyond, TO COMMEMORATE THE CENTENARY OF THE CONQUEST OF TRINIDAD BY THE BRITISH 1797 Exergue: MISCERIQUE PROBAT POPULOS ET FOEDERA JUNGI GEF and pleasing

Auction 151
Medals , Birth of I 1716, by G.B.A., silver, 24mm., obv. Heads of Charles & Elizabeth, rev. female standing with child, 25mm. Cleaned, Fine, along with Worlds n Exposition , USA 1892-1893 bronze, cleaned with edge bruising, Home for the Aged - Sons & daughters of , brass, together with six other US medals and a Ferry token. Generally VF. (10).

Auction 146
Medals , Exposition 1888, bronze, 50mm., With attractive silver crown suspension. In case of issue. EF.

Auction 143
Medals 1897 56mm diameter in silver the official issue NEF with an edge nick, Victoria Diamond Jubilee 1897 56mm diameter in bronze the official Royal Mint issue NEF, The 12 Apostles 50mm diameter in cupro-nickel with gold plated highlighting UNC, 100 Forint 1982 World Cup UNC, 100th 70mm diameter in silver plated copper with gold highlighting UNC, of and Miss Sarah Ferguson 1986 57mm diameter in bronze UNC, of 1935 56mm diameter matt finish the official Royal Mint issue UNC, Art Treasures Exhibition 1857 63mm diameter in white metal by Pinches Obverse Exhibition building opened by Prince Albert, Reverse the 3 Muses A/UNC, Diamond Jubilee of Queen 70mm diameter with coloured portrait of the Queen in robes on the obverse, Crown 1851 in Copper Obverse Head, Reverse Advance Australia Lustrous UNC, Diamond Jubilee 2012 Numis by in gold plated cupro-nickel the obverse with coloured picture of the Queen, Prize Medal and District Sunday Football League in copper, also a large 89mm medal in the style of a modern reproduction in brass (?) in mixed grades many EF-UNC in a Westminster box

Auction 142
Medals World (4) , German surrender at Reims 7 May 1945, bronze, 68mm., , Mayor Bronislaw Lachowicz 1907-1943, bronze 70mm., in case; Poland Wojsko Polskie medal, silvered bronze, 70mm. In case. , International Year of The Poor 1981, bronze, 80mm. GVF or better (4).

Auction 128
Medals of Joseph II and Princess Elizabeth of Bourbon 1760 in silver 28mm diameter, by A.Weidmann conjoined busts right, Reverse Hyman standing at altar toned VF or better

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