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Szechuan : World Bulk Lots

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 156
World Bulk Lots Province Year 2 (1913) Fine as part of a largely base metal group of China and minors (28) 19th and in mixed grades

Auction 155
World Bulk Lots s (3) Province Dollars (2) Year 1 (1912) About Fine to Fine, unevenly toned, with some file marks on the tops of the rims, China (c.1917) Y#479 NVF, China (10) Provincial issues late 19th and early issue, and 1944, in mixed grades, a couple VF to EF, China Province CD1904 Y#91.1 NVF with some uneven toning, along with 1911 Fine, Tugrik (c.1925) as part of a group of China and related, mostly minors (11) in mixed grades

Auction 153
World Bulk Lots - Province Sar () Year 6 (1917) with rosette at top Y#45.2 Near Fine with grey tone, China - Province Year 1 (1912) (2) Y#456 Fine and Y456.1 Fine, China Dollar 'Fat Man' NEF, Att 1896 RS 115 Fine, (5) (3) Y#46 Fine, Y#25 Year 30, Y#37.2 Year 5, Y#17.1 (2) Year 8, Year 9 NF

Auction 151
World Bulk Lots Provincial (53) Province 1890-1915 (50) (30), (20) mostly VG to VF some better, along with Province (3) Year 1 (1912) Y#456 Fine, 50 Year 1 (1912) Y#449.1a EF, Brass Year 1 (1912) Y#447 NVF

Auction 146
World Bulk Lots s (4) Province (1912) Y#456 Good Fine, Republic Year 3 (1914) Y#329 NVF, Republic undated (1927) Memento with Rosettes in legend, edge milling in relief, Y#318a.2, VF with some stains, Republic Year 22 (1933) Y#345 About Fine

Auction 146
World Bulk Lots - (Soviet Republic) 500 Cash 1934 Y#512.1, Fine with a semi-circular edge chip or clip, 1926 Y#464 (8) VG to Good Fine, China Cash coinage (44) a varied group, in mixed grades to Fine, China Provincial issues (11) in mixed grades to NVF, plus an additional group (16) includes some minors, in mixed grades to VF

Auction 146
World Bulk Lots (167) includes a few reproductions, 10 and 20 Cash (27), copies (3), 50 Cash Province, this struck in , in mixed grades

Auction 145
World Bulk Lots (4)19th & 20th Cent. including . 50 1851 Boo-Cn, province 20 cash (1851-61),   province 1912, 1851-61) average Fine

Auction 144
World Bulk Lots Province 1912 Y#456.1 NVF, China Province Dollar 1949 Pointed base 1 Y#46.2 NVF, (2) Dollar 1914 Year 3 Y#329 GVF, Dollar Year 23 (1934) Y#345 GEF, (3) 1994 Verdi KM#657 nFDC, 1998 Dr.Norman Bethune Silver Proof KM#1157 FDC, 2006 KM#1685 Scalloped edge Silver Proof FDC, 3 s 1992 Y#349 Silver Proof FDC plus Russia s (2) 1730 and 1762 Lustrous UNC

Auction 144
World Bulk Lots Republic s (3) 1934 (Year 23) Y345 GVF, 1927 () Y#318a.1 Good Fine, 1914 (Year 3) Y#329 Good Fine, China Province Dollar 1912 (Year 1) Y#456 NVF, weighing 23.02 grammes, viewing recommended

Auction 143
World Bulk Lots Cash - Mother of seed coin for 10 cash, plus another , Ho-Nan, China - Province 1926 Year 15 (15) includes one milled edge type Good Fine to NEF
£50 London Coins : A143 : Lot 1210 : China Cash - Mother of seed coin for 10 cash, plus another 10 Cash, Ho-Nan, China - Szechuan Provinc... London Coins : A143 : Lot 1210 : China Cash - Mother of seed coin for 10 cash, plus another 10 Cash, Ho-Nan, China - Szechuan Provinc...

Auction 126
World Bulk Lots (62) Province (2) 100 C#24-7 1851-61, C#24-5 undated 1851-61, China Hsieng-Feng general cast coinage (43) 10 Cash undated 1851-61 C#1-6.1 (3), 50 Cash undated 1851-61 C#1-7 (4), 50 Cash undated C#1-7.1 (6), 50 Cash undated 1851-61 C#1-7.2 with dot and crescent, issued by Ch'ing-hui (2), 100 Cash undated 1851-61 C#1-8 (2), 10 Cash (9) Kuang-hsu undated 1875-1908 a mixture of sizes, 10 Cash T'ung-chih undated 1862-74 C#1-15 (17), plus 15 unattributed pieces possibly token issues largely 30mm or smaller, of which some uniface with some appearing to be struck in

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