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Vienna : Medals

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 163
Medals Medallic Show Thaler - 1683 of 45mm diameter in silver, commemorating the of Vienna from Turkish , the defeat of the Turks and the relief of Vienna by Jahann III Sobieki of . Obverse: An double eagle brandishing a sword and sceptre atop a globe showing a map of Vienna. The sun rises above while crescent moon sinks below. Rev: The reverse has an 18 line legend describing how the Polish King II Sobieski, with 20,000 troops, relieved the Turkish siege of Vienna in 1683 and drove them back to the Raab, and thereby freed . By leading the decisive Polish cavalry charge himself, Sobieski was acclaimed the hero of Christendom. UNC or near so and attractively toned, Cataloguers note: On researching this piece other examples were noted showing minor varieties in parts of the design, including the number of points around the sun and the date being shown as 1683 rather than MDCLXXXIII as shown here. We were able to find only three other examples all showing these minor differences, one being sold for $1600 hammer price in an internet auction.

Auction 153
Medals ic and related in bronze (10) comprising Napoleons first 1796 40mm diameter, by Gayard, 1798 Conquest of 41mm diameter by Brenet, Peace of 1801 40mm diameter by Bucher, 1804 in 40mm by Andreu/Jeuffroy, captured 1805 42mm diameter by L.Manfredini, Supremacy as Emperor 1806 40mm by , of Salamanca by Brenet for Mudie, Louis XIV Entry into Paris 1814 40mm diameter by Andrieu/Brenet, Napoleon Return from Elba 1815 40mm diameter by Brenet, Napoleon 1821 40mm diameter by Brenet, GVF to GEF an interesting group, with the attribution tickets and purchase prices

Auction 149
Medals International Philatelic Exhibition 1936 Rider on galloping horse, aded to Fred Schulze, reverse inscribed GIBRALTAR AND MALTA (COMBINED) silvered with gold horse and rider EF, International Philatelic Exhibition 1933 (2) 89mm x 69mm in bronze EF boxed, to Fred Schulze, , and 42mm x 38mm in silver, and , GEF boxed, International Philatelic Exhibition Basle 1948 40mm x 40mm silvered EF boxed, inscribed MALTA awarded to Fred Schulze Birmingham, all except the first in original cases, along with Birmingham Philatelic Society (2) the 'La Trobe' medal 1942-1943 Mafeking, in silver awarded to Fred Schulze, EF boxed, Birmingham Philatelic Society 1936 in base metal UNC boxed

Auction 148
Medals Franz Josef I medal 1888 by Schtz, , 63mm diameter, EF in case, Montague Rendell medal by F.B. and R.G. bronze 63mm diameter in case EF

Auction 139
Medals House of Habsburg 1685 of by Lazarus Gottlieb Lauffer 40mm diameter in silver EF
£200 London Coins : A139 : Lot 1456 : Turkey House of Habsburg 1685 Siege of Vienna by Lazarus Gottlieb Lauffer 40mm diameter in silver EF London Coins : A139 : Lot 1456 : Turkey House of Habsburg 1685 Siege of Vienna by Lazarus Gottlieb Lauffer 40mm diameter in silver EF

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