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Wales Anglesey 18th Century Halfpennies : Tokens

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 160
Tokens - (5) 1788 DH312, NVF, 1789 24 Acorns DH374 VF/NVF, 1791 date in legend DH406a About VF, 1793 Druid/Shield, Irish Mine Company DH428 NVF, 1791 Paris Miners, 24 Acorns DH438b VF £95

Auction 160
Tokens - North Wales (5) 1793 29 Acorns, Plain edge DH1f, 1793 edge , Bedford and Huntingdon DH2, 1793 edge 'Current Every Where' DH1d (2), 1793 Harp reverse, edge 'Payable at or ' DH6 VF to NEF

Auction 160
Tokens - North Wales (5) 1793 29 Acorns, , & edge, DH1b, 1793 London, Bristol & Lancaster edge DH4a, 1793 Cross above 9, DH7, 1793 24 Acorns, 'Payable at London or ' edge DH10, 1794 Bust/Harp DH12 NVF to VF

Auction 160
Tokens - North Wales (6) 1793 29 Acorns, , & edge, DH1b, 1793 London, Bristol & Lancaster edge DH4a, 1793 'London or ' edge DH10, 1793 Payable at London or Anglesey' edge DH6, 1793 3 Acorns at tie, 'Payable at London or Anglesey' edge DH8, 1793 Cross above 9, 'Payable at Bedworth, Hinkley or Nuneaton' edge, Rare, Fine to NVF

Auction 146
Tokens (18) all different in mixed grades VG to GVF, 1788 Fine, Pennies 1812 , 1812 and South Fine, 1844 Fine, Victorian Newcastle Arnott, Cannock and Co. Drapers, Fine, Victoria 1897 Four Generations of the British Royal Family EF plus Token 1790 VG

Auction 146
Tokens , Gloucester 1797 St. Mary de Lode NEF, 18th Century (3) 1791 Sir Bevois EF, George Prince of NVF, 1788 Anglesey Mines NEF

Auction 138
Tokens (9), s 18th Century (2), most of Welsh origin mainly North , Souith Walesm, and , 1787 Anglesey, Penny 1813 Flint Lead Works, Flint 1811 in mixed grades VG-VF, along with Book Mountain' by John Rowlands relating to the Welsh Copper used to make the tokens

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