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War Prize Medal Royal : Medals

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 159
Medals Prize Medals in silver (2) , and North Agricultural Society, aded to Moore, Murton & Varley, for Improvements in bearings of Wringer Washing Machines, Exhibited at Manchester 1887, by Elkington and Co. EF boxed, Royal Standard Benefit Society 1828 Presented to Jas Cox 'As a Token of Respect For His s to the Society' EF with suspension loop and blue ribbon, EF boxed

Auction 156
Medals Athaehium Institution Medal in silver oval 40mm x 62mm in silver aded to William Dougall School of Art Session 1894-1895 NEF, Prize medal Caledonian Curling Club Instituted 25 July 1838 40mm diameter in silver EF uninscribed mounted with ribbon and pin

Auction 155
Medals 1897 the Official issue 56mm diameter in bronze UNC in contemporary box (not Royal Mint). 1902 56mm diameter in bronze the official Royal Mint issue A./UNC in the Royal Mint box. George V 1935 The official Royal Mint issue 31mm diameter in silver UNC toned, in the red box of issue. Coronation 1937 The official Royal Mint issue 31mm diameter in silver UNC toned in the red box of issue. Queen Victoria Golden Jubilee 1887 by W.O.Lewis, Reverse: Britannia standing on a seashore, with trident, shield and anchor, behind to her right a plinth with Crown, sceptre and drapery, in the distance, a ship and lighthouse, 46mm diameter in bronze UNC boxed. Sandy Horticultural Medal 1931 Reverse Sandy Place in silver boxed UNC, as part of a mixed group (16) includes many prize medals, EF to UNC boxed, and a Crown 1889 VF in a silver brooch mount, this boxed, along with an album of (88) mostly modern tokens with some wooden nickels, in mixed grades

Auction 155
Medals Medals (9) Internation Exhibition Prize Medal 1862 77mm diameter in bronze Eimer 1553 to A.N.Sherson GVF, Queen 1897 77mm diameter by the Corporation of Eimer 1816 EF, Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee 1897 the Official issue 56mm diameter in bronze (2) EF and GEF both boxed, of 1902 the official Royal Mint issue 56mm diameter EF boxed, The Whitworth Memorial Medal 1968 Obverses bust left, reverse Whitworth Scholarships Founded 1968 A/UNC boxed, King (3) 32mm diameter in silver the official Royal Mint issues EF to GEF boxed

Auction 154
Medals Prize Medal Caledonian Curling Club, Instituted 1838, District Medal 41mm diameter in silver, aded to D.Henderson, D.Hannah, J.Gibson Jr. and J.Gibson, VF mounted with ribbon and clasp, in a contemporary box £120

Auction 144
Medals 19th and 20th century (33) a mixed group includes some useful issues, such as 1902 bronze 56mm diameter, the official issue UNC in box , 1911 bronze Coronation 56mm diameter, the official Royal Mint issue UNC in box, The Angus Club awarded by Janet S.Macduff in English, silver boxed, The Whitworth Memorial Medal Awarded to Jo McMahon 1998 UNC boxed, Institute of Architects awarded to Fred W.C.Gregory for measured drawings of Bolsover Castle 1902 UNC boxed, National Success Medal55mm diameter in silver, awarded by the Science and Art Department to Arthur White for Stage 19B 1886, UNC boxed, City and Guilds Prize medal for Technical Examination 51mm diameter in silver awarded to Thos.Percy Longworth for for Cotton Spinning 1st Prize 1903 GEF in box
£600 London Coins : A144 : Lot 950 : 19th and 20th century (33) a mixed group includes some useful issues, such as 1902 bronze Edward VII... London Coins : A144 : Lot 950 : 19th and 20th century (33) a mixed group includes some useful issues, such as 1902 bronze Edward VII...

Auction 144
Medals 1897 56mm diameter in Bronze the Official issue UNC boxed, of 1902 31mm diameter in silver the official Royal Mint issue UNC toned, Investiture 1969 40mm diameter in silver (3) each consecutively numbered on the edge, Henry Bouley, Veterinarian, President of the Science Academy 1884-1885 66mm diameter in bronze VF, prize medals 19th and 20th Century (9) mostly in bronze or white metal, in mixed grades

Auction 139
Medals Music & Academic Prize medals (5): Handel Festival 1859 (Miss A Madot, performer), bronze (Eimer 1527), medal to Ernest Fowles, Harmony 1884, in case. Royal Polytechnic Society 1833, bronze to Anna Maria Fox (Eimer 1272), University winning Company medal, bronze 1904, bronze. Public Schools Sports ad, silver oval rev engraved "1912 hurdles senior won by S.C. Alexander". EF (5).

Auction 138
Medals , Dublin 1865, bronze medal aded to Thomas Brunker "For s", 75mm, GVF. The Dublin Society silver medal awarded to "1st Prize single harness, class 43,won by Mrs McWalters for "Frith Manor Charity Horse Show 1909" Edge bruising otherwise VF. (2).

Auction 136
Medals 1897 in silver 26mm diameter the official issue NEF with an edge nick, 1902 the official Royal Mint issue in silver Toned UNC, 1935 the official Royal Mint issue in silver GEF, Prize Medals (2) Wallasey Amateur Photographic Society awarded to E.W.Clarke Slides 1924 38mm diameter in silver A/UNC with an edge bump, boxed, Rifle and Pistol Association 51mm diameter in silver UNC boxed, total silver weight over 4 ounces

Auction 126
Medals Prize Medals (3) 1910 56mm in Bronze UNC boxed, (2) 41mm in Bronze 1888 UNC, 41mm in Silver 1889 both aded to Robert Crawford boxed UNC with suspension loops at top

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