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Webb : Medals

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 161
Medals 19th and 20th Century in bronze (9) Duke of - Chancellor of University 1834 Eimer 1273 by T. VF, Earl of Eldon, Lord Chancellor 1827 Eimer 1197 by C.Voigt, NEF, Lord s Flagship 'The Fourdroyant' 1897 37mm diameter, struck from copper of the vessel after breaking up, GVF, St. George's Hall Opening 1854 44mm diameter by J.Mayer/Allen & Moore, A/UNC, and Queen Alexandra Visit to 1907 - The Queen Alexandra Dock (2) VF cleaned and EF, Queen 1887 39mm diameter by Heaton GEF, Queen Victoria 39mm diameter, by the Heaton Mint EF holed, Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria 1897 56mm in bronze the original issue Eimer 1817 VF with some heavier edge knocks

Auction 153
Medals created an Earl 1812 Parliamentary Tribute 54mm diameter in bronze, Eimer 1029 by T. Obverse Bust left ART COMES DE WELLINGTON Reverse VOTA PVBLICA within a wreath GEF

Auction 153
Medals Delivered 1801 41mm diameter in bronze by for Mudie Eimer 934 Obverse Bust three-quarters left uniformed . MAJOR GEN. LORD HUTCHINSON Reverse: Exchanging a treaty, Hutchinson stands facing the Bey of Egypt, who hold the reins of a rearing horse, a pyramid beyond. UNC toned with minor contact marks
£60 London Coins : A153 : Lot 2060 : Egypt Delivered 1801 41mm diameter in bronze  by Webb for Mudie Eimer 934 Obverse Bust three-quarter... London Coins : A153 : Lot 2060 : Egypt Delivered 1801 41mm diameter in bronze  by Webb for Mudie Eimer 934 Obverse Bust three-quarter...

Auction 149
Medals Foundation of The Catch Club 1762, by T., 44mm., "Lets drink and lets sing together". (BHM 83). EF and very rare. George Cook 1805 (actor) by T., bronze, 54mm. Slight die flaw at right edge otherwise GVF. (2).

Auction 148
Medals of Charles James Fox 1806, by T., bronze, Death of William Pitt 1806 by Webb, bronze, obverses of first two discoloured, and n Exhibition 1886, by L.C., bronze. GVF. Together with a Tournament medal and an H.M.S. Royal Sovereign medal, both silver. (5).

Auction 145
Medals The Shire Horse Society Medal 1934 44mm diameter in silver, with matt finish, suspension mount attached at the top as issued by Mappin& of for 'Premium Pair of Heavy Horses, Salford Hospital Parade' UNC in the red box of issue

Auction 143
Medals Visit of of 1814 54mm diameter in White Metal by T.. Eimer 1052 Obverse Bust right ALEXANDER IMP ROSSICI AVTOCRATOR Reverse ORBIS TE LAVDAT FACATVS MDCCCXIV in five lines within a wreath EF with some light scratches

Auction 141
Medals Agricultural Society Celebrations by Mappin & , silver (hallmarked), 51mm., obv. title, rev. view of castle, rim engraved "Miss V.Walton First Prize Goats". 54.1 gms. EF. In case of issue.

Auction 139
Medals The Highland and Agricultural Society of silver prize medal, reverse engraved "Robert Chrystal Irving, S Lodge for Percheron Gelding "Shenley Atom" Dumfries Show 1930". Together with a Horse Show Society silver medal by Mappin & . GVF. (2).

Auction 139
Medals Betrothal of 1814, by T., bronze, 54mm. (Eimer 1041) AEF

Auction 134
Medals of Charles Fox 1806 54mm diameter in copper by T. Eimer 979 Obverse Bust right, draped, C.I.FOX OB. SEP. XIII MDCCCVI . Reverse standing facing, upon a globe marked with Britain. LIBERTATIS. HVMANITATISQVE VINDEX.NEF with a few surface nicks

Auction 131
Medals Golf: Nice Golf Club, silver by Mappin & h/m 1922. Golf Union, silver, rev. engraved "Club Championship 1927 Littlestone E.D.Gregory". Artisan Golfers Association Annual Club Competition1959 won by H.C.Morris, silver/silver . International Match, silver 1961-85, silvered metal. First polished otherwise GVF (4)

Auction 129
Medals 19th Century Larger (over 50mm) White Metal issues (4) 1831 by T.W., 1806 of William Pitt by , 1824 Sir Walter Scott by W., 1806 Death of Charles Fox by EF or better

Auction 128
Medals Medal 1727, by J Croker, silver, 34mm. AVF. of The Duke of 1827 by T., WM, VF. 1897, silver. Together with Medals (4) bronze, in case and two other foreign bronze medals. Generally GVF unless stated otherwise

Auction 127
Medals of 1817 by /Mills, silver, rev. seated Britannia (Eimer 1097), rare, AEF, slight surface scratches, another by Kempson (BHM 944). Visit of Queen Charlotte to 1817, by P.Kempson, bronze & scarce
£160 London Coins : A127 : Lot 582 : Death of Princess Charlotte 1817 by Webb/Mills, silver, rev. seated Britannia (Eimer 1097)&#... London Coins : A127 : Lot 582 : Death of Princess Charlotte 1817 by Webb/Mills, silver, rev. seated Britannia (Eimer 1097)&#...

Auction 127
Medals of Charles James Fox 1806 by T., bronze, University of Chemistry Prize Medal 1859, bronze, Prince Albert, Chancellor of University 1847, rev. Senate House interior, Cathedral 1887, bronze. EF

Auction 123
Medals The Confectioners, Bakers and Allied Trades Exhibition, by Mappin and Ltd. and London in 9 carat Gold weighing 37.1 grammes, Obverse female figure standing, Reverse BREWSTERS Ltd. Londonderry 1938 in centre UNC and boxed, with an edge knock at 11 o.clock

Auction 123
Medals of 1817, by T , bronze, 54mm dia., obv. Bust almost facing, rev Britannia seated mournfully. (Eimer 1097). GVF. Together with three other bronze medals

Auction 122
Medals 1914-18 Group to A.B. R.N., 1914-15 Star (J11369 A.F.Webb, A.B. R.N.), war & Medals (A.B. R.N.), Naval L.S.&.G.C., G.V.R. (A.F.Webb L.S. H.M.S. Marlborough) polished, mounted as worn. 1939-45 Star & Medal. (6)

Auction 104
Medals Leiut. General Lynedoch capture of San Sebastian Aug. 31st 1813 by , gladiator, ship and flaming city reverse, right facing bust obverse EF 39mm c

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