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Wedding : Medals

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 159
Medals Queen and Silver 1972 Eimer 2125, 51mm diameter in silver by D.Cornell, Obverse: Conjoined busts left, SILVER WEDDING ANNIVERSARY OF THE QUEEN AND THE DUKE OF EDINBURGH 1947-1972, Reverse: Two Shields and Crests each within the Garter, Crowned Cypher of the Queen , above, that of Prince Philip, below, UNC with matt finish

Auction 159
Medals The of and Lady Diana Spencer 1981 4 grammes of 9 carat gold UNC in a slide case, lustrous UNC

Auction 158
Medals Octagonal Silver medal Association de Prevoyance du Notariat de France 1870 EF as part of a diverse group of Tokens and medals 18th to 21st Century in base metal in mixed grades, some later pieces EF, along with Britain's First Coin sets 1968/1971 (15) UNC in the blue wallets of issue, First and Last £sd/Decimal set Halfcrown to Halfpenny 1967 (6 coins) and Decimals Ten Pence to Half Penny 1968/71 A/UNC to UNC in the maroon case, sets 1966 the three coin sets Crown, Threepence and Penny UNC in slide cases (4), Crowns (57) 1972 Silver (4), 1977 (53) A/UNC to Lustrous UNC

Auction 157
Medals - Regent of the United Kingdom 1811 Eimer 1015 GEF in white metal, in the folding box of issue, medal 1937 57mm diameter in silver, Matt Finish UNC, The H.King medal Seedsmen by Warrant to the King (2) White metal and , UNC boxed, of 1972 UNC in silver by John Pinches, boxed, Silver of Queen and 1972 in Silver Matt finished, by John Pinches, UNC boxed with certificate, along with Tokens and Medals (6) a small and mixed group, and Farthing 1875H these in mixed grades

Auction 157
Medals Medals 19th and 20th Century (36) includes , and types, base metal issues, in mixed grades to UNC

Auction 156
Medals Agricultural/ medal 1802, silver, 37mm, obv. Au CultivateurLaborieux, in exergue Floreal 1802 AN X, rev. Commune Perennitatis Votum, in exergue Secundae Delphini Nuptiae M DCC XLVII. Pierced AVF.
£65 London Coins : A156 : Lot 1001 : France Agricultural/Wedding medal 1802, silver, 37mm, obv. Au CultivateurLaborieux, in exergue Flore... London Coins : A156 : Lot 1001 : France Agricultural/Wedding medal 1802, silver, 37mm, obv. Au CultivateurLaborieux, in exergue Flore...

Auction 155
Medals Medals (2) - of Albert, Duke of and Luneberg, to Antonia Aa 1712 in silver, GVF, with mount removed from the top, 1765 Arrival of the Family in Innsbruck to celebrate the of Archduke Leopold, signed A.Wideman, cast, Obverse Four busts conjoined of Francis I, Maria Theresa, Joseph II and Maria Josepa, Reverse a triumphal arch built in front of the city and decorated with s with the Emperor and Empress' portraits surmounted by the Imperial Eagle between the statues of Religion and Justice NEF

Auction 155
Medals Golden Medal 1912 51mm diameter in silver 'Der senat der freien und hansestadt ' 'Zur Goldenen Hochzeit' EF in blue box with 'Herrn Ulrich Pjillip Moller J.U.D. und Frau Anna Margaretha geb.Dencker 14 Mai 1862 and 1912 in gold lettering in the lid

Auction 153
Medals Conquest of Everest 1978 in 9 carat gold by Museum Galleries along with Medals in silver nvestiture Caernarvon 1969 4 piece set, 6 wives BBC Series, Pinches 7 piece set YH to featuring important royal events such as s and of , Battle of 1944, The New College Sundial Medal by Spink, Assay Office Specimens by Mayfair Coin Company, 1981 St Paul's Cathedral issue, Battle of Hastings 1066 - 1966 (2), by The , 1977, UN Peace 1971 and 1972, and 15 most Unc - BU and cased as issued

Auction 152
Medals Charles (14), silver medals issued to commemorate Caernarvon Investiture 1969 and 1981. Some Strikings. Total weight 335gms. Generally EF.

Auction 152
Medals of Queen 1977, 9 carat gold medal, of and Lady Diana Spencer 1981 9 carat gold medal both UNC in the plastic cases of issue

Auction 152
Medals Charles (26) medals issued to commemorate Caernarvon Investiture 1969 and 1981, cupro-nickel and brass. Generally EF.

Auction 151
Medals Huth, J. Frederick, 50th medal 1856, by , 45mm., AEF. Frederick Huth (1774–1864), a merchant and merchant banker born in .

Auction 150
Medals 1840, Princess and Prince Albert (6), white metal. Some pierced, AVF or better (6)

Auction 145
Medals Assorted silver medals (10) including Sir by Pinches, Sir Winston , 1990 (2), 1977 (2), 25th of 1978, , 1986. Together with a Maundy Money set 1936. In cases of issue EF.

Auction 143
Medals 1897 56mm diameter in silver the official issue NEF with an edge nick, Victoria Diamond Jubilee 1897 56mm diameter in bronze the official Royal Mint issue NEF, The 12 Apostles 50mm diameter in cupro-nickel with gold plated highlighting UNC, 100 Forint 1982 World Cup UNC, 100th 70mm diameter in silver plated copper with gold highlighting UNC, of and Miss Sarah Ferguson 1986 57mm diameter in bronze UNC, of 1935 56mm diameter matt finish the official Royal Mint issue UNC, Art Treasures Exhibition 1857 63mm diameter in white metal by Pinches Obverse Exhibition building opened by Prince Albert, Reverse the 3 Muses A/UNC, Diamond Jubilee of Queen 70mm diameter with coloured portrait of the Queen in robes on the obverse, Crown 1851 in Copper Obverse Head, Reverse Advance Australia Lustrous UNC, Diamond Jubilee 2012 Numis by in gold plated cupro-nickel the obverse with coloured picture of the Queen, Prize Medal and District Sunday Football League in copper, also a large 89mm medal in the style of a modern reproduction in brass (?) in mixed grades many EF-UNC in a Westminster box

Auction 140
Medals Silver Medallic Issues Opening of Bridge 1973 50mm, JF Kennedy 37mm, Edd Duke of 1972 37mm these three toned Unc and cased, Edward Heath 1973 EEC 37mm in Franklin Mint's perspex holder, First Day Cover and Mark Philips 38mm, UN 4 coin cover set in blue book with 4 x silver crown sixed medals

Auction 135
Medals A group of recent issues in silver (8) comprising The 2009 Royal Mint Silver Medal 155.517 grammes of .925 Silver, The 2010 Royal Mint Silver Medal 155.517 grammes of .925 silver, 2005 Charles and Camilla 2oz silver 62.2 grammes of .999 silver, 2005 The Red Arrows 40 Years of Excellence 63.1 grammes of .925 silver, 2009 50th of the first Mini 28.28 grammes of .925 silver, Welsh Assembly Government 2009 28.28 grammes of .925 silver, Queen 80th Birthday 2006 51.8 grammes of .925 silver, II 80th Birthday 2006 in nickel-brass with a hologram of the Queen on the obverse, all boxed FDC as issued all bar one with certificates

Auction 127
Medals of Queen 1977 57mm diameter in Silver UNC boxed with certificate, of Princess and Captain Mark Phillips 1972 (2) Silver like UNC in slide cases, Silver Jubilee Elizabeth II 1977 46mm in bronze the official issue UNC boxed, Investiture of the 1969 (4) comprising Silver Proof FDC in a labelled holder by Britannia Society Ltd, Welsh Dragon Reverse, the official Royal Mint issue EF cleaned, boxed, and Royal Arms reverse Proof like UNC, Obverse Large bust Left, Reverse Royal Arms and supporters in base metal 51mm UNC, of 44mm in bronze Reverse Britannia standing holding Crown aloft boxed UNC, Coronation of 44mm in bronze Reverse Britannia standing holding Crown aloft boxed UNC, plus 5 modern issues in base metal UNC in slide cases

Auction 127
Medals The Medal 1986 HRH and Miss Sarah Ferguson in Silver -like UNC boxed as issued with certificate, 1988 400th of the 63mm diameter in .925 Silver UNC boxed as issued with certificate

Auction 126
Medals Golden 1997 a 12 piece set all Florin-sized and in Silver each depicting key events in the boxed FDC as issued with booklet of certificates

Auction 123
Medals Queen and 1972 Silver 51mm diameter in Silver Obverse conjoined busts, Reverse Abbey Lustrous UNC, as part of a group (19) many commemorating s, s or Births, a few in Silver in mixed grades VF-UNC

Auction 122
Medals Diamond of Queen and 60-Diamond Pave set into 5 ounces of .999 Silver FDC cased with certificate, issue limited to 1947 pieces

Auction 121
Medals Medals (6) Medal 1902 Reverse Grand Hotel Square 38mm diameter in base metal A/UNC boxed. Coronation 1838 64mm diameter in base metal H.M.G MAJESTY VICTORIA Born May 24th 1819, Ascended the Throne June 20th 1837 with crowned June 28th 1838 inside within exergue VF. Victoria 1887 THE STATIONARY TRADES COMMEMORATIVE MEDAL 45mm diameter in white metal, boxed. Victoria 1897 an unofficial issue 35x40mm with small oval portrait of the Queen in the centre flanked by 1837 1897 IVR monogram and 'VICTORIA THE GOOD' below VF. 1937 and Elizabeth Coronation an unofficial issue in base metal NEF boxed. Prince and Princess of 1888 Silver a miniature in bronze 13mm THE FUTURE KING AND QUEEN OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND 1888 EF

Auction 120
Medals & ty medals including George 1 Coronation 1714 by Croker, silver, (Eimer 467), Peace between & 1814, white metal, Silver 1863 (1.2cm), Coronation 1902, metal (BHM 3836), other Coronation Medals worn with ribbons

Auction 120
Medals Medallic items (approx. 7 Kilos) mostly relating to the 1977 or the 1981 Charles and Diana base metal many in slide cases GEF-UNC

Auction 116
Medals Golden 1997 a 12 piece set all Florin-sized and in Silver each depicting key events in the boxed FDC as issued with booklet of

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