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World 250 : World Banknotes

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 167
World Banknotes World mostly mid 1900's to modern (669) a in album pages in various grades VG to about UNC - UNC including a wide selection of issuers in different denominations some of which very high along with some World War 2 Allied Occupation and ese Occupation Currency. Includes a rare Pick 35 with serial number Z/1 140626. scarce QE2 portrait issues such as the 1 Pick 26a from 1949 series A/2 205923 and the 10 s Pick 28a from 1967. 10 Pick 36 from 1944. 250 Mils Pick 41c dated 1st September 1979. QE2 portrait 10 Shillings Pick 51Bd from 1964 signed R.T.P. Hall titled Governor. 1964 QE2 portrait issues. 1979 issue 1 and . 25 Pick11b and 10 Dalasis Pick 6c. Different and interesting issues from , and the . Also some of the 1979 'fauna and flora' issues. An interesting and vast collection

Auction 167
World Banknotes World (72) a vast in mixed grades Fine to UNC mostly 1900's issues includes Andover Old Bank 1 Pound For Joseph Wakeford, William Wakeford and Robert Wakeford dated 21st May 1825 number 10783 entered R.W. and signed Wm. Wakeford (Outing 36f) amongst other scarcities as Ireland Republic 1 Pound Pick 64d, Ireland Limited 1 Pound from 1978, 1 Pound Pick 65a, 1 Pound from 1982. Countries of issue include a variety such as 1940's issues, England , including a Commemorative 50th Anniversary of the Liberation, , , , , , , , and which includes a few commemorative notes as the EU Summit 1992. Also includes Contemporary Advertising $1.000.000, Disney 1 Mickey Mouse series 1990 number D00119226A and a limited-edition copies of the famous £1.000.000 note featured in the 1954 movie "The Million Pound Note" - serial numbers 0201/2500 and 0529/2500. Along with a collection of various denominations 5 New Pence to and most with matching First/Last serial numbers 758 and including examples from 2nd through the last 6th Series (37) all about UNC - UNC and the matching set comes with a Coincraft Certificate of Authenticity bearing the signature of Director and Notaphily Expert Claire Lobel. An attractive group featuring the various beautiful designs

Auction 166
World Banknotes World (86) a mostly very high grade about UNC - UNC comprising England issues (16) including 10 s Lion & Key B299 prefix A14. QE2 portrait & seated Britannia 10 s (3) B309 FIRST series prefix 68R along with B310 (2) including a LAST series prefix D09N along with C79N. 1 Pounds QE2 pictorial & Sir Isaac B339 (2) a constively numbered pair 54E 260054 & 54E 260055. B354 prefix HN53. George son 1993 issue B364 prefix DB03. (5) including 5 Pounds Elizabeth Fry B393 prefix JA01. 10 Pounds Charles B390 (2) a pair AJ68 333033 & AJ68 333034. Sir Edward Elgar B386 (2) prefixes AA21 & AA66. (2) including 5 pounds Elizabeth Fry B398 prefix JE75. 10 Pounds Charles Darwin B400 prefix EA56. 5 Pounds Elizabeth Fry B407 prefix MB07. signature en denomination set ND 1990-2009 (5) comprising 1 Pound Pick 40b (IOMPM M534), 5 Pounds Pick 41b (IOMPM M535), 10 Pounds Pick 44a (IOMPM M537) and 20 Pounds Pick 45a (IOMPM M539). Bank of Ireland 1 Pound Pick 65 (PMI BA117). Ireland (3) including 1 Pound Pick 70d (PMI LTN80). 5 Pounds (2) Pick 71e">Pick 71e (PMI LTN81) and Pick 75b">Pick 75b (PMI LTN88). (4) including Bank of Scotland (2) 1 Pound Pick 111f (PMS BA113f) and 5 Pounds Pick 119c (PMS BA122c). The plc (2) 1 Pound Pick 351b (PMS RB90b) along with 5 Pounds Commemorative H.M. Queen Golden Jubilee Pick 362 (PMS RB98). (6) including 1 Dollar Pick 9. 1 Dollar Pick 18a. Pick 28. 2 Dollars Pick 46h. Polymer Pick 47d. Polymer Pick 48k. (19) including 5 s Pick 80c. 10 Dinars Pick 81. 2 (4) Pick 86 (3) and Pick 73. 50 Dinars (4) Pick 75 (2) and Pick 83 (2). 100 Dinars (4) Pick 87 (2) and Pick 84a1 (3). 250 Dinars (4) Pick 88 (2), Pick 85a and 85b. (9) including 1 Cruzeiro Pick 150b 2 Pick 151b. 5 Cruzeiros Pick 176a. 50 Cruzeiros on 50 Cruzados Novos Pick 223. 50 Cruzados Pick 210a. 200 Cruzeiros Pick 229. 1000 Cruzados Pick 213b. 1000 Cruzeiros Pick 231a. 10000 Cruzeiros Pick 233a. 50 Zlotych Pick 71 and Pick 75a. young II issues (2) including Pick 30c and Pick 31c. (4) including Pick 121a. (2) Pick 132b and Pick 138a. Pick 139a. (4) including 2 Kwacha Pick 24c. 20 Kwacha Pick 36a. 50 Kwacha Pick 37b. 100 Kwacha Pick 38a. (4) including Pick 31b. 200 Shillings Pick 32b. 500 Shillings Pick 33a. Pick 34a. (2) including 10 Shilingi Pick 6c. 20 Shillingi Pick 3a. (2) including 1 Dollar Pick 68Ad. 2 Dollars Pick 69e. (2) inclusive of Pick 31b and 2 Liri Pick 45b. (2) consisting of Pick 167b and 500 Escudos Pick 177.

Auction 166
World Banknotes World (28) & a mixed group of early and more modern issues in various grades VG - UNC comprising Iraq (17) 25 s Pick 74b (11), 2 Pick 73, 50 Dinars Pick 75, 100 Dinars Pick 84a (3), 250 Dinars Pick 85a. Iran (11) Pick 32Aa without stamp, 10 Rials Pick 33a with inked lettering, 10 Rials Pick 33Aa without stamp on reverse and with signs of tape removal, Pick 34A Arabic serial with stamp on reverse and inked lettering, 20 Rials Pick 100a, 50 Rials Pick 97 "2500th Anniversary of the n ", 100 Rials Pick 86b, 200 Rials Pick 81, 200 Rials Pick 92c, 5 Rials Pick 39 and 100 Rials Pick 50
£220 London Coins : A166 : Lot 485 : World (28) Iran & Iraq a mixed group of early and more modern issues in various grades VG - UNC ... London Coins : A166 : Lot 485 : World (28) Iran & Iraq a mixed group of early and more modern issues in various grades VG - UNC ...

Auction 166
World Banknotes of the States 2 s Pick 3a (BY JE4) World War II Occupation Period note issued in April 1942 ND with the prefix JN only and serial number 125059 signed H. F. Ereaut titled of Jersey. The note in blue on light brown and blue underprint featuring Jersey's Coat of Arms at upper left, a horse drawn cart and man siluthes in the underprint and the serial number in black with the prefix and signature embedded in the printing on obverse and the reverse depicting the same scene as the obverse but in blue. Thick Chain watermark. UNC with a very Minor lower right edge problem, perhaps from original cutting of the note and an Exceptionally Scarce, seldom offered in this high grade
£75 London Coins : A166 : Lot 332 : Jersey Treasury of the States 2 Shillings Pick 3a (BY JE4) World War II German Occupation Period not... London Coins : A166 : Lot 332 : Jersey Treasury of the States 2 Shillings Pick 3a (BY JE4) World War II German Occupation Period not...

Auction 166
World Banknotes Y.M.C.A. (Young Men's Christian Association) Herford & Bad Salzuflen canteen 1/6 Mark Token Voucher (Lothar-Weiß SU.9) for the English speaking Soldiers and Army in the area of Herford and Bad Salzuflen, after the end of World War II circa 1945 onwards. Printed in black on light red thin cardboard and uniface, featuring the Y.M.C.A. triangle logo at upper centre which was a well recognized and common sight during the war. Almost as soon as the war broke out Y.M.C.A. developed mobile canteens to bring refreshments to the troops. These second-hand vans painted camouflage green were first used in East London and by the end of 1940 there 500 vans in operation bringing refreshments to the troops, rescue workers and victims of bomb raids. At the retreat of , Y.M.C.A. red on the beaches until ordered to leave. The vans followed advancing and withdrawing armies not only serving mugs of tea but also selling cigarettes, chocolate, cake, hair cream, toothpaste and stationery. They also provided food and drink to those made homeless and hungry. They also had cinema vans and mobile libraries. The first YMCA mobile canteen landed on the Normandy beaches on 29th July 1944. Internationally, the World Alliance of YMCAs expanded its work with prisoners of war and refugees: more than 250 secretaries visited camps in 38 countries. The Y.M.C.A. was given ‘official establishment status’ – essentially given permission to operate with troops in all areas and particularly in front line positions which was very dangerous in these circumstances where the canteens became under attack and the men being wounded or captured. GVF - EF and very Scarce
£60 London Coins : A166 : Lot 511 : Y.M.C.A. (Young Men's Christian Association) Herford & Bad Salzuflen canteen 1/6 Mark Token...

Auction 165
World Banknotes World (24) comprising Oman (2) including 200 Baisa Pick 14 ND (1985) purple on multicolour and 1/2 Rial Pick 16 ND (1977) green and purple on multicolour. (4) including 100 Rials Pick 98 SH1350 2500th Anniversary of the n reverse featuring Health, Agriculture, Eion. 500 Rials Pick 103b 12-pointed stars in design on reverse and featuring Maidane Shahyad (later Shahyad Aryamer, today Banaye ) monument Ten, 1000 Rials Pick 138b Dome of the Rock Jerlem on reverse and 5000 Rials Pick 106b Golestan palace Teheran on reverse. South n Currency Authority 500 Fils Pick 2b ND (1965) serial number L840305. 1000 Afghanis Pick 53">Pick 53a">Pick 53a Blue Mosque, Mazar-e-Sharif on reverse. (6) including 1/2 Pick 53 serial number 4 D/1 056304, 1/4 Dinar Pick 47">Pick 47 serial number 3E/6522535, 1/2 Dinar Pick 48 serial number 3D/6242258 serial number 3D/6 242258, 1/4 Dinar Pick 57a serial number 012896, 1/2 Dinar Pick 34b serial number 1D/10383468 and Pick 60b Camels on obverse and Battle of Al-Hani monument on reverse. Yemen (5) consisting of 10 Buqshas Pick 4 ND (1966) brown Lion of Timna on obverse, 20 Buqshas Pick 5 ND (1966) green and Alabaster head on obverse, 10 Rials Pick 13a ND (1973), dark blue on multicolour with Bronze head of King Dhamer Ali on obverse, 10 Rials Pick 18b Thulla on obverse and Al-Bakiliayah mosque on reverse and Pick 19b Marble sculpture of god Dionysos on obverse and San'a on reverse. 5 s Pick 7a">Pick 7a market at right on obverse and Khor Fakkan on reverse. Pick 7 Arms at right on obverse and Doha on reverse. 50 Riyals Pick 24b Dome of the Rock () & King Abdulaziz Ibn Abd Fahd on obverse Al-Aqsha Mosque and Dome of the Rock Jerusalem on reverse. (2) including 100 s Pick 104c dated 1982 Hadrian's gate and row of columns in Palmyra & Queen Zenobia on obverse and Grain discharging facility Port of Lattakia on reverse along with 500 pounds Pick 105e dated 1990 Motifs from ruins of Kingdom of Ugarit on obverse and Gold bowl from temple of Baal in Ugarit on reverse. All about UNC - UNC
£400 London Coins : A165 : Lot 1282 : World (24) comprising Oman (2) including 200 Baisa Pick 14 ND (1985) purple on multicolour and 1/2 R... London Coins : A165 : Lot 1282 : World (24) comprising Oman (2) including 200 Baisa Pick 14 ND (1985) purple on multicolour and 1/2 R...

Auction 165
World Banknotes World (80) an interesting in an album mostly high grades a lot in UNC comprises s (5) all issued some of which include Glyn Mills & Co. (2) , Liverpool, Scottish Widows Fund, Westminster Bank Ltd. De la Rue test notes including Die test notes, Currency Test notes such as J Austen 100 series JA123456, IBNS Annual Congress (1988,1991,1994,1995 (2),1996), IBNS 40th Anniversary 2001 series FB 030000 , Euro 1998 small notes with Specimen in red 5 to 500 Euros, NGZ Set of test notes, Siemens Nixdorf notes and a , circa 1970-80, Pushkin portrait on face, an obverse uniface proof for a 10 (ruble) denomination (complete notes have the Queen of Spades on the reverse). Also a Disney Set comprising 1 Dollar Mickey Mouse series 1990 number A00678441A, Goofey in a purple toxedo series 1997 number D00041337A and Simba series 1997 number D00062973A. Bank of Boroda Travelers cheques some of which in the official folders of issue No.4, No.5 (2) & No.6 . Also a TC/82B 000000 set including 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500 and 5000 and a TC/83 FA 000000 set 100, 250, 500, 1000 Rupee. Along with regular issues and SPECIMEN notes from around the world including 60 Pick 93 Kings 60th Birthday Commemorative issue (2), an assortment of Russia & notes some of which include 5000 Rubles Pick S419 and 10000 Rubles Pick S425, 1 , Specimen 1 1968, n Republic 10 Peso Oro Specimen 2001, Quatar , 1000 Specimen 1934 perforated SPECIMEN at top and a Specimen Set 5, 10, 25 and Pick CS1 10th Nov 1978 all with the Maltese cross prefix in the serial and numbered 001837 comes with the original envelope of issue and certificate of authenticity

Auction 163
World Banknotes World (approx 250), including , , , ese Money plus Greek paranumismatic and bond issues, mixed grades

Auction 162
World Banknotes World assortment (250), various countries including , , , etc., in mixed grades

Auction 161
World Banknotes World (250) in mixed circulated grades, includes some currency items £100

Auction 161
World Banknotes World (250), sorted into 2 packs of 100 different notes and 1 pack of 50 different notes, the majority Uncirculated

Auction 156
World Banknotes World (2500) generally bundles in mint state of constive numbers 100 or more in each bundle with twenty different types , , and

Auction 156
World Banknotes World (around 250) in mixed circulated grades

Auction 152
World Banknotes World group (6) 1988 Pick10a, n Republic 1978 (part lot from PickCS3), e 10000 issued 1st January 2000 Pick153, 5 boliv 1966 Pick49, 2 Pick13 and Central n Republic 1000 francs 1984 Pick10, mostly UNC

Auction 150
World Banknotes World (estimated by weight to be 250) from circulation and including some larger and earlier types such as Indo

Auction 150
World Banknotes World a varied group from a multitude of countries, including earlier types such Governments (2), in mixed grades, generally from circulation but including Armed Forces 4th series (100) estimated by weight to be around 250 pieces

Auction 144
World Banknotes World (over 250) from circulation some with currency value

Auction 138
World Banknotes World (250+) mostly circulated includes 100 s 1964 Fine, a large selection of Italian mini assegni, some , average Fine or better

Auction 134
World Banknotes World a in an album (250) includes pre World War II (100) and (650), in mixed grades

Auction 132
World Banknotes World 2 Kilos will be about 2250 notes a varied selection in mixed circulated grades

Auction 129
World Banknotes World 2 Kilos will be about 2250 notes a varied selection in mixed circulated grades

Auction 125
World Banknotes World (540) includes , and , also includes 200 pre World War II and 250 in UNC

Auction 125
World Banknotes World estimated by weight to be (1,250) from circulation

Auction 122
World Banknotes World (approx.1250) estimated by weight in mixed circulated grades

Auction 122
World Banknotes World (approximately 250 estimated by weight) a mixed and varied group includes some in UNC

Auction 106
World Banknotes World and including and other earlier material, mixed grades (250)

Auction 103
World Banknotes World (estimated by weight to be about 2500 notes) a wide variety mostly circulated and containing some interesting n types

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