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York : Medals

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 166
Medals Medals a varied and interesting group (12) 1819-1915 comprising:- International Fisheries Exhibition 1883 45mm diameter in silver, Eimer 1694 NEF boxed. 1832 Reform Bill 49mm diameter in White Metal, EF holed at the top. of the 1852 51mm diameter in White Metal by Allen & Moore, EF. Cathedral 61mm diameter in White Metal by J.Davis of GEF. Sir Charles Cockerell 1819 Election Validated 53mm diameter in bronze by J.P.Suffield Eimer 1111 EF. h of Frittenden, , Restored 1848 42mm diameter by Davis of Birmingham GEF. The of Edd, to Princess Alexandra 1863, 52mm in white metal by Ottley of Birmingham, Lustrous EF. Death of 1837 41mm diameter by T.W. VF. Exhibition 1891 38mm diameter in White Metal. Whitenash Indus Exhibition 1865 St.Margaret's Day 40mm diameter by J.Moore of Birmingham VF with some scratches. Lusitania Sinking 1915 55mm diameter UNC, The Bell Medal 39mm diameter undate Presented by the Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs 39mm diameter in bronze GEF, all in a Lindner Tray

Auction 165
Medals The Union Fire Insurance Company of , merger with the Insurance Company of 1896, 38mm diameter, 26.45 grammes af 18 carat gold, Obverse: bust left, laureate, crowned and veiled, VICTORIA QUEEN AND EMPRESS, in the fields TO COMMEMORATE THE 60TH YEAR OF HER MAJESTY'S REIGN, Reverse: A shield with four clasped hands upon it flanked by the Union Jack and USA flags, the n eagle and arrows above, UNION OF LONDON 1714 AND VICTORIA OF NEW YORK 1836 by F., for Spink and Sons. A/UNC with light scratches on the edge where possibly once mounted, the surfaces showing no signs of mounting, Rare, we note a silver example was offered in the Professor Wayne Newman Palmer Collection in a USA auction. No recent auction transactions have been recorded for the gold medal. The present day descendent of these companies is Coml Union Assurance Company
£3,800 London Coins : A165 : Lot 1393 : USA The Union Fire Insurance Company of London, merger with the Victoria Insurance Company of New Yo... London Coins : A165 : Lot 1393 : USA The Union Fire Insurance Company of London, merger with the Victoria Insurance Company of New Yo...

Auction 165
Medals Medals a small group (5) Prince Albert Chancellor of University 1847, 58mm diameter in silver by G.G.Adams, Eimer 1417 Obverse: Bust left ALBERTUS PRINCEPS, Reverse: CELSISSIUM PRINCEPEM ALBERTUM CANCELLARIUM SUUM FAUSTO FELICIQUE OMINE INAUGURATUM LAETA CONSPICITACADEMIA CANTABRIGIENSIS JULII VI MDCCCXLVII EF and attractively toned. Richard Sainthill 1855 58mm diameter in bronze, by L.C., Obverse: Bust right RICHARD. SAINTHILL. OF. TOPSHAM. DEVONSHIRE. NUMISMATIST. BORN. JAN. 28 1787. Games 1908 Medal 51mm diameter in bronze Eimer 1904 by B.Mackennal Obverse: Fame standing upon a globe, facing, with head right, with trumpet and palm branch ELIS ATHENS PARIS ST.LOUIS LONDON IN COMMEMORATION OF THE GAMES HELD IN LONDON 1908, Reverse: a quadriga advancing left driven by two standing figures EF. Medal 1914-1918 awarded to Pte. J.H.West Light Infantry. Pte.West was killed in action on October 22, 1918, and is buried at (Hyde Park) Cemetery Panel. KX416. Lusitania Medal 1915 UNC with some surface corrosion, in the box of issue

Auction 161
Medals Assassination of Abraham 1865 a restrike 76mm diameter in light bronze by G.T.Morgan, Obverse: Bust right, Reverse Legend within wreath, 1898 Silver Convention Medal, National Association of Manufacturers, 26mm diameter VF, Brass Token 1860 'No Submission to the South' 21mm diameter VF, Silver Star Medal for Conspicuous No.2682 un-named, in mixed grades VF to EF

Auction 160
Medals Sir Winston 1874-1965 by Ralph J.Menconi 1965 70mm diameter in bronze, for The Medallic Art Company, , Obverse: Bust facing three-quarters left, in high relief, SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL with 1874/1965 in the field, Reverse: View of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, in the foreground; GB and coat of arms, UNC boxed

Auction 159
Medals and a group of three, India Medal 1896 with two clasps, Tirah 1897-1898 and Punjab Frontier 1897-1898, awarded to Pte.C.Philpott 3348 Light Infantry, Queen's Medal 1899 Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902, with 3 clasps, Witterbergen, Transvaal, and Cape Colony, awarded to Pte.C Philpott 3348, Yorks. Light Infantry, King's South Africa Medal 1902 with two clasps South Africa 1901 and South Africa 1902 awarded to 3348 Corpl.C.Philpott Yorks Light Infantry, each GVF

Auction 158
Medals 1851 74mm diameter in white metal Eimer 1461var. Obverse Bust left within a wreath HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS PRINCE ALBERT, Reverse: View of the Exhibition Building THE CRYSTAL PALACE FOR THE GRETA EXHIBITION OF AKLL NATIONS IN HYDE PARK LONDON OPENED BY H.M.G MAJESTY VICTORIA MAY 1ST 1851 Exergue: PROPOSED BY H.R.H.PRINCE ALBERT, DESIGNED BY JOSEPH PAXTON ESQ.F.L.S.ERECTED BY FOX,HENDERSON,& CO. -DIMENSIONS- LENGTH 1848 FEET. WIDTH 456 FEET, HEIGHT OF PRINCIPAL ROOF 66 FEET, HEIGHT OF TRANSEPT 108 FEET, GLAZED SURFACE 900,000 SUP FEETOCCUPIES 18ACRES OF GROUND, ESTIMATED VALUE £150,000 EF, Exhibition of the Industry of All Nations , 1853 74mm diameter in white metal, Obverse: View of Crystal Palace, Reverse Four allegorical female figures representing attributes of industry EF

Auction 158
Medals Edward VI King's Medal 48mm diameter in silver, Obverse: With the tomb of William of Wykeham within its chantry, B. WYON and ETIAM SEPULTI VIVIT FAMA WYKEHAMI; Reverse bare head of facing left, EDWARDVS VII REX ET IMPERATOR HONOREM PROPOINT edge: GUY SEELY LEACH.1904, Note: Guy Seely Leach was a headmaster at and served as a Captain in ( Light Infantry) and is referred to in the book 'Memories of an SOE Historian' by Michael Richard Daniell Foot, along with Edward VII and Queen Alexandra Visit to the City of 51mm diameter in bronze (2) EF and GEF, Prince Albert Edward (as ) and n Exhibition 1886 (2) 52mm diameter in bronze the first UNC in a Heaton box, the box in fair condition, the second GEF, to Princess Alexandra of 1863 in white metal Eimer 1564 UNC boxed (6 pieces in lot)

Auction 151
Medals of Duke of & Princess May 1893, issue, bronze, 38mm. EF. 1887, Farnborough Hants issue, bronze, 38mm., medal 1902, bronze, 38mm. EF. (3).

Auction 150
Medals Memorial Medal for Fran Carol hall, silver, 40mm., obv. bust left, rev. inscription within wreath "NATA XXI MAII MDCCCXII DENATA XVIII IVNII MCMI and below ANNO AETATIS NONAGESIMO, of Frederick Duke of 1827 40mm diameter in bronze Eimer 1189 var GEF, Queen Caroline Return to 1820 40mm diameter in bronze Eimer 1130 GEF
£75 London Coins : A150 : Lot 735 : Memorial Medal for Fran Carol Marshall, silver, 40mm., obv. bust left, rev. inscription within wreat... London Coins : A150 : Lot 735 : Memorial Medal for Fran Carol Marshall, silver, 40mm., obv. bust left, rev. inscription within wreat...

Auction 150
Medals Minster 1829 44mm white metal and 1862 King of obv copper 40mm both Unc or near so

Auction 149
Medals and World Medals (72) includes , Relief of Heusden 1787, silver 38mm., pierced GVF & Souvenir Penny from with view of Woolworth Building and other U.S. medals

Auction 149
Medals International Philatelic Exhibition 1936 Rider on galloping horse, aded to Fred Schulze, reverse inscribed GIBRALTAR AND MALTA (COMBINED) silvered with gold horse and rider EF, International Philatelic Exhibition 1933 (2) 89mm x 69mm in bronze EF boxed, to Fred Schulze, , and 42mm x 38mm in silver, and , GEF boxed, International Philatelic Exhibition Basle 1948 40mm x 40mm silvered EF boxed, inscribed MALTA awarded to Fred Schulze Birmingham, all except the first in original cases, along with Birmingham Philatelic Society (2) the 'La Trobe' medal 1942-1943 Mafeking, in silver awarded to Fred Schulze, EF boxed, Birmingham Philatelic Society 1936 in base metal UNC boxed

Auction 149
Medals Release of Fergus O'Connor 1841, (chartist leader) white metal, 43mm., rev. gateway to castle of (Eimer 1354). Good fine.
£35 London Coins : A149 : Lot 954 : Release of Fergus O'Connor 1841, (chartist leader) white metal, 43mm., rev. gateway to castle o... London Coins : A149 : Lot 954 : Release of Fergus O'Connor 1841, (chartist leader) white metal, 43mm., rev. gateway to castle o...

Auction 147
Medals Silver Medal 1909 Numismatic Society, Churchill almost full face, Reverse Rose, 33mm diameter by Lustrous UNC
£50 London Coins : A147 : Lot 1321 : Churchill Silver Medal 1909 Yorkshire Numismatic Society, Churchill almost full face, Reverse Rose, ... London Coins : A147 : Lot 1321 : Churchill Silver Medal 1909 Yorkshire Numismatic Society, Churchill almost full face, Reverse Rose, ...

Auction 143
Medals Medal Hand-inscribed 'BELL METAL & WOOD OF YORK MINSTER BURNT MAY 20 1840' uniface 35.5mm diameter, legend in capitals, Shield showing crowned crossed keys EF, unusual
£26 London Coins : A143 : Lot 734 : Medal Hand-inscribed 'BELL METAL & WOOD OF YORK MINSTER BURNT MAY 20 1840' uniface 35.... London Coins : A143 : Lot 734 : Medal Hand-inscribed 'BELL METAL & WOOD OF YORK MINSTER BURNT MAY 20 1840' uniface 35....

Auction 141
Medals 1897 (8) by Spink Obverse Bust left Crowned, laureate, veiled and draped, VICTORIA QUEEN AND EMPRESS in field TO COMMEMORATE THE 60TH YEAR OF HER MAJESTY'S REIGN Reverse 4 Cameo Portraits, facing of H.I.M.QUEE [N] VICTORIA/ H.R.H PRI[NCE] OF WALES/ H.R.H DUKE OF YORK/ H.R.H PRI[NCE] EDWARD In the centre JUBILATE BRITANNI on a scroll 38mm diameter in bronze Eimer 1820 and 7 reverse variants with a common obverse, Duke of , upon globe, Britons Rejoice, Dominion of , Cape Colony, , Four Longest Reigns A/UNC to UNC with matching tone

Auction 140
Medals 1914 group of four to 7666 Pte. H. Martin, 2/ & Lancs Regt, with Mons clasp, & Medals, Medal GVI issue to Henry Charles Martin with certificate of award dated 1948 upon retirement from the Post Office.

Auction 139
Medals A Medal in a group of four to Pte. Huggett, Light Infantry, Military Medal GVR issue (8001 Pte G E Huggett 2/Yorks L.I.), with MONS bar, & Medals, all officially named as issued. British War & Victory Medals (107041 2 Cpl. A W.Higgett R.E.). Together with a and War Medal pair in card box addressed to W.C. Esq.
£700 London Coins : A139 : Lot 1466 : A First World War Military Medal in a Mons Star group of four to Pte. Huggett, Yorkshire Light I...

Auction 139
Medals Assorted medals (11) subjects include of Belleisle 1759 bronze cast, Memorial 1820 w/m, Duke of Memorial 1827 w/m, Thames Tunnel opened 1843 w/m, 1858 w/m, together with six other medals AVF or better. (11).

Auction 139
Medals of The Duke of 1827, by Faulkner, bronze 40mm. Rev. standing soldier leaning against urn (BHM 1274 extremely rare. In case of issue. EF

Auction 139
Medals Exhibition 1960 a 2-piece set comprising Crown 1960 Polished Dies and Medal 39mm in diameter in bronze 1960 Eimer 2101 UNC, along with Medals 1924 (2) Eimer 1991 28mm in bronze EF, Nobel Industries Ltd Struck at the British Empire Exhibition with company logo below 36mm diameter in bronze EF

Auction 134
Medals Visit of King and Queen to 1911-12, silver, in 15ct gold glazed mount and chain, rim of mount engraved "H.M.S. Renown 1905-6 S. Bryant. Together with an attractive colour certificate to Bryant to commemorate the presentation of Medals by the Duke and Duchess of & in on 22nd June 1901.

Auction 131
Medals of the Duke and Duchess of 1893 Obverse Busts left, conjoined, the Duchess draped. T.R.H THE DUKE AND DUCHESS OF YORK. MDCCCXCIII Reverse the couple advancing in a triumphal car driven by Cupid and drawn by two horses, left approach an archway, inscribed FELICITAS GM, and are welcomed by Londinia, Exergue: JULY 6 1893 diameter 76mm by G.G.Adams Eimer 1780 UNC with a few small tone spots, issued by the Corporation of , in the original box of issue with lettering on the lid, the box in very good condition

Auction 128
Medals Medal 1727, by J Croker, silver, 34mm. AVF. of The Duke of 1827 by T., WM, VF. 1897, silver. Together with Medals (4) bronze, in case and two other foreign bronze medals. Generally GVF unless stated otherwise

Auction 128
Medals of the Duke and Duchess of 1893, by G.Adams, bronze 76mm. Issued by The Corporation of . No case. EF.

Auction 127
Medals Assorted Medals (6) including The English Numismatic Medal by W.Webster, , wm. Fry & Sons Bi Medal 1928, bronze. University of Prize Medal, silver. Cathedral, by J Wiener, bronze. Met. Soc. Of Florists Medal for Heartsease 1834, Kearsney Bowling Club Bronze Medal in case. Generally EF

Auction 122
Medals Group of four to 1541 Sergeant Walter Skilbeck of Yeomanry, includes and War medals, Efficiency medal VF-EF, newspaper cuttings, history and photographs of the subject, plus soldier's pay book, along with a group of four to Skilbeck, 8th (King's Irish) Hussars later the Armoured Reconnaissance of the 7th Armoured Division. comprises and Stars, War and Service medals NEF, comes with history of the subject plus photographs, in glass frames so unsuitable for posting

Auction 118
Medals Prince Albert Victor of Freedom of the 1885 77 mm diameter in copper Eimer 1717 EF, of the Duke and Duchess of 1893

Auction 112
Medals Birth of James Duke of 1633 (later King ) in Silver 30 mm Princes Arms obverse, legend in wreath reverse Eimer 126A F/GF

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