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June Auction Preview

Dedicated Paper Money Sale in June 2019

London Coins achieves record breaking prices for paper money. In our last auction an Iraq ¼ Dinar which dealers believed would realise £1250 - £2000 was bid up by overseas collectors to £9,500, our organ pipe hoard of white five pounds saw some London Catterns 1930 five pounds bid up to £800 each. These and many more exceptional results have occurred in our quarterly Bracknell auctions where paper money has it’s own dedicated section in our two day sales. As part of our ongoing commitment to our paper money vendors we like, when the opportunity arises, to issue a dedicated paper money catalogue with a bigger than usual offering and additional promotional activity at shows and on line. We will doing this as part of our June Bracknell sale.

The strategy behind this takes the long term view. The issue of a dedicated paper money catalogue is designed to remind newcomers to the world of banknotes that we have been offering paper money lots for 25 years (we ran our first auction in March 1994) and intend to keep paper money as an important and integral part of our Bracknell events. We have new dedicated in house staff and intend to attend dedicated paper money shows when appropriate.