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World Coins : Lot 1177




1177 Indian Mughal Empire - 5 Rupees silver AH1112 Aurangzeb (AH1068-1118) 1658-1707 Darul-khair Ajmer Mint 42mm diameter, weight 55.48 grammes, Obverse legend: Aurangzeb Alamgir Sha[h] [za]d Chu Badr Munir / Sikka [Dar Jahan], Reverse legend: Zarb Dar-ul'Khair Ajm[er] Manus / Maimnat /[Jalus] (Sanah), At Ajmer is the dargah (Holy Shrine) of the renowned saint Moin-ud-din Chishti. Mughal emperors used to visit the holy place periodically, and from this coin it appears that Aurangzeb visited in AH1112. This is the first silver coin known of a denomination higher than a silver Rupee. Good Fine and bold, the only known example, comes with an extract from The Numismatic Digest Vol. 19 1995 (IIRNS Productions), unpublished prior to this document. Ex-Ratilal Devshi Shah 2001, Ex-Amir of Bahawalpur (Pakistan) Sadiq Muhammad Khan collection, also comes with the following information:- Earliest coins of higher denominations were issued in India during the time of the Khilji Sultans of Delhi, but no such coin has surfaced so far. Earliest coins of this nature are known only from the time of Mughal Emperor Akbar. Abul Fazl has given a list of such gold coins in his Ain-i-Akbari. Jahangir in his autobiography has mentioned giant gold coins that he had ordered to be issued, but only 5 Mohur pieces of Akbar and Jahangir are known in the British Museum Collection. What is striking to note is that none of these emperors except Aurangzeb had used silver for these large high denomination coins. Aurangzeb issued a 200 Rupee coin which has been long known of, previously mentioned by P.L.Gupta. Now this 5 Rupee coin has come to light, of the highest rarity with Royal provenance, and would be the centrepiece of any Indian Mughal Empire collection £110,000 - £140,000

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