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World Coins : Lot 1267




1267 Russia Ducat (Chervonets) 1763 CПБ C#80 Trade Coinage approaching EF and with much eye appeal, considerably superior to the Krause plate coin, both obverse and reverse with a consistent and even striking, seldom seen on Russian pieces of this period. Superior to the example in the Leonid Sodermann Collection 'Adolph Hess & Bank Leu' 1968 which was slabbed as NGC AU53 and Ex-Alexander Auction House 20/9/2014 Lot 178, which realised $19,000 hammer price, our research indicates this may be one of the finest surviving examples, an extremely rare issue, this confirmed by the fact that PCGS does not record a single example on their Population Report £7,500 - £12,500

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