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World Banknotes : Lot 159




159 France (Kingdom & Banque de France) issues along with County of Perth 5 Pound Sterling coupons (17) various issues and denominations in mixed grades on average VF-GVF some with the usual pinholes and includes a few higher grade notes. Comprises Assignat issues (6) including 25 Sols Pick A55b (Ass 25a) dated 4th January 1792 series 1358. 10 Livres Pick A66b (Ass 36c) dated 24th October 1792 series 11314 and variety with Loraine cross at left and right at upper left and watermark "RP-FR". And 23rd May 1973 issues (4) consisting of 10 Sols Pick A68b (Ass 40b) series 68o. watermark "RF". 15 Sols Pick A69b (Ass 41b) series 1512 watermark "RF/15s". And 50 Sols Pick A70b (Ass 42b) watermark "RF 50s" (2) series 2989 & 3101. Also Banque de France issues (5) including 10 Francs "Mineur" Pick 99f (Fayette F8.21) signatures Gargam & Roussou dated 7th April 1949 series B.192 02989. Along with 100 Francs (4) consisting of the "Merson" Pick 78c (Fayette F24.14) signatures Boyer & Strohl series E.47256 052 and hand stamped over watermark area. It's successor the "Merson modifié" Pick 86b (Fayette F25.46) signatures Roussau & Favre-Gilly series O.66427 358. "Sully" Pick 94 (Fayette F26.29) signatures Rousseau & Favre-Gilly dated 16th May 1940 (2) a consecutively numbered pair series Q.10800 855 & Q.10800 856. And "Corneille" Pick 149c (Fayette F65.19) dated 7th December 1967 signatures Morant, Bouchet & Tondu series E.281 04024. In addition Corporation of the County of Perth 5 Pounds Sterling Municipal Loan Fund interest coupons (5) all perforated PAID and the interest payable 30th June 1878 at the Bank of Scotland, London, England and with the last 2 digits of the year hand written and bearing the signature of Robert Jones. All series 0009 and includes a few consecutive Debenture numbers 0132, 0133 and 0134 along with 0042 and 0126. A collectible group £60 - £120

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