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London Coins Auction 168
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World Banknotes : Lot 161




161 France 1940-60's (10) in a mixture of grades average VF including 1 in VG, 1 in Fine and an about UNC - UNC example. Comprising 50 Francs "Le Verrier" (Le Verrier's discovery of the planet Neptune, 1846) Pick 127b ( Fayette F20.10, F20.11 & F20.12) signatures Rousseau & Gargam (3) including 8th April 1948 series M.113 42391, 17th February 1949 series M.119 12154 and 19th May 1949 series V.134 80907. 100 Francs "Jeune Paysan" (3) all with the correct watermark hair parted at her left including 3 signature varieties consisting of Pick 128a (Fayette F28.3) signatures Rousseau & Favre-Gilly dated 18th April 1946 series L.34 55518. Pick 128b (Fayette F28.21) signatures Rousseau & Gargam dated 22nd January 1949 series W.288 23728. And Pick 128d (Fayette F28.31) signatures Gargam & D'Ambrieres dated 7th February 1952 series N.423 68441. 500 Francs "Chateaubriand" Pick 129a (Fayette F34.3) dated 7th November 1945 series C.41 60728 signatures Belin, Rousseau & Favre-Gilly. 1000 Francs "Minerve et Hercule" Pick 130b (Fayette F41.21) dated 27th May 1948 signatures Belin, Rousseau & Gargam. 5000 Francs "Terre et Mer" Pick 131a (Fayette F48.2) last date for this signature variety 3rd November 1949 series F.28 30362 signatures Belin, Rousseau & Gargam. Along with 10 Nouveaux Francs Pick 142a (Fayette F57.16) dated 7th December 1961 series E.192 20225. An attractive collectible group £70 - £110

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