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London Coins Auction 168
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World Banknotes : Lot 164




164 France 1980-90's issues (9) in various grades VF to about UNC - UNC. Comprising 50 Francs "Quentin De La Tour" (2) consisting of Pick 152b (Fayette F67.6) 1980 signatures Strohl, Tronche & Dentaud and Pick 152e (Fayette F67.16) dated 1990 signatures Bruneel, Dentaud & Charriau. 100 Francs "Delacroix" Pick 154b (Fayette F69.4a) 1980 signatures Strohl, Tronche & Dentaud and variety with letters of "CENT FRANCS" at upper left filled with diagonal lines. 200 Francs "Montesquieu" (2) consisting of Pick 155c (Fayette F70.9) 1988 signatures Ferman, Dentaud & Charriau and Pick 155e (Fayette F70.12b) 1992 signatures Bruneel, Bonnardin & Charriau. Also the 1993-2000 issues (4) including a near consecutive set of the 50 Francs "Saint-Exupery" Pick 157Ab (Fayette F73.1a) 1994 signatures Bruneel, Bonnardin & Vigier and correctly spelled name of Saint Exupery (3) series D015300259, D015300261 & D015300262. Along with 100 Francs "Cezanne" Pick 158a (Fayette F74.1) dated 1997 signatures Bruneel, Bonnardin & Barroux. An attractive little group £65 - £110

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