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London Coins Auction 168
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World Banknotes : Lot 169




169 French Colonial Pacific Territories & Indo-China 1930's to modern issues (12) in diverse grades from Fine-VF to about UNC - UNC. Comprising French Indo-China (6) consisting of 1 Franc red value numeral ND 1932-1949 (2) in 2 different varieties Pick 54e serial T.10344 186 text on reverse in New Lao and no dot under O in MOT and the Pick 54c serial K.7918 704 signatures Minost & Laurent and text on reverse in Old Lao. 5 Francs Pick 55c ND 1936-1939 serial P.2589 971 signatures Minost & Laurent, value numeral in recessed white space and red text at upper right on reverse in Old Lao. Gouvernement General de l'Indochine 5 Cents World War II period issue Pick 88a ND 1942 variety with single letter suffix serial number 428524 M. Institut d'Emission des Etats du Cambodge, du Laos et du Vietnam (VIET-NAM) 1 Piastre/Dong Pick 104a ND 1953 series A30985774. Also French Pacific Territories (7) consisting of 500 Francs ND 1990 - 2012 (4) with different varieties including Pick 1c signatures Pouillieute, Ferman & Audren series B.007 80523 and old counterfeit clause on reverse reads "L'Article 139…". Pick 1e signatures Soverino, Redouin & Cornaille series W.012 38431. Pick 1h signatures SCWPM type 13 series W.012 38431. And Pick 1e signatures Soverino, Redouin & Cornaille series X.010 75303. 1000 Francs ND 1992 - 2013 Pick 2m signatures Seze, Noyer, La Cognata. And the 500 Francs Pick 5a ND 2014 series 099871 F5. All very attractive and eye-pleasing notes especially the Pacific Territories £80 - £140

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