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London Coins Auction 169
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English Coins : Lot 1786




1786 Sixpence 1696 Second Bust Pattern. Obverse: Fine work, a more finely engraved rendition of the Second Bust. MVS lower in GVLIELMVS, the final S lower still. Reverse: Small Crowns with Later harp, die axis inverted, 7 strings to harp. The lower bar of the E of REX very weak (appears RFX unless under magnification), the 9 of the date blocked. Bull 1304, Rarity 6, not listed in the 1992 ESC, but referred to in a footnote on page 148 thus 'There is a Second Bust Sixpence of much finer style in the National Collection. This is undoubtedly a pattern together with the Crown and Halfcrown (ESC 93 and ESC 540) of similar style. This example is the plate coin in the Bull 'English Silver Coinage' 2015 edition. Only 3 examples exist, only 2 being in private hands. This example in an LCGS holder and graded LCGS 30. A highly important piece and a rare opportunity to own such an important coin £5,500 - £7,500

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