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London Coins Auction 168
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World Bulk Lots : Lot 1813




1813 Australia Penny Tokens (7) 1874 J.G.Fleming Grocer and Tea Dealer, Hobart/Reverse: Sugar Loaf, Scroll at right points to a dot KM#Tn71.1 VF with striking flaw. 1857 Hanks and Lloyd, Sydney, Australian Tea Mart, Sydney, Obverse: Peace and Plenty KM#85.1 VF. undated Iredale & Co. Iron Merchants and General Ironmongers KM#Tn135 VG/Fair. 1857 Holloways Pills and Ointments J.M. on base, KM#278.1 Fine with some pitting. 1858 Peace & Plenty, Melbourne, Australian Arfms without date KM#Tn285.1 Good Fine. 1858 Hide and De Carle Grocers and Wine Merchants KM#Tn104 About Fine. 1865 Alfred Davies Pawnbroker, Fremantle, Near Fine, holed. Australia Halfpenny Token 1855 Hanks and Lloyd , Australian Tea Mart, Sydney/Opening of the Sydney Railway KM#Tn82 Good Fine, along with uniface aluminium? undated token G.Borer & Co. for 1 Small Loaf Good Fine £70 - £90

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