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London Coins Auction 168
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World Banknotes : Lot 184




184 Germany Reicshbanknote 1922-23 issues (7) all various grades Fine/VF and about UNC - UNC, all different without duplication and includes some large sized issues. Consisting of 500 Marks (2) including Pick 73 dated 27th March 1922 series D 2226835 and Pick 78 dated 19th November 1922 series A 01855403. 1 Million Marks Pick 86a dated 20th February 1923 series L-GD 145442 and variety with block and serial at centre left and right respectively. 5 Millard Marks Pick 115b dated 10th September 1923 series 12k 034489 and variety without lilac tinit at right and watermark Small crucifera blossoms. 10 Millard Marks Pick 116a dated 15th September 1923 series 10a 060216 and variety with yellow tint at left and watermarked oak leaves. 20 Millard Marks Pick 118a dated 1st October 1923 series DV-37 16211 and variety with 6 digit serial and watermarked G/D in stars. 100 Millard Marks Pick 126 dated 26th October 1923 blue tint at right and watermarked Oak leaves. All collectible £110 - £160

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