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London Coins Auction 166
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World Bulk Lots : Lot 2511




2511 Germany (12) Half Mark 1905A KM#17 UNC and nicely toned, 20 Pfennigs 1875G KM#5 Good Fine, Federal Republic 5 Marks (4) 1960F KM#112.1 About UNC with small tone spots, 1963F KM#112.1 UNC and nicely toned, 1964F KM#112.1 A/UNC and lustrous, 1970G KM#112.1 UNC and lustrous with some rim nicks along with Half Mark 1905A KM#17 UNC and nicely toned, Weimer Republic 1 Mark 1924A KM#42 EF and lustrous with a few small tone spots, Third Reich 5 Reichsmark (4) 1934A KM#82 EF with some contact marks, 1934F KM#82 EF with some contact marks, 1935D Hindenburg KM#86 A/UNC and lightly toned, 1935F Hindenburg KM#86 A/UNC and lustrous with some contact marks £50 - £100

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