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London Coins Auction 166
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World Banknotes : Lot 318




318 Jersey & Guernsey (13) a collection in mostly high grades including some scarcer issues as Jersey 10 Shillings Pick 7a (BY JE10) serial number B039254, 1 Pound Pick 8b (BY JE11b) signature Clennett serial number J537601, 1 Pound Pick 11a (BY JE12a) lower serial number KB 000167, 1 Pounds Pick 11b (BY JE12b) (2) serial numbers MB327322 & MB327608 and Guernsey 10 Shillings Pick 42b (BY GU22b) signed Guilemette titled Treasurer serial number 11/L 2330 dated 1st June 1959, 1 Pound Pick 45b (By GU34b) signed Hodder serial number F469505, 1 Pound Pick 48a (BY GU35a) signed Bull serial number E22000, 10 Pounds Pick50a (BY GU52a) signed Bull serial number A884387. £100 - £200

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