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London Coins Auction 168
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English Banknotes : Lot 41




41 Great Britain & Channel Islands circa World War II onwards (23) in various grades ranging from Fine/VF to GEF - about UNC and an interesting amalgamation of notes. Comprising Isle of Man Garvey & Stallard signature issues (3) consisting of 10 Shillings Annigoni's portrait of QE2 Pick 24a (IOMPM M500, BY IM21a) ND 1968 serial number A 157078. 50 New Pence Annigoni's portrait of QE2 Pick 27a (IOMPM M507, BY IM22) ND 1969 serial number 091518. And 1 Pound Pick 29 (IOMPM M509, BY IM32a) ND 1972 serial number C894203. Also, Scotland (4) consisting of Bank of Scotland 1 Pound Pick 111f (BY SC109e) signatures Risk & Pattulo series D/99 0585738. The Royal Bank of Scotland plc 1 Pounds signature Maiden (2) in 2 different types including Pick 346 (BY SC832) series A/19 660591 and Pick 351a (BY SC833a) series A/41 486001 first prefix for this type. Also, a Clydesdale Bank plc 1 Pound Pick 211d (BY SC328d) signatures Hamilton series D/DW 920380 last prefix for type. Bank of England issues (15) consisting of a Peppiatt World War II Emergency issue 1 Pound B249 Blue/Pink Metal Thread issue 1940 prefix K34H. Fforde 10 Shillings QE2 portrait B310 prefix B54N. Page 1 Pounds QE2 portrait & pictorial examples (10) including examples of the last QE2 portrait design issues B322 (7) including LAST series consecutively numbered trio serial numbers HZ53 826434 - HZ53 826436, a consecutive pair LAST series HZ54 826010 - HZ54 826011 together with prefixes EU51 & EU56. Along with QE2 pictorial (3) consisting of B337 prefix X37 together with B339 (2) prefixes 35A and 71B. Somerset 1 Pounds QE2 pictorial B341 W Reverse (3) prefixes AS84, BY58 and DX46 Pound. The lot includes a Netherland Indies - World War II Japanese Occupation Dai Nippon Teikoku Seihu (Japanese Imperial Government) 1 Roepiah Pick 129 ND 1944 block SN. £25 - £50

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