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London Coins Auction 168
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English Banknotes : Lot 60




60 Five Pounds O'Brien Lion & Key B280 White £5 Symbol on reverse issued 1961 (5) a consecutively numbered set K08 275365 - K08 275369. All in PCGS Gold Shield holders and graded respectively for each serial number respectively as follows - Choice AU58 Details Minor Tear, Choice AU53 Details Minor Tear, About UNC 55, AU55 Details Minor Tear and About UNC 53 Details Minor Tear. These single cashier design, collectible and short-lived notes are always keenly sought after and an interesting fact about this issue is that opposing to regular convention of each prefix made of 1 million notes, instead each prefix for these notes was only going up to 960,000. According to the Bank a total of 649 million of the series B Helmeted Britannia notes were issued however this is not necessarily the same as the number printed or that all of them went into circulation. £90 - £140

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