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London Coins Auction 164
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Tokens : Lot 624




624 Penny 18th Century Anglesey 1787 4 acorns at tie, thick wreath, date above cypher, 1 between N and Y, DH42 GVF, Halfpennies 18th Century (10) Lothian - Edinburgh 1790 DH23 A/UNC, Lanarkshire - Glasgow (2) 1791 R.D. below date, DH2 struck on a thick flan with O instead of CO at the end of the edge legend, EF with some scratches, 1791 Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dumfries edge DH3 GVF, Warwickshire - Coventry 1793 Lady Godiva, Birmingham, London or Bristol edge DH238 EF, Middlesex - Newgate 1794 DH393 No stop after date, Milled edge, About EF, Cheshire - Macclesfield (3) 1789 DH 13/14 (threads on screw not visible) NVF, 1790 DH26 About VF, 1790 DH16, Lancashire - Liverpool 1791 DH67 VF, Middlesex - Masonic 1790 DH370b VF, Penny 19th Century Birmingham and Neath/Crown Copper Company 1811 GVF £110 - £150

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