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London Coins Auction 169
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World Cased : Lot 789




789 Isle of Man/Gibraltar/Liberia 5oz. Silver Issues a 10-coin set 1987-1995 by Pobjoy Mint comprising Isle of Man 5 Crowns 1987 Bicentenary of America's Constitution, Isle of Man 5 Crowns 1988 Bicentenary of Steam Navigation, Isle of Man 5 Crowns 1988 Bicentenary of Australia, Gibraltar 5 Crowns 1991 25th Olympiad - Barcelona - Discus Thrower, Liberia 50 Dollars 1993 President Bill Clinton, Gibraltar 70 Ecus 1993 European Economic Community - European coins KM#1023, Gibraltar 70 Ecus 1993 Eurotunnel KM#487, Gibraltar 70 Ecus 1994 European Unity - Goddess with quadriga KM#492, Isle of Man 5 Angel 1995PM Archangel Michael slaying the Dargon, Gibraltar 70 Ecus 1995 190th Anniversary of the Death of Admiral Nelson, all 5oz. Silver Proofs nFDC to FDC retaining practically full mint lustre and brilliance, in the large red Pobjoy Mint box £900 - £1,200

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