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World Banknotes : Lot 866




866 Burma Specimen Set ND 1953 Union Bank of Burma Act 1952 (4) comprising 1 Rupee looks like Pick 38 unlisted series 5J 000000 Peacock at right obverse & Sailing boat reverse. 5 Rupees looks like Pick 39 unlisted series IM 000000 Chinze at right obverse & Woman spinning wheel reverse. 10 Rupees looks like Pick 40 unlisted series 1X 000000 Peacock at right obverse & Man riding elephant lifting log reverse. 100 Rupees looks like Pick 41 unlisted series 5J 000000 Peacock at centre Chinze at right obverse & Farmer and oxen on reverse. All UNC and single tiny faint stain on each note these however not extending into design. Extremely Rare. With the passage of the Union Bank of Burma Act 1952, the sole right of currency issued was transferred from the Burma Currency Board to a newly created Currency Department of the Union Bank of Burma with effect from 1st July 1952. The Burma Currency Board was abolished and its asset and liabilities were transferred to the Union Bank of Burma. Another important change in the new currency is the conversion to a decimal system. When the Union Bank of Burma took over the central bank’s responsibilities, a token issue of the bank notes was made on 1st July 1952. The new bank notes had the rupee denominations (1,5,10,100 rupees) that was later connected to kyat. It included peacock water mark. This set has been given to Mr. Sidney Wellington, Office of the High Commissioner for the United Kingdom who had been working with the UK & Burma Currency Board at the time and the set had stayed in possession of the family ever since. Comes with the contemporary brown envelope abbreviated at top left O.H.M.S (On His Majesty's Service) and the Royal Cypher G.R. of King George VI at bottom left along with a Burma Currency Board seal proof card. Part of a diplomat's group of Burma coins and notes which was accompanied by the original Burma Currency Board Secretary's compliment slip and note to the original recipient Mr. Sidney Wellington, Office of the High Commissioner for the United Kingdom with this original documentation accompanying the Burma Proof Coin listed in the coin section £1,200 - £2,000

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