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London Coins Auction 168
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World Banknotes : Lot 99




99 Africa (7) a mixed grade group comprising Congo (Democratic Republic / Congo-Kinshasa) Banque National du Congo 100 Francs Pick 6a dated 1st March 1962 serial number AB428928 President Joseph Kasavubu, crowned cranes on obverse and National Assembly building, Kinshasa on reverse. Belgian Congo Banque Centrale du Congo Belge et du Ruanda-Urundi 10 Francs Pick 30b dated 15th September 1959 serial number B/U 664899 Soldier of the "Force Pulque" (Askari) on obverse and Antelope at right on reverse. Comoros Banque Centrale des Comoros 1000 Francs Pick 11a ND (1984-2004) signature titles "President du Conseil d 'Administration" & "Directeur General" serial number C.2 84864 002784864 Woman at right on obverse and Ylang-Ylang harvest on reverse . Madagascar Banque de Madagascar 5 Francs Pick 35 ND (1937) serial number R.1271 645 31766645 Goddess Juno at left on obverse. Equatorial Guinea Banco Central - Republican de Guinea Equatorial 100 Francs Pick 1 dated Santa Isabel 12th October 1969 serial number 0452750 Banana tree at left on obverse and Coastline Scene with Coat of Arms on reverse. Djibouti Banque National - République de Djibouti 1000 Francs Pick 37e ND (1979-2005) with signature with security thread, long Arabic text at top on back, with microprint frame on both sides serial number T.004 54400 09354400 Woman, passenger trains (Swiss locomotive 12M, built 1950 by Schweizerische Lokomotiv- u. Maschinenfabrik SLM, for Compagnie de Chemin de Fer Franco-Éthiopien) on obverse and Camels on reverse. Mauritania Banque Centrale de Mauritanie 200 Ouguiya Pick 11b dated 28th November 2006 serial number BC9694324A Bowl, canoe on reverse £90 - £180

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