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London Coins Auction 183
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638 17th and 18th Century (12) comprising Farthings and Halfpennies 17th Century (6) Gloucestershire (5) Cirencester Farthing William Constable W50 Poor, Cirencester Farthing Elizabeth Kemble W56 Fair, Cirencester Farthing 1657 Bryan Mills W57 Fair, Cirencester Farthing Rebekvh Osborne W60 Fair to VG, Tewksbury Halfpenny Joseph Sheene W200 Poor, Northamptonshire Farthing, Town W74 Fair, all attributed, along with Halfpennies 18th Century (6) Norfolk (5) Norwich 1794 R.Campin Haberdasher DH21 VF, Norwich 1792 City Arms/A shop front, DH28 VF, Norwich 1792 Castle and Lion DH16 About VF, Norwich 1792 Man in Loom DH38 (2) Good Fine and VF, Somerset - Bristol 1795 Niblock's DH102 Fine/Good Fine £80 - £100
639 17th Century (2) Farthing Oxfordshire- Deddington, 1653 Thomas Nutt, Dickinson 82, Fine with some pitting, Halfpenny Hampshire - Winchester, William Taylor, Dickinson 229, Fair with some scratches £15 - £25
640 Colliery and Mining Tokens (26) includes examples from Gresford, Grimethorpe, Harrington, Haig, Hendy Merthyr, High Moor, Houghton, Hucknall, Ireland, Lady Windsor, Lea Hall, Littleton, Manton, Maltry, Seafield, Thurcroft, Welbeck and White Moss, a variety of shapes , in mixed grades £80 - £100
641 Eighteen Pence 19th Century Northamptonshire - Peterborough 1811 Col & Co., Obverse: West front of Peterborough cathedral, Davis 3, VF £15 - £30
642 Farthings 19th Century (5) William Webster Coin Dealer, brass tokens (5) Obverse: Wm. WEBSTER SUCCESSOR TO Wm. TILL 7 GT. RUSSELL St. COVt. GARDEN LONDON in eight lines, Reverse: DEALER IN ANCIENT AND MODERN COINS, MEDALS, ANTIQUES &c. BWS 2990, Bell 29, Batty 569 VF to GVF £100 - £200
643 Halfpennies 18th Century Angus shire - Dundee 1797 A public building DUNDEE HALFPENNY 1797/View of a glass manufactory DH17 Good Fine with two large rim cuds, Dorset - Sherborne 1793 Eagle ,A SHERBORNE HALFPENNY/A cypher P P and W, DH7 Fine, Twopences 19th Century Norfolk - Norwich - Robert Blake (8) VG to Near Fine £80 - £100
644 Halfpennies and Farthings 17th Century Kent (4) Dartford Farthing undated Edward Rose W.140 Near Fine, Deptford (2) Halfpenny 1668 John Lines W.185 Near Fine, Farthing 1666 Peter Pemell W.188 VG, Faversham Halfpenny 1666 John Cleare W.269 VG/Near Fine with a flan crack, all unpriced by Dickinson £160 - £180
645 Halfpennies and Farthings 17th Century Kent (6) Ashford Halfpenny 1664 Hen Wise W.17 Fine, pitted, Brookland (2) Farthing undated, John Eve W.40 Fine, Halfpenny undated, John Harrison W.41 Fair, Chatham (3) Farthing Samuel Mabbor 1657 WE.101 Fair/VG, Farthing Chatham (S.T.M) At the Globe W.105 Near Fine with surface damage, Halfpenny Robert Smith 1671 W.107 Fine/Good Fine with some pitting, all are unpriced by Dickinson £220 - £260
646 Halfpennies and Farthings 17th Century Kent (6) Lenham Halfpenny 1667 Thomas Foorde W.372 Near Fine, Lydd (2) 1657 Thomas Edericke W.375 VG with some verdigris, Farthing 1662 William Sudell W.377 VG, Milton-next-Gravesend Farthing 1656 Edward Pashlowe W.421 VG, Milton-next-Sittingbourne (2) Farthing 1658 William Allen 1658 W.428 Fine, Farthing 1659 William Covell W.482 Fine, all unpriced by Dickinson £210 - £240
647 Halfpennies and Farthings 18th century (6) Halfpennies (5) Lancashire - Lancaster, 1794 John of Gaunt, Star under bust, DH41 NVF, Essex - Braintree 1794, Braintree and Hocking Halfpence DH4, NVF, Middlesex - Political and Social series - 1794 Tooke, Plain edge, DH1045a VF, Middlesex National Series - 1795 Princess of Wales, Reverse: Portcullis and feathers DH977 GVF, Warwickshire - Birmingham, Hickman's 1792 John Howard DH144 Good Fine, Farthing Somerset -Bath 1795 Bladud/ West view of new pp. room Bath DH 116, NEF £30 - £60
648 Lead Tokens (20, one holed) believed Wage or Hop Tokens with bird, shell, key and anchor designs on the reverse, with Initials on the obverses, many are dated, 1710, 1729, 1759, 1768, 1829, includes some uniface types, Fine to Good Fine, an interesting group £80 - £90
649 Market Tokens (39) includes many different types, includes Spitalfields, London, Borough, Halstead and Stratford types, many shapes including triangular, square and oval types, Fine to GVF £110 - £140
650 Market Tokens, Traders Tokens and Hop Tokens (84) comprising Hop Tokens (60) many different types included, mainly Kent issues, includes square and octagonal types, Fair to VF, many with attribution tickets, Market Tokens (9) Four Shillings W&A Chapman heart-shaped (2) VF, Ten Shillings W.Bruce, Spitalfields Octagonal Fine, Shilling J.Pearson square, Good Fine, J.Sudders Van Good Fine, C.T.Holmes Van, Fine, Shilling D.W.Wakefield VG/Fine, Sixpence Edwin Plowman Fine, Two Shillings Major Bros. Fine, Traders Tokens (15) all Birmingham types, includes George Jackson (2), J.C.Brindley, Walter J.Smith, Francis Nicholls Ltd., Daniell, John V.White, F.A.Pope, George Holder (2), E.Drouet & Co. S.A.Daniell, E.Hemming Ltd, Randall Bros. and R.Whitaker, square, octagonal and oval issues included, in mixed grades Fine to VF £170 - £190
651 Medals and Tokens (80) a wide variety of base metal types includes a small group of 18th and 19th Century Halfpenny token types, in mixed grades a few lustrous £80 - £100
652 Medals and Tokens includes machine Tokens and telephone tokens (around 9.8 Kilos) in mixed grades £25 - £75
653 Pennies (3) Staffordshire 1811 H.Bayliss, Withers 1082 Good Fine, Birmingham and Neath/Crown Copper Company 1811 Withers 212-28 GVF with traces of lustre, Penny 1811 - Worcester City and Count Token Withers 1240-59 NVF, Halfpennies (2), Bristol - Bristol Brass and Copper Company 1811 Withers 450-3, Good Fine, Essex- Walthamstow 1814 Withers 615 (as stated by Withers to be a likely contemporary counterfeit) Good Fine £25 - £50
654 Pennies 19th Century (5) Somerset Glastonbury Musical Society undated (c.1812) Withers 1087 VF with some thin scratches on the reverse, Staffordshire County 1811 Reverse: Britannia COMMERCE, Davis 16, Fine, Staffordshire - Cheadle 1812 Withers 666-8 NVF, Birmingham and Risca Copper Company 1811 Reverse: Hands clenched, Davis 60 Fine, Non-Local 1813 Trade & Navigation, Davis 1643 GVF with traces of lustre, Halfpenny 19th Century Non-Local 1812 Trade & Navigation Withers 1655-6 NEF with traces of lustre and two verdigris spots, Unofficial Farthing London, undated India Silk Handkerchiefs Warehouse 185 Strand/FORD 185 STRAND, W2540 EF £25 - £50
655 Pennies 19th Century Cornwall (2) 1812 West Wheal Mine, Obverse: View of St. Michael's Mount, Reverse: Prince of Wales feathers, Davis 16, VF with some contact marks, Rare, 1812 County Penny Obverse: Crowned Arms with supporters, Reverse: PENNY PIECE in centre, SUCCUSS TO THE CORNISH MINERS 1812, Davis 12, Good Fine with some thin scratches and some small verdigris spots £30 - £50
656 Penny 19th Century Channel Islands - Jersey Obverse ONE PENNY TOKEN within a closed wreath, Reverse: Commerce seated left COMMERCE, NVF £50 - £150
657 Penny Channel Islands/Non-Local Penny 1813 Obverse: To Facilitate Trade, Plumes with 1813 date below, Reverse: Commerce standing on a pedestal between laurel and palm branches, Withers 1682, rated RRR Fine with some dirt in the legend £50 - £150
658 Shilling 19th Century Cornwall 1811 County, Davis 1 VF with some uneven tone, rare £20 - £40
659 Shilling 19th Century Gloucestershire - Gloucester, Reverse: View of Gloucester cathedral, Davis 5, GVF and lustrous with some spots on either side £15 - £30
660 Shilling 19th Century Somerset - Bath 1812 No stops after C I and J, Davis 17, VF, listed as RR by Davis £25 - £50
661 Shilling 19th Century Staffordshire - Fazeley 1811 Ten Acorns to left in wreath, Davis 8, NEF with some lustre and some touches of surface residue, these possibly removable with care £15 - £30
662 Shillings 19th Century (3) Sussex - Chichester 1811 Obverse: Market Cross, base of the building commences at the X of XII, Reverse: PATABLE AT B & J CAFFIN'S J REDMAN'S W,.HALSTEAD'S AND C. SHIPHAMS 1811 in 8 lines, Davis 7, VF the obverse cleaned, Somerset - Bristol 1811 Obverse: Arms and crest of the city of Bristol, tail of the snake in the crest touches the N of TOKEN, flagstaff and corner of flag seen to the right, Reverse: Garratt, Terrell, Bird, Beck & Grigg, Davis 21, GVF, Glamorganshire - Merthyr 1811 Flat 1's in date, Davis 3 VG £130 - £160
663 Shillings 19th Century Somerset (3) - Frome Selwood 1811 Davis 66 Good Fine, the edge with a flaw at 1 o'clock, possibly from a mount, Bristol 1811, August 12, Garratt, Terrell, Bird, Beck and Grigg, Davis 22 GVF with touches of underlying lustre, Bristol Bridge 1811 Two acorns above the intersection of the wreath, Davis 45 GVF with touches of underlying colourful tone £45 - £90
664 Sixpence 19th Century Devon - Barnstaple 1811 Evans, Bowhay, Nott & Gribble, Davis 14, Fine/Good Fine, scarce £15 - £30
665 Sixpence 19th Century Dorset - Shaftesbury 1811 Shaftesbury Bank Licensed 14 March 1811. Davis 23, NEF and lustrous £15 - £30
666 Sixpence 19th Century Leicestershire - Leicester 1811 Obverse: Arms of Leicester, SIX PENNY SILVER TOKEN, Reverse: DERBY, LEICESTER, and RUTLAND SIX-PENNY TOKEN 1811, MORGAN LICENSED MAKER 12 RATHBONE PLACE LONDON, Davis 5, Near Fine with some slight weakness in the centre £20 - £40
667 Sixpences 19th Century (2) Yorkshire - Sheffield 1811 Younge & Deakin, Davis 54, Fine with some small tone spots, Northumberland 1811 Newcastle-upon-Tyne, John Robertson, Davis 14 Near Fine £15 - £30
668 Sixpences 19th Century (4) Wiltshire - Marlborough 1811, Reverse: Four clasped hands, Davis 5, Fine, cleaned and with old adhesive stain, bent and straightened, Somerset (3) Bristol 1811 Arms and supporters, Davis 49, Fine, Bristol 1811 Davis 45 About Fine, Bristol undated, Reverse: MORGAN LICENSED MAKER 12 RATHBONE PLACE LONDON Davis 54 Near Fine, the reverse with some scratches £20 - £50
669 Tokens or medalets (2) 19th Century undated, each 23mm in diameter in bronze, Obverse: Coroneted head of Queen Victoria to right, (by Pinches?) unsigned, as found on Kent Woolwich Token (Batty 94) the only right facing head in the series, Reverse: in the style of the Gothic Florin Wyon patterns, design in an ornate quatrefoil, the first with a crowned English shield, the second with a crowned Irish Harp, no legends, NEF with traces of lustre, the obverses with traces of die rust on the portraits £25 - £75
670 Trade Token London - Aldersgate Lloyd & Co. Tea Importers countermarked on a Penny 1844, countermark VF, host coin Good Fine/Fine £50 - £60
671 Two Shillings 19th Century Somerset - Bath undated (1811-1812) Obverse: BATH TOKEN TWO SHILLINGS around city arms and supporters, Reverse: A POUND NOTE GIVEN FOR TEN TOKENS BY C.CULVERHOUSE I.ORCHARD ANND J.PHIPPS in 9 lines, Davis 15 GVF with some underlying lustre and touches of golden tone £40 - £80
672 Twopence to Halfpenny 18th and 19th Century (3) Twopence 19th Century Norfolk - Norwich undated Robert Blake Withers 910 GVF, Penny 19th Century Norfolk - Norwich 1811 John Barker Reverse: Two sheep Withers 905 NEF and lustrous, Halfpenny 18th century Somerset - Bath undated Obverse: View of a building PRINCIPAL ENTRANCE NEW ROOMS BATH, Reverse: Shield of Arms, THE ARMS OF THE CITY OF BATH, Plain edge, DH64a EF £140 - £160
673 Unofficial Farthing Tokens - Scotland (4) Perthshire - Alexr Miller Hatter, Withers 7528 VF, Farrell - Hatter, Dundee VF, John Robertson Couper Angus - One Spyndle, Warpyarn Goof Fine, West Bow, Alexr Galloway Grocer Withers 7126 Good Fine £100 - £120

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