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London Coins Auction 171
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1101 17th Century Devon - Tiverton Farthing, Richard Strangar, W.331 Good Fine and bold £30 - £50
1102 17th Century Gloucestershire - Bristol Halfpenny undated (minted c.1597) on a rectangular flan, Reverse: Shipp issuing left. W.21 Near Fine/VG, Rare £40 - £80
1103 17th Century Kent - Canterbury (7) Halfpenny James Cheever 1664 W.50 Fair, Halfpenny Thomas Enfield 1666 W.54 Fair, Halfpenny Thomas Feld W.57 VG, M.K. AT the Ship W.62 Fine, Halfpenny 1666 Francis Maplesden Near Fine, Walter Maplisden W.65 Fair, Halfpenny 1664 Thomas Mayne W.67VG/Fine £110 - £130
1104 17th Century Kent (8) Eastchurch Halfpenny Will Many W.244 Fair, Greenwich EB at the George W.314/7 Fine, Malling Francis Chambers W.400 GF, Margate George Freind W.404 About VF, Sandwich Richard Crisp W.496 NVF, Rochester Robert Cart W.461 Fair, Sittingbourne W.524 Fair, Sturry Thomas Johnson W.542 Fine £120 - £150
1105 18th Century Halfpennies (13) and Pennies (2) all different, in mixed grades Near Fine to VF £75 - £100
1106 Crowns (3) each inscribed as love tokens 1662 Rose below bust Poor, inscribed 'Anne Davies 1789' on the reverse, William III Third Bust OCTAVO, date worn (would be 1696) inscribed ER 1771 on the reverse, Fair, 1708 Plumes, inscribed with intertwined monograms of EC and JL and 1791 on the obverse, Fine/Good Fine £125 - £225
1107 Halfpennies 18th Century (9) Kent (2) Benenden 1794 Obv: Wheatsheaf/Rev. Shield of Arms, Edge: Thomas Reeves DH4 VF or better. Brookland 1794 Obv: A Kentish horse within a beaded oval/Rev: IK cypher and fleece, Edge: Thomas King, VF with some thin scratches on the reverse. Hertfordshire - Stortford 1795 Obv: Shield of Arms, Crest and motto, Rev: View of a river with barges, Edge: Bishops Stortford (without '&Co.') DH4 VF/GVF. Sussex - Chichester 1794 Obv: Queen Elizabeth I facing/Rev: View of Chichester Cross, Edge PAYABLE AT DALLYS CHICHESTER, DH15 NEF. Lancashire - Lancaster 1794 Obv: Daniel Eccleston/Rev: A ship, Edge: PAYABLE.IN.LANCASTER.LIVERPOOL.&.MANCHESTER DH57 About EF. Warwickshire - Coventry 1793 Obv: Lady Godiva on horseback/Rev: Elephant and castle, no stop at end of legend, tail with wider section in the middle, Edge: PAYABLE AT BIRMINGHAM LONDON OR BRISTOL, DH238 EF with a few spots. Norfolk - Norwich 1793 Obv: A mounted dragoon/Rev: Norwich Barracks, Edge: IOHN ROOKS NORWICH, DH46 NVF with some spots. Middlesex (2) Chelsea 1795 Obv: A Sailor with a wooden leg presents a petition to Britannia/ Rev: A figure of Hope leans on an anchor, Edge: Milled, DH277,EF with a few small spots. London and Middlesex 1792 Obv: Bust of Shakespeare left/Rev: Female seated holding cornucopia, part of a ship in the distance, Edge: Coarse upright milling, DH928 NVF with a thin scratch on the obverse £100 - £120
1108 Halfpennies 19th Century (3) British Copper Company Essex - Walthamstow (3) 1813 Davis 38 NEF/GVF, 1813 Davis 39 NEF with a few small spots, 1814 Davis 42 this suggested by Davis to be a pattern, Withers states more likely to be a contemporary counterfeit, 8.66 grammes, NEF £70 - £100
1109 Halfpenny 18th Century Cornwall - Falmouth 1797 Obverse: A spread Eagle, Reverse: FALMOUTH INDEPENDENT VOLUNTEERS 1797, Milled edge, DH3, Good Fine/Fine, scarce £30 - £40
1110 Halfpenny 18th Century Middlesex Newgate undated DH 659 EF, Co-op Society tokens (2), Transport Tokens (9), Bovril Token, Two Shillings E.Chew and Son Biggleswade, Ten Shillings Williams Bros. Direct Supply Stores, A Church music medal, Germany - Kriegsgeld Half Mark 1919, in mixed grades, some EF £15 - £30
1111 Lead Tokens (11) 1712-1811 eight are dated includes one octagonal issue, VG to Good Fine, Edward VIII Coronation Medals 1937 in brass (2) EF and GEF, Ashby & Young Stockbrokers undated, No.3 Bartholomew Lane Bank Fixed Holidays 35mm diameter in white metal NVF, Essex Conservative Festival 1841 55mm diameter in white metal, GVF holed at the top, £115 - £135
1112 Market Tokens, Transport Tokens, Commemoratives and more, a wide variety (240) in mixed grades £180 - £220
1113 Pennies 19th Century (5) Worcestershire - Worcester 1813 John Knapp Junior, Obv: City Arms/ Rev. PAYABLE IN CASH NOTES - ONE PENNY, 3 over small 3 in date VF with a metal flaw on the reverse. Somerset - Bristol, 1811 Bristol Brass & Copper Company NEF/GVF. Gloucester - Cheltenham 1812 John Bishop & Co. NVF. Hampshire - Andover 1812 W.S & I. Wakeford, Fine. Nottinghamshire - Nottingham 1812 J.M. Fellows, Fine £60 - £80
1114 Pennies 19th Century (7) Staffordshire 1811 Obv: George III/Rev: To Facilitate Trade Good Fine. Birmingham 1812 Union Copper Company VG. Bristol & South Wales 1811 Obv: Arms of Bristol/Rev: Plumes in coronet Good Fine. Worcester 1811 The House of Industry (Workhouse) Obv: City Arms/Rev:WORCESTER CITY AND COUNTY TOKEN value in wreath , Worcestershire - Lye Forge 1811 Thomas Wood & Co. Fine. Ireland - Coleraine 1813 W.McKenzie Obv: Commerce seated left/Rev: Value in wreath VG. Ireland - Edward Stephens 1813 Obv: Bust left WELLINGTON & ERIN . CO. BRAGH Rv: Crowned Harp VG £40 - £60
1115 Pennies 19th Century Warwickshire (4) - Birmingham and South Wales 1812 Obverse: Plumes/ Reverse: Horse standing Left NVF with some heavier contact marks on the reverse, Crown Copper Company 1811 Birmingham and Neath GVF with a few small spots, Rose Copper Company 1811 Birmingham and Swansea (2) NEF with a few small spots, and Good Fine, £60 - £80
1116 Penny - Anglesey 1788 25 Acorns, 12 to the left, 13 to the right, Straight 1 and 7 in date, DH224 Bold VF, Penny - Hertfordshire - Sawbridgeworth 1801 Robert Orchard, a modern copy of DH1, About as struck. The original is a celebrated and rare token, of which only 4 examples are believed to exist, the extremely high relief design causing the die to shatter after just a few impressions, London 1809 Covent Garden New Theatre pass uniface in lead, P P . S on reverse (Pit on Prince's side) Fine, Unofficial Farthings (12) London (3) Antill & Son 2330 Fine, pitted, Bovril 2372 Good Fine, Foley & Shoyer 2532 Fine. Lancashire (2) Liverpool - Hellewell 2160 GF/VF, Manchester - Mitchell & Co. 3460 NVF. Norfolk (2) Norwich Dye 4000 Good Fine. Yarmouth - Robert Bumpstead 5252 Fine. Staffordshire - Newcastle under Lyme Josiah Robey 3785 About VF. Suffolk - Lowestoft W.C.Wiseman 3130 VF, Warwickshire - Birmingham T.Gargory 401 NVF officially holed. Ireland (2) Belfast - Ferrar & Taggart 5410 Fine, Dublin - Todd Burns & Co. 6313 Near Fine, along with Medieval Jetons (15) in base metal a wide ranging group in mixed grades £225 - £250
1117 Penny 19th Century Cornwall 1811 County issue. Obverse: Pumping station, Reverse: Ingots of tin and a pilchard W.701 VF £25 - £45
1118 Shilling 19th Century Somerset - Bristol 1811 W.Sheppard, Stationer Obverse: Arms of Bristol with supporters LET TRADE & COMMERCE FLOURISH . BRISTOL ISSUED BY W.SHEPPARD EXCHANGE, Sept 6 1811 below, Reverse: SOMERSET WILTSHIRE GLOUCESTERSHIRE SOUTH WALES AND BRISTOL TOKEN, 12 in centre surrounded by wreath. Davis 45, Withers 49, NEF and lustrous with pleasing golden tone £40 - £60
1119 Ticket or Pass New Park, Richmond Surrey, undated, 28mm diameter, Obverse: Crowned ornate GR cypher, Reverse: Crowned ornate EB cypher, with 271 incuse in the left field, Fine with many surface marks, holed at 6 o'clock £25 - £50
1120 Tokens a small group (9) Penny 18th Century Anglesey 1787 Curved 7, 4 acorns at ribbon tie, 1 of date between N and Y of PENNY, Fine, Pennies 19th Century Bristol 1811, Gloucester - Cheltenham John Bishop 1812 VG, Halfpennies 18th Century (5) Hampshire - Newport, Isle of Wight 1792 Robert Bird Wilkins DH46 Good Fine, Hampshire - Portsea 1794 Obverse: Shield of Arms/Reverse: A ship sailing PAYABLE above DH70 NVF scarce, Lancashire - Manchester 1793 Obverse: A porter carrying a pack/Reverse: Shield of Arms DH135a VF, Warwickshire - John Wilkinson 1791 No Stop after R, DH432 Fine, Essex - Warley Camp - George Prince of Wales 1794 DH36 Good Fine, along with a 'TO HANOVER token 1837 Good Fine £30 - £50
1121 Tokens an impressive collection in an album (149) includes Halfpennies 18th Century (116), many rare pieces included with Halfpenny Cumberland Low Hall 1797 DH1 A/UNC, believed to be only 200 minted, Very Rare. Berkshire - Windsor 1795 Obverse: Stag lying under a tree, Reverse: Windsor Halfpenny Token 1795, Edge : SKIDMORE HOLBORN LONDON DH1a A/UNC with traces of lustre, very rare and desirable. Derbyshire - Buxton 1796 Crescent DH3 A/UNC and attractively toned. Gloucestershire - Badminton 1796 DH32 Obverse: Ship, Reverse: Legend in 10 lines, GEF. Monmouthshire - Abergavenny 1795 Obverse: A cask, JAMES POWELL IMPORTERS/ Reverse: J.POWELL/WINE & BRANDY/ MERCHANT/. ABERGAVENNY DH1 EF with a hint of lustre, scarce. Northumberland - Newcastle 1790 J.Spence Slop-seller DH15 UNC with hints of colourful tone, Very scarce, Rutland - County Obverse: COL. NOEL OF THE RUTLAND FENCIBLES etc. in 7 lines, Reverse: WHOSE EXAMPLE IN LIFE CONSISTS IN BEING BRAVE HUMANE, NOBLE & GENEROUS in 6 lines. DH1, GEF with traces of lustre, Very Rare and desirable. Gloucestershire - Brimscombe Port 1795 Obverse: A barge with plain sails, THAMES AND SEVERN CANAL, Reverse: The entrance into a tunnel, Edge: PAYABLE AT BRIMSCOMBE PORT, DH60, GEF with traces of lustre, Very Rare, Buckinghamshire - Aylesbury 1796 Obverse: William III/Reverse: A cap of Liberty on a pole, DH7 A/UNC toned, the obverse with usual weaker strike on the bust. USA/Lancashire Starry Pyramid Halfpenny, Lancashire DH59c, Breen 1156, edge reads LANCASTERLONDON (No space between) due to slipped collar, GVF, Rare. The vast majority of the tokens in the 18th Century group are EF, representing a wide spread of counties and types, the remaining group includes Farthings 17th Century, Farthings 18th Century, 19th Century, Spitalfields shield-shaped, many of the 18th Century Halfpenny group in EF, the remaining group in mixed grades to GVF £3,000 - £4,000
1122 Tokens and Medals 19th and 20th Century (137) , a wide variety, the vast majority in base metal in mixed grades to UNC £60 - £90
1123 Twenty Shillings undated Bradford/Hull/Leeds, W.Cussons & Sons (70) GEF to A/UNC with traces of lustre £35 - £55
1124 Two Shillings 19th Century Somerset - Bath, undated Obverse: Arms and Supporters; motto: TO FACSILITATE TRADE, Justice holding scales as crest BATH TOKEN TWO SHILLINGS, Reverse: A POUND NOTE GIVEN FOR TEN TOKENSBY C.CULVERHOUSE I.ORCHARD AND PHIPPS in 9 lines, Davis 15, Withers 16, GVF with some contact marks £100 - £120

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