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1125 Admiral Vernon - Capture of Portobello 1739 Eimer 550 variety, a pinchbeck medal, unsigned, Obverse: Bust three-quarters length, in frock-coat and holding staff. THE.BRITISH.GLORY REVIV.D.BY.ADMIRAL.VERNON. Reverse: Six Ships entering Portobello Harbour. HE.TOOK.PORTO.BELLO.WITH.SIX.SHIPS.ONLY Exergue: NOV.22.1739, 12.00 grammes, Fine £30 - £70
1126 Badges includes German Third Reich (2), Canadian Volunteer Service medal bar, Royal Life Saving Society Bronze Cross, Lapels (5) includes Green Berets, and a cartridge case W.R.A Co, 45 A.C. SL42, in varied condition £10 - £50
1127 Battle of Waterloo 200th Anniversary 1815-2015 a 6-medal set by Worcestershire Medal Service comprising 14 carat Gold medal 22mm diameter weighing 7 grammes Prooflike UNC, and Bronze medals (5) each 36mm diameter the obverses depicting George IV, Napoleon, Francis I of Austria, Tsar Alexander I of Russia and King Frederick William IIII of Prussia. The George IV medal is paired with a seated figure of Victory on the reverse, with inscription WATERLOO June 18 1815 and WELLINGTON, the other medals share a common reverse, that of a statue of a heraldic lion, with right front paw upon a sphere, in front of a silhouette of the Lion's Mound at the Waterloo Battlefield in Belgium these also Prooflike UNC in the folder of issue £150 - £200
1128 Births and Deaths Registration, and Marriage Acts Centenary 1937 32mm diameter in silver by J. Langford Jones Obverse: Bust left conjoined, of Queen Victoria (Young Head style) after W.Wyon, and King George VI 1837 and 1937 on either side, Reverse: The Lampadephorian Torch, symbolizing the continuity of life. BIRTH - MARRIAGE - DEATH Matt finish EF/UNC in the blue box of issue £20 - £30
1129 Carlisle Recaptured: Jacobite Rebels Repulsed 1745. 35mm diameter in bronze by Wolff, Obverse: Bust right, draped, GUL . DUX . CUMB. DELICIAE . MILITUM . NATUS . 15 . APR . 1721, Reverse: The Duke of Cumberland, as a warrior, shield decorated (not with bust of the King), attacks a hydra, city in the distance, PRO . PATRE . ET . PATRIA . Exergue: REB : EX . ABG . PULLSI . & CARL. REDACTUM . DEC 1745, as Eimer 597, Eimer mentions 'struck from two pairs of dies', About VF £60 - £70
1130 Coronation of Edward VII 1902 31mm diameter in gold by Saulles Eimer 1871b the Official Royal Mint issue, Obverse: Bust of the King right, crowned and draped, EDWARD VII CROWNED 9.AUGUST 1902, Reverse: Bust of Queen Alexandra right, crowned, veiled and draped, ALEXANDRA QUEEN CONSORT. Below, a ribbon inscribed 9 . AUGUST 1902, weight 17.37 grammes, minor hairlines only with small flecks of red toning, a most attractive example £1,050 - £1,250
1131 Coronation of George V 1911 31mm diameter in gold by B.Mackennal Eimer 1922b the Official Royal Mint issue. Matt Finish, Obverse: Bust of the King left, crowned and draped, an orb before GEORGE V CROWNED JUNE 22 1911, Reverse: Bust of Queen Mary left, crowned and draped, QUEEN MARY JUNE 22 1911, weight 16.36 grammes, EF £1,000 - £1,200
1132 Duke of Wellington and Marshal Blűcher at Waterloo 1815, 74mm diameter in White Metal by T.Halliday. Eimer 1072 Obverse: An angel supports an oval frame containing a uniformed bust of Wellington: above; a radiate crown, below, a mantle inscribed SUCH WELLINGTON ART THOU. TRIUMPHANT FAME SHALL THRO THE WORLD IMMORTALIZE THY NAME. Reverse: An equestrian figure of Blűcher left, tramples upon a body.STRUCK BY J. PARISH IN HONOUR OF HIS OLD FRIEND BLUCHER Below, on a ribbon THE FALL OF HAMBURGH'S TYRANT. DAVOUST ELBA'S EMPEROR, Beyond, figures and a castle in the landscape About EF/EF with an edge nick, in a green Royal Mint case, along with Glasgow Exhibition 1901 24mm diameter in bronze by Lauer, VF with suspension loop. Gebhard Leberecht von Blucher Field Marshall is famous for leading the Prussian Army against Napoleon both at Leipzig 1813 and at Waterloo, as part of the victory over Naploleon celebrations he later visited London and is reported to have been overheard saying "this would have been a nice city to sack" £100 - £200
1133 Engraved Brass Medal 43mm diameter 36.21 grammes, the obverse an ornate engraving of St. George slaying the dragon, the reverse an ornately decorated pillar, holed at the top, an unusual piece £100 - £120
1134 Flying Scotsman iconic steam train 2 ounce sterling silver medal obverse in colour with the train as 4472 in green, red and black the reverse with a coat of arms, FDC by NumisProof and in their presentation box £40 - £60
1135 George III Preserved from Assassination 1800 48mm diameter in bronze by C.H.Kuchler. Eimer 916. Obverse: George III left, armoured and draped GEORGIUS III D:G. MAGN. BRIT. FR. ET HIB. REX. Reverse: A burning altar inscribed D O M , above: eye of Providence PERSPICIT ET PROTEGIT. In exergue: A SICARIO SERVATUS MAI . XV . MDCCC. GVF/VF with some contact marks £80 - £100
1136 Investiture of Prince Charles as Prince of Wales 1969 a 2-medal set in Platinum by John Pinches Ltd, London, Obverses: Head of Prince Charles right CHARLES . PRINCE . OF . WALES, Reverses: INVESTITURE . CAERNARVON . 1969. The Prince of Wales Feathers with Ribbon below upon which ICH DEIN. Numbered 3 of the edge of each medal. FDC or very near so, 45mm and 35mm diameter respectively, 71.54 grammes and 35.65 grammes, in the blue box of issue with certificate stating this set is one of only 25 minted £2,900 - £3,500
1137 Investiture of Prince Charles as Prince of Wales 1969 a 3-medal set in 0.956 Silver by John Pinches Obverse: Head right INVESTITURE . OF . CHARLES . PRINCE . OF . WALES . K.G., Reverse: Caernarvon Castle ARWISGLAD . SIARL . TYWYSOG . CYMRU . M.G. Set number 140 of 500 sets issued, each medal numbered on the edge, Matt finish UNC in the blue box of issue with photocopy certificate £100 - £120
1138 Medal GB London Guys Hospital by Waterlow & Sons Ltd. London 1930, awarded to Beatrice B.Whyte September 1951, 258.1 grammes in pewter? EF with some contact marks, Masonic Silver Medal Hertford Military Lodge of M.M.M 32mm diameter in silver, EF, Romania Fantasy Medal King Carolvs 45mm diameter in bronze, with HP monograms (3) on the edge EF £65 - £90
1139 Medals (15) Italy Frencesco de Larderel 1858 Count of Montecerboli by G.Voigt, 51mm diameter in silver 74.4 grammes, EF. Argentina 1910 100th Anniversary of the 1810 Agricultural Exposition - Buenos Aires, 50mm diameter, 56.75 grammes VF with some edge nicks. Columbian Exposition 1892 58mm diameter in White metal Obverse: Discovery of America October 1492 and Landing of the Pilgrims December 1620, Reverse: Signing of the Declaration of Independence July 4th 1776 and World's Columbian Exposition 1892 Chicago. Edge: Boldenweck &Co. Pat'd Oct 7, 1890 in 2 lines EF. Ireland 1897 Lord Lieutenant of Ireland - To Exhibitors at Countess Cadogan's Irish Textile Exhibition, Dublin 1897 38mm diameter in silver by Spink & Son. Obverse as Eimer 1820 Diamond Jubilee portrait facing left, crowned and veiled, by F.Bowcher / Reverse: Crowned Crest with ribbon and legend in 7 lines below VF/EF the obverse with some scratches. George V Silver Jubilee 1935 The official Royal Mint issue 36mm diameter in silver Eimer 2029 VF. Bronze medal 1823 39mm diameter Obverse: 11 line legend, I. THOSE PRINCIPLES OF TRUTH AND MORALITYON WHICH POLITICAL LIBERTY AND SOCIAL ORDER DEPEND. II. A MILITIA OF ALL MEN CAPABLE OF ARMSBEARING. III. A WITTENAGEMOTEANNUALLY ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE FOR ENACTING LAWS. Reverse: 12 line legend IV.GRAND AND PETIT JURIESOF THE PEOPLE FAIRLY DRAWN FOR APPLYINGTHE LAWS. V.A MAGISTRACY ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE FOR DULY PERFORMING ALL EXECUTIVE DUTIES. ANTIENT POLITY MDCCCXXIII NVF. British Empire Exhibition 1924 Nobel Industries Ltd. 36mm diameter in bronze NEF. Queen Victoria Death 1901 medalet 13mm diameter NEF/GVF. 1901 The Weeping Angel of Amiens by Blasser 15mm diameter, with a loop mount attached NVF. Edward VII Coronation 1902 19mm diameter Obverse: The busts of the King and Queen right, conjoined, with radiant crown above, Reverse: Arms with supporters ER above, Fine. Edward VII Coronation 1902 medalet by Lauer Obverse: The King and Queen, almost facing OUR GRACIOUS KING AND QUEEN with MADE IN GERMANY below, Reverse: Crowned at Westminster VF. Memorial medal Henry Irving In Memoriam - I GO TO MEET MY KING BECKET, undated, GVF. Medalet 28mm diameter Madame de Servigne 1626-1696 Reverse: Souvenir l'Expositionde Clermont Ferrard 1910 - Chocolate de Royat VF. Medalet - The Lord's Prayer, Obverse: George Vleft with FOREIGN below, Reverse: The Lords prayer in 14 Lines, Good Fine. Medalet - Death of Napoleon undated, 14mm diameter in base metal NVF with loop mount. Sentimental Tokens by Kirk (2) 1773 Lord Camden NVF/GF, 1773 D.Carrick Good Fine/Fine, Canada - Ontario Masonic Penny Token undated Cannington - King Darius Chapter No.154 VF with some scratches. also Groat GB 1836 Enamelled in 5 colours, Fair workmanship Fine £100 - £200
1140 Medals (4) Victoria issues in White Metal (3) 1862 International Exhibition 53mm diameter by Ottley, Birmingham, Obv. Gothic Head of Queen Victoria left, H.M.G.Majesty Queen Victoria, Rev. Opened 1st May 1862 5designed by Captain Fowke R.E., Erected by Messrs Kelk and Lucas GEF the reverse lustrous. International Exhibition 1862 38mm diameter by Allen & Moore, Obverse: Gothic Head of Queen Victoria BORN MAY 24 1819. CROWNED JUNE 28 1838. MARRIED FEB:10 1840. H.M.G.QUEEN NVICTORIA , Rev: INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION OPENED MAY 1st 1862, West Front view of the Exhibition building, COVERS A SPACE OF 26 ACRES. 1200 Ft LONG 700 Ft WIDE DOMES 250Ft HIGH COST £300,000,NVF/GVF. Diamond Jubilee 1897 39mm diameter by Restall, Birmingham. Obverse: Bust left crowned and veiled, VICTORIA QUEEN AND EMPRESS DIAMOND JUBILEE 1897, Reverse: Britannia seated with trident and shield, DARTFORD COMMEMORATION on an ornate tablet behind NEF holed. Britain's Longest Reign 1897 Young Head and Veiled heads of the Queen left, Reverse a calendar showing all Sundays of the year 1897, VF £25 - £50
1141 Medals (7) Great Exhibition 1851 38mm diameter in White metal by W.J.Taylor, Obverse: Bust of Prince Albert, left, H.R.H. PRINCE ALBERT STRUCK IN THE BUILDING OF THE EXHIBITION, Reverse: Royal Arms and supporters. GREAT EXHIBITION OF THE INDUSTRY OF ALL NATIONS. Eimer 1463 EF and lustrous. Great Exhibition 1851 45mm diameter in White Metal by Allen & Moore. Obverse: THERE ARE 2244 IRON GIRDERS, 3300 COLUMNS, 202 MILES OF SASH BARS AND 900,000 SUP. Ft of GLASS , interior legend in 16 lines reads: THE MATERIALS ARE IRON AND GLASS. IT IS IN SHAPE A PARALLELOGRAM, 1848 Ft. LONG BY 408 Ft. BROAD AND 66 Ft. HIGH. IT IS CROSSED MIDWAY BY A TRANSEPT 108 Ft. HIGH; ON THE NORTH SIDE IS AN ADDITION, OF 936 Ft. IN LENGTH BY 48Ft.IN BREADTH, TOTAL AREA OF SPACE 855,360 CUBIC Ft. OR NEARLY 21 ACRES, ESTIMATED VALUE £150,000, NEF. William Shakespeare Tercentenary of his Birth 1864 44mm diameter in White Metal by Davis, Obverse: Bust of Shakespeare left WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE BORN 23 APRIL 1564. DIED 23 APRIL 1616. Reverse: A row of houses THE HOUSE IN WHICH SHAKESPEARE WAS BORN STRATFORD - UPON - AVON in Exergue: PURCHASED BY THE FATHER OF THE POET IN 1574 (WITH EXTENSIVE GROUNDS) FOR L.40. BECAME NATIONAL PROPERTY FOR L.3000 RAISED BY SUBSCRIPTION SEP.16.1847 VF with some light pitting to the edge. Compton Pilgrims Benefit Society 20th Century medals in White Metal (2) GVF both holed above the crown. Queen Victoria Golden Jubilee 1887 32mm diameter in bronze by J.Moore Obverse: Bust left, diademed and veiled IN COMMEMORATION OF THE JUBILEE REIGN OG H.G.M QUEEN VICTORIA 1837-1887. Reverse: VICTORIA E.I BORN MAY 24 1819 ASCENDED JUNE 20.37. CROPWNED JUNE 28. 38. MARRIED FEB 10. 40. JUBILEE 1887 within a wreath displaying colonial shields, EF. Opening of the Royal Exchange 1844 28mm diameter in bronze by W.Wyon, Eimer 1392, Obverse: Bust left diademed ROYAL EXCHANGE OPENED BY H:M: QUEEN VICTORIA OCT: 28 1844. Reverse: Three shields upon a wreath, grasshopper above FIRTS STONE LAID BY THE H.R.H. PRINCE ALBERT JANy 17 1842, VF £70 - £100
1142 Medals and tokens in base metal (36) includes some world issues, some 19th Century, with a few earlier, a wide variety, also includes some medal ribbons, in mixed grades £30 - £70
1143 National Trust Centenary 1995 Silver Medal 63mm diameter, 152.75 grammes of sterling silver by the Royal Mint. Obverse: The Armoral Bearings of the Royal Mint, Reverse : a series of scenes depicting the wide range of concerns of the National Trust, design by Ron Dutton, Toned Matt Finished Silver UNC, in the box of issue with certificate £80 - £100
1144 Netherlands - Medal for Humanitarian Aid undated (1855 issue) Obverse: Head of Willem III right WILLEM III DER NED. G. H. V. L, Reverse: VOOR MENSCHLIEVEND HULPBETOON within a wreath. 50mm diameter in silver, set in a glass photo frame, EF with some hairlines, with signs of once being mounted at the top £30 - £70
1145 North's Typewriter, Dessau's Calendar Medal 1895 38mm diameter in bronze by R.E.Daish Obv: " THE NORTH'S" ENGLAND'S TYPE WRITER 53 QUEEN VICTORIA STREEET E.C. Rev: The calendar of 1895 DESSAU'S CALENDAR 1895 BY.R.E.DAISH EDINBURGH, UNC or very near so and lustrous with excellent fields £50 - £75
1146 Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee 1897 Argentina issue 34mm diameter in silver by J.D (?) Eimer 1822 Obverse: Bust of the Queen, left, veiled, SEMPER HONOR, NOMENQUE TUUM LAUDESQUE MANEBUNT 1837-1897. Rev: Flags of Great Britain and Argentina, crossed, IN COM. LX ANN. ACC. VICTORIAE BRITT. REG. IND. IMP. BUENOS AIRES. A/UNC and with an attractive golden tone with touches of blue and green £60 - £90
1147 Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee 1897 The Large Official Royal Mint issue 56mm diameter in Gold, weight 90.24 grammes, Eimer 1817a, NEF/GVF with some contact marks and edge nicks, in the red box of issue, Eimer shows a mintage of just 3725 pieces £4,700 - £5,200
1148 Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee 1897 The Large Official Royal Mint issue 56mm diameter in Silver, Eimer 1817, GEF/AU in the red box of issue £100 - £120
1149 R.J. Mitchell - designer of the Spitfire Aircraft, Centenary of his Birth 1995 63mm diameter in silver 151.63 grammes, by the Royal Mint, Obverse: head three-quarters left, in exergue R. J. MITCHELL 1895-1937, Reverse: a Spitfire flying over an S.6B Seaplane, two of R.J. Mitchells iconic designs. Hallmarked on the edge, Matt Finish UNC £80 - £100
1150 Red Arrows 2018 5 ounce silver proof Display Season along with Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary 165mm gold plated base metal issue by Tristan Da Chuna both cased with certificates £100 - £160
1151 Swan, Mear and Wood - In the Footsteps of Scott and Shackleton 1910-1912 63mm diameter in silver, weight 151.12 grammes, by the Royal Mint Obverse: Three explorers to right, looking left across an Antarctic scene, 1910-1912 IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF SCOTT 1984-1986, Reverse: CAPTAIN . ROBERT . FALCON . SCOTT . SIR . ERNEST . SHACKLETON Oval vignettes of Scott and Shackleton, above Swan, Mear and Wood skiing, towing their sleds behind, hallmarked on the edge UNC in a red Royal Mint box, no certificate £80 - £100
1152 The Fellowship of Engineering, The Prince Philip Medal, for Exceptional Contribution to Engineering, awarded periodically to an engineer of any nationality who has made and exceptional contribution to engineering as a whole through practice, management or education. awarded to Professor Olgierd Zienkiewicz CBE FR.Eng FRS, a British academic of Polish descent, in 2006 in recognition of outstanding contribution spanning the wide field of mechanics and engineering. The medal is 76mm diameter and struck in .999 gold weighing 489.24 grammes, UNC and lustrous, in the large blue Royal Mint case with RA Eng logo in the lid of the case. Only awarded periodically, with just 17 recipients over a 25 year period. Professor Zienkiewicz, a mathematician and civil engineer, was a pioneer and widely regarded as the Father of the Finite Element Method, a powerful technique originally developed for numerical solution of complex problems in Structural Mechanics and has received 28 honorary degrees from different countries. Previous recipients include Air Commodore Sir Frank Whittle, inventor of the turbojet engine, in 1991, Ron Dennis, the head of the McLaren Formula 1 team during it's world-beating period of success in the 1980s, who was awarded the medal in 2008, and Professor C.C.Chan who was awarded the medal in 2014 for his role in the development of electric vehicles as we know them today. As far as our research has shown this may be the first Price Philip Medal ever offered for sale. £22,000 - £25,000
1153 Death Plaque World War I VF, and British War Medal 1914-1918 GVF cleaned, awarded to 5930 Pte Arthur James Lewis, Welsh Regiment £50 - £100
1154 Long Service and Good Conduct Silver Medal awarded to 344 Sjt. J.W.Brimfield 6th Dragoon Guards VF, and Total Abstinence Association Silver Medal - Watch and be Sober, Fine, as part of a group of World 18th to 20th Century (40) a mixed group mostly base metal, with a few in silver, in mixed circulated grades £40 - £70
1155 Medals (9) Germany (7) Customs Border Protection 1936-1945, missing the suspension ring, Fine. 1914-1918 Honour Cross (2) NVF and VF, World War II War Merit Medal 1939 VF. Mothers Cross imitation. Iron Cross First World War, Iron Cross Second World War, along with Guernsey Liberation from German Occupation 1945 GVF, St. John of Jerusalem Service Medal silvered? £25 - £75
1156 Military Medals (7) Queen's South Africa Medal 3rd type with 6 clasps, Relief of Kimberley, Paadeberg, Driefontein, Johannesburg, Diamond Hill and Witterbergen awarded to 3780 Pte. P.Maher, 10th Hussars VF with some edge nicks. King's South Africa Medal with 2 clasps, South Africa 1901 and South Africa 1902 awarded to 2877 Pte. J.Bennett. Middlesex Regiment VF with some surface marks. Long Service and Good Conduct Medal George V Type A, Bareheaded Bust in Field Marshal's uniform VF, Silver War Badge World War I 33mm diameter RAF with 1562 on the reverse, World War I British War Medal 1914-1918 in silver awarded to Arthur H. Fowler, NEF/GVF with some scratches on the edge. World War II Defence Medal EF with some hairlines, Civil Defence Long Service Medal with British Reverse, UNC boxed comes with Home Office Letter from January 1962 £300 - £600
1157 Queen's South Africa 1899 with 4 clasps Transvaal, Orange Free State, Defence of Ladysmith, and Elandslaagte awarded to Pte. J.Cragg 4280 5th Dragoon Guards and King's South Africa 1902 with 2 clasps South Africa 1901 and South Africa 1902 awarded to Pte. J.Cragg 5980 7th Dragoon Guards a pair NEF to EF with some scratches £200 - £250
1158 Special Constabulary Long Service Medals Elizabeth II (2) both 36mm diameter in bronze no clasps, NEF and VF cleaned, the latter struck on a 3.5mm thick flan £50 - £75

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