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1001 Prize Medal Sand & District Floral & Horticultural Society 52mm diameter in bronze Reverse: View of Sandye Place, awarded to J.E.Garner 3rd Prize Class 226 August 1922 NEF, along with Royal National Rose Society Medal 41mm diameter in brass EF, Prize medal 38mm in bronze Reverse: PRESENTED BY THE ICHTHEMIC GUARD Co. IPSWICH, EF boxed, and Beass Medal 32mm Botanical Gardens Sheffield NVF £50 - £75
1002 John Kendal, Turkish Siege of Rhodes 1480, Italian cast medal, 55mm diameter, MI 17/3, Eimer 19, General of Infantry to the Knights of St John. Obverse: Bust, right armoured, IO. KENDAL. RHODI. TVRCVPELLERIVS, Reverse: Armorial shield, TEMPORE. OBSIDIONIS. TVRCHORVM. MCCCCLXXX, Eimer states this is the first medal to honour an Englishman. Later striking and gilding, GF/NF with old collector's ticket, we note that this medal has been given the highest value for any base metal medallion £725 - £900
1003 English help to the Rebels 1586 31mm diameter in copper, unsigned, Obverse: Two handcuffed hands, reaching for a heart, PB on either side, COR. NOBILE . AFFLICTIS . OPITVLVLATVR, Reverse: Legend in 9 lines: 1586 / BELGIA / HISP: TYRAN / NIDE OPPRESSA ./ PORTVS. VBITA . VI / OBP. RVTA. AVXIL. / [A.DLC] .ET.SER / ANGLIÆ. REG./EXPECT. MI 134/89, 5.60 grammes, Near Fine/VG with some misty areas in the reverse legend £60 - £80
1004 Spanish Netherlands - Jeton Vigilance with the Truth - The Triple Alliance with England, France and the United Provinces 1596, 29mm diameter in bronze, Obverse: Three soldiers join hands on an altar, COMMVNIS QVOS CAVSA MOVET SOCIAT, Reverse: A soldier points at a tablet suspended from a column in which 'ODIVM TYRANNIDIS is inscribed' TITVLVS FOEDERIS, MI I 161/144, 6.00 grammes, pleasing Fine £160 - £200
1005 Francis Bacon Memorial 1626 42mm diameter in bronze by J. Dassier (struck around 1740) Obverse: bust three-quarters right, draped FRANCISC. BACON, Reverse: Aurora, floating on a cloud, approaches the earth, the sun rising, NON PROCUL DIES. Exergue: NAT. 1560. M.1626, 41.78 grammes, Eimer 107, UNC or near so, toning with much eye appeal £90 - £140
1006 Birth of Prince Charles (King Charles II) 1630 30mm diameter in silver, unsigned, Obverse: Four heart-shaped shields, of England and France, Scotland, France and Ireland, united at the centre at their bases, radiate, HACTENVS. ANGLORVM. NVLLI Reverse HONOR' . PRIN'. MAG'. BRI'. FR'. ET.HIB'. NAT'. 29. MAII'. ANN'. 1630 within a decorative square tablet, 6.40 grammes, Eimer 115, NEF £300 - £400
1007 Baptism of Prince James, Duke of York 1633 29mm diameter in silver by N. Briot, Obverse: Prince's Arms within garnished shield, with ducal coronet NON SIC MILLE COHORTES, Reverse: IACOBVS DVX . EBOR. NAT 15. OCT: BAPTIZ: 24 . IUNE 1633 within a wreath of lilies and roses, MI i 268/65, Eimer 126B, 4.65 grammes, Good Fine £100 - £130
1008 Charles I Scottish Coronation 1633 29mm diameter in silver by N. Briot, Eimer 123, Obverse: Bust left, crowned and draped CAROLVS.DG.SCOTIAE.ANGLIAE.FR.ET.HIB.REX. Reverse: Thistle HINC.NOSTRAE.CREVERE.ROSAE, In exergue Coron.18.IV NII . 1633 .R , NEF with some scratches on the reverse, Rare in high grade, Ex-Matthew Rich Collection £550 - £700
1009 Earl of Essex, Robert Devereux, 1642, a silver military reward, cast, 35mm x 26mm on an oval flan, Obverse: Half length figure of Essex, almost facing, armoured and holding an upright sword, above SX incuse, SHOULD HEAR BOTH HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT FOR TRUE RELIGION AND SUBIECTS FREDOM STAND, PRO RELIGIONE . LEGE. REGE. ET. PARLIAMENTO (incuse in running script), much of this indistinct, Reverse: Two equal horizontal sections containing the two Parliaments in which the King and the Speaker are seated, holed at the top for suspension, 6.16 grammes, Eimer 140, MI i 295/113, Near Fine, the Earls face worn, Rare £400 - £500
1010 Peace or War 1643 29mm diameter in bronze by T. Rawlins, Obverse: Bust right, Laureate, armoured and draped, CAROLVS. D.G. ANG.SCO.FR.ET.HIB.REX. Reverse: A sword and olive branch crossed with CR crowned on either side IN VTRVM QVE.PARATVS., date in exergue, 5.77 grammes, Eimer 142, VG the obverse with an old scratch £50 - £70
1011 Charles I Death and Memorial 1649 50mm diameter in bronze, by J. and N. Roettier, Obverse bust right, armoured and draped, CAROL . D.G.M.B.F.ET. H. REX. & . GLOR .MEM., Reverse: A hand issuing from Heaven holds a celestial crown, below, sheep in a landscape, VIRVT EX. ME. FORVNAM. EX. ALIJS, MI i 346/200-1, Eimer 162, 53.43 grammes, EF/NEF, the reverse a little unevenly, but not unpleasantly toned £110 - £140
1012 Marriage of Charles II to Catherine of Braganza 1662, 31mm x 27mm diameter on an oval flan, unsigned, Obverse: Bust of the King left, dividing the letters CR each crowned, PACE TRIVMPHANS, Reverse: Bust of the Queen, left, FVTVRI SPES, in left field, a crown, 5.20 grammes, as Eimer 225, Fine with suspension loop at the top £200 - £250
1013 Charles II (c.1667) 29mm diameter in silver by P. Roettier, Obverse Bust right, with short hair, CAROLO . SECVNDO . Reverse: A sleeping lion QVIESCIT . Exergue: BRITAN. 6.40 grammes, Eimer 244, Fine, with two indentations in the field £300 - £350
1014 British Colonization 1670 42mm diameter in silver by P. Roettier, Obverse: Busts on the King and Queen right conjoined, the King armoured and draped, CAROLVS . ET . CATHARINA . REX . ET . REGINA, Reverse: A terrestrial globe, DIFFVSVS . IN . ORBE . BRITANNVS . 1670, MI i 540/192, Eimer 245, 35.52 grammes, Good Fine/Fine £280 - £350
1015 Murder of Sir Edmundbury Godfrey 1678 38mm diameter in silver by G. Bower, Obverse: Bust right, draped, MORIENDO . RESTITVTIT . REM . E . GODFREY, Reverse: Heads of the Pope and Devil joined to form one face ECCLESIA . PERVERSA . TENET . FACIEM . DIABOLI . Lettered Edge: CERVICE . FRACTA . FIDEM . SVSTVLIT . ATLAS XNS . 1678, MI i 578/250, Eimer 259a, 27.47g, About VF lightly cleaned with some rim nicks £280 - £350
1016 Murder of Sir Edmundbury Godfrey 1678, a copy, (struck c.1790) signed by J. Milton, original by G. Bower, in silver, struck, Obverse: bust right, being strangled by his own cravat by two hands, MORIENDO. RESTITVIT . RFEM . E. GODFREY . Reverse: A prostrate figure being strangled by a man leaning over him, the scene blessed by a Papal figure holding a BVLLO (decree) TANTVM . RELLIGIO . POTVIT . Lettered Edge: CERVICE . FRACTA . FIDEM . SVSTVLIT . ATLAS . XNS . 1678, MI i 577/247, Eimer 257, 30.76 grammes, NEF with some edge nicks £230 - £280
1017 Coronation of James II 1685 34mm diameter in silver by J.Roettier The official Coronation issue, Obverse: Bust right laureate, armoured and draped, IACOBVS. II. D.G.ANG.SCO.FR.ET.HI.REX. Reverse: A laurel wreath upon a cushion, a crown held by a hand issuing from heaven, A. MILITARI . AD . REGIAM .Exergue: INAVGVRAT . 23 . AP. 1685, Eimer 273, 16.30 grammes, EF with minor hairlines in the fields, a superb portrait, exhibiting flashes of gold under a blue/green tone £900 - £1,500
1018 Duke of Monmouth Beheaded 1685 48mm diameter in brass by G. Bower (?) in the style of Eimer 279, much of the lettering appears crudely styled, 30.34 grammes, Near Fine, pierced at the top, possibly a contemporary copy £200 - £250
1019 James II 1685, 61mm diameter in bronze, cast, uniface, Obverse: Bust right, draped, IACOBVS . II . DEI . GRA . ANG . SCO . FRA . ET . HIB . REX . On a raised border, 128.67 grammes, Obverse of Eimer 282, Good Fine, these medals are believed to have served as a Military or Naval award. £200 - £250
1020 Abdication of James II 1688 38mm diameter in white metal, unsigned (struck around 1788) Obverse: Bust of William III right, laureate GVLIELMVS . III . DEI . GRATIA. Reverse: James II accompanied in a rowing boat, on the Thames throws the Great Seal into the river, JAMES II ABDICATION, date 1688 in exergue, MI i 646/75, BHM 287, Eimer 301, 16.70 grammes, NVF with some surface marks £60 - £80
1021 Archbishop Sancroft and the Bishops 1688 (Struck) by G. Bower, Obverse: Bust facing right wearing a cap and clerically robed GVIL.SANCROFT.ARCHIEPISC.CANTAVR.1688. Reverse Seven medallions containing busts, clerically robed, of William Lloyd, Francis Turner, John Lake, Henry Compton, Thomas Ken, Thomas White, and Sir John Trelawney, a field of stars, edge: SI FRACTUS ILLABATUR ORBIS IMPAUIDOS FERIENT RUINAE. Eimer 288a 53.42 grammes, EF with grey tone and some edge nicks, Cataloguers Note : William Sancroft (1617-1693) Archbishop of Canterbury refused to read James II's 'Declaration of Indulgence' exempting Catholics and dissenters from penal statutes. The bishops were committed to the Tower for opposing the edicts of James II £300 - £450
1022 Archbishop Sancroft and the Bishops 1688 51mm diameter in silver, by G. Bower, Obverse: Bust facing right wearing a cap and clerically robed GVIL.SNCROFT.ARCHIEPISC.CANTAVR.1688. Reverse: Seven medallions containing busts, clerically robed, of William Lloyd, Francis Turner, John Lake, Henry Compton, Thomas Ken, Thomas White, and Sir John Trelawney, a field of stars, Lettered Edge: SI FRACTUS ILLABATUR ORBIS IMPAUIDOS FERIENT RUINAE, 54.04 grammes, MI i 622/37, Eimer 288a, VF or better, Note : William Sancroft (1617-1693) Archbishop of Canterbury refused to read James II's 'Declaration of Indulgence' exempting Catholics and dissenters from penal statutes. The bishops were committed to the Tower for opposing the edicts of James II £130 - £160
1023 Religious Toleration 1688 59mm diameter in lead?, The Open Letter of Gaspar Fagel to the British People in Support of Religious Toleration under William of Orange. Of Dutch J. Smeltzing (?). Religious objects surmounted by cap inscribed LIBERTAS set on ornate base inscribed BRITANNIA; above, hand of God holding proclamation inscribed C. FAGELII/EPISTOLA/EFFLAGITATA/A/I. STEWARDO/1687 LIBERTAS CONSCIENTIÆ HOC MONILI ORNATA .Reverse: A hound, wearing rosary and holding book inscribed M I., standing slightly left on ground with raised right paw placed on book inscribed S . R . P . set on ornate altar decorated with seals inscribed T and P, and entwined serpent; left paw on book inscribed L.C. RES IMMODERATA CUPIDO EST. MI 620/35; Unlisted by Eimer . 60.93 grammes, Fine with some blistering £160 - £200
1024 Act of Toleration 1689 49mm diameter in silver by P.H. Műller, Obverse Bust right draped, armoured and laureate, GVLIELMVS REX ANGL . SCOT . FRANC . ET . HYBERN PATRIAE DECUS ANGLIAE PRAESIDIVM, Reverse: Britannia, accompanied by Religion and Liberty, grasps the hand of William TE SERVATORE MON SERVIMUS, In Exergue; RESTITUTORI BRITANNIAE 1689, Lettered edge (by Kleinert); REGIA CREDE MIHI RES EST SUCCURRERE LAPSIS, 44.50 grammes, MI i 683/64, Eimer 314, VF with some contact marks £400 - £500
1025 Mary as Regent 1690 49mm diameter in bronze by J.or N.Roettier, Obverse: bust right MARIA. II. D.G.MAG.BR. FR. ET. HIB. REGINA. Reverse a full moon amid clouds and stars over a landscape. EX NOCTE DIEM, 53.90 grammes, Eimer 320/321, About EF £150 - £250
1026 James II and Prince James, Legitimacy of Jacobite Succession 1699, 36mm diameter in silver by N.Roettier, Obverse: Bust right, laureate IACOBVS . II . D.G.M.B.F.ET.H.REX, 1699 below, Reverse: Bust left, armoured and draped, IAC . WALLIAE . PRINCEPS, MI ii 202/515, Eimer 379, 12.94 grammes, NEF/GVF with some minor contact marks and scratches £650 - £850
1027 Accession of Queen Anne 1702 35mm diameter in silver, by J.Croker, Obverse: Crowned and Draped ANNA. D:G: MAG: BR: FR: ET: HIB: REGINA., Reverse: A Heart within branches of oak resting on a pedestal inscribed ATAVIS REGIBVS and threaded through a Crown, above; ENTIRELY ENGLISH, 15.72 grammes, Eimer 388, GVF/NEF with an area of brighter toning on ET £300 - £400
1028 Expedition to Vigo Bay 1702 37mm diameter in silver by J. Croker, Obverse: Obverse: Bust left, crowned and draped, ANNA . DEI . GRA : MAG : BR : FRA : ET . HIB : REGINA., Reverse: Ships burning within a harbour, a fleet lying at it's mouth near a fort, CAPTA. ET. INCENSA. GAL: ET. HISP: CLASSE. Exergue: AG. VIGUM. XII . OCT . MDCCII. MI ii 236/18, Eimer 395a, 18.09 grammes, About Fine £60 - £90
1029 Queen Anne's Bounty 1704 44mm diameter in bronze by J.Croker, Obverse: Bust left, laureate and draped ANNA D:G: MAG: BRI FR: ET. HIB: REG: Reverse Anne seated right, presents a charter to kneeling clergy. PIETAS. AVGUVSTAE. Exergue. PRIMITIIS. ET. DECIMIS. ECCLESIAE. CONCESSIS. MDCCIV. 33.00 grammes, Eimer 404, VF with a small dark tone patch on PIETAS £20 - £50
1030 Barcelona Relieved 1706 35mm diameter in bronze by J. Croker, Obverse: Bust left draped, ANNA. D.G: MAG BR FRA : ET . HIB : REG :, Reverse: Sun eclipsed above city and harbour, BARCELONA . LIB . GALLIS . FVG, Exergue: I . MAII . MDCCVI. 14.16 grammes, Eimer 418, Fine/About Fine with a scratch on the reverse £20 - £50
1031 Battle of Ramilles 1706 35mm diameter in bronze by J. Croker, Obverse: Bust left, draped ANNA . D. G . MAG . BR . FR. ET. HIB: REG. Reverse: Map of the two conquered Provinces displayed by two Fames, town in the distance, GALLIS . AD . RAMILLIES . VICTIS . XII . MAII . MDCCVI, In Exergue: FLANDR . ET . BRABANT RECEPT., MI ii 284/92, Eimer 419, 16.06 grammes, NEF/EF the obverse with some minor spots £75 - £95
1032 Battle of Ramllies 1706 35mm diameter in bronze by J. Croker, Obverse: Bust left, draped ANNA . D:G. MAG. BR. FR. ET. HIB: REG. Reverse: Map of the conquered provinces displayed by two Fames, a town in the distance GALLIS . AD . RAMELLIES . XII . MAII . MDCCVI, In Exergue: FLANDR . ET . BRABANT . RECEFT in two lines, 16.15 grammes, Eimer 419, EF with an area of light verdigris in the obverse field £140 - £180
1033 Union of England and Scotland 1707 35mm diameter in bronze by J.Croker, Obverse: Bust left draped, ANNA. D:G. MAG. BR. FR. ET. HIB: REG. Reverse: Arms of Britain on an escutcheon, supported on a platform inscribed SEMPER EADEM decorated with a rose and thistle, with two infant genii supporting a crown above the arms; collar and George of the Garter below, 14.97 grammes, Eimer 425, EF with some verdigris spots on the reverse £100 - £150
1034 Prince James (III) Attempted Invasion of Scotland 1708 (2) the first 38mm diameter in silver, by N. Roettier, Obverse: Bust right draped CVIVS . EST. Whose (image) is this? Reverse: Map of the British Isles marked BRIT SCOT and HIE with ships around the coast, the Capital cities marked by their initial letters, L, D and E, REDDITE on a banner above, 20.53 grammes, Fine with old gilding, The second similar but 38mm diameter in bronze, 16.43 grammes, EF with some spots and a darker area of toning on the reverse, we note Eimer lists only a 30mm medal of this type £300 - £350
1035 Trial of Dr. Henry Sacheverell 1710 cast, 35mm diameter in silver, Obverse: Bust almost facing, H : SACH . D : D: Reverse: A mitre, : IS : FIRM : :TO : THEE: MI ii 367/250, Eimer 442, 10.84 grammes, Near Fine £28 - £45
1036 Coronation of George I 1714 34mm diameter in silver by J. Croker, the official Coronation issue, Obverse: Bust right armoured and draped GEORGIVS. D.G. MAG. BR. FR. ET. HIB. REX Reverse: the King enthroned right is crowned by Britannia, Exergue: INAVGVRAT. XX. OCT. MDCCXIII, 14.92 grammes, Eimer 470, EF/NEF attractively toned, the reverse with some light hairlines £300 - £400
1037 Spanish Fleet Captured off Cape Passaro 1718 45mm diameter in silver by J. Croker, Obverse: Bust right, Laureate armoured and draped, GEORGIVS . D:G. MAG. BR: FR: ET.HIB: REX. F:D: Reverse: Statue of the King, as Neptune, upon a rostral column amidst captured Naval trophies SOCIORVM PROTECTOR, In Exergue: CLASSE . HISP . DELETA. / AD.ORAS. SICILIÆ. / 1718 in three lines, 36.84 grammes, Eimer 481, VF/NVF with some contact marks £300 - £350
1038 Birth of Prince James 1720 43mm diameter in bronze by N. Roettier, Obverse: Busts right, conjoined and draped, he armoured and she wearing a bandeau IACOB . III . R. CLEMENTINA . R . Reverse: Providence, leaning against a column, indicates to an infant the territories of England, Scotland and Ireland, on a globe, marked ING. SC. and IR. respectively PROVIDENTIA OBSTETRIX, In Exergue: CAROLO . PRINC . VALLIAE. NAT . DIE . VLTIMA . A : MDCCXX:, MI ii 452/60, Eimer 488, 30.70 grammes, GVF/VF £140 - £180
1039 Prince James (III) The Only Safeguard 1721, 50mm diameter in bronze, by O. Hamerani, Obverse: Armoured bust of Prince James, right, a sunburst on his breastplate, VNICA SALVS, Reverse: Hanoverian horse tramples on the English lion and Scottish unicorn, the distraught figure of Britannia to the left, a view of London beyond, MI ii 454/63, Eimer 493, 42.12 grammes, a heavy contact mark on the reverse, otherwise GVF or better £115 - £145
1040 Death of John Freind 1728 62mm diameter in copper by F. St.Urbain, Obverse: Bust left IOHANNES . FRIEND . COLL . MED . LOND . ET . REG . S . S, Reverse: An ancient and a contemporary physician stand facing each other, their hands clasped, with medical implements at their feet, MEDICINA . VETVS . ET . NOVA . In Exergue: VNAM FACIMVS VTRAMQVE. 78.96 grammes, Eimer 515, EF with some flan flaws £50 - £70
1041 George II Dedicatory medal 1731, 41mm diameter by J. Dassier Obverse: Bust left, laureate armoured and draped, GEORGIUS . II . D.G. MAG. BR. FR. ET. HIB. REX. Reverse: NUMISMATA REGUM ANGLIAE A GULIELMO PRIMO AD HAEC USQUE TEMPORA GEORGIO II. MAGNAE BRITANNIAE ET HIBERNIAE REGI SERENISSIMO ETC. DICATA A JOANNE DASSIER GENEVENSIS REIPUB. CAELATORE MONETALI ANNO M.DCC.XXXI in 14 lines, 38.37 grammes, Eimer 525, EF with some small contact marks and edge nicks £65 - £100
1042 Kings and Queens of England 1731 Henry V (No.16) 41mm diameter in bronze by J. Dassier, Obverse: Bust right, armoured, helmeted, wreathed and crowned, HENRICUS . V. D.G. ANG. FR . ET . HIB . REX . Reverse: A decorated tomb, the plinth inscribed NATUS 1388 CORONAT . 1413 MORT . 1422. Eimer 526, 27.02 grammes , NEF with light surface pitting in places £25 - £35
1043 Jernegan's Lottery 1736 39mm diameter in Silver by J.S.Tanner Obverse: Minerva standing between military trophies and emblems of the Arts and Sciences. BOTH HANDS FILL'D FOR BRITAIN. Exergue: GEORGE REIGNING. Reverse Caroline royally robed waters a grove of young palm trees. GROWING ARTS ADORN EMPIRE.. Exergue CAROLINE PROTECTING 1736, 19.85 grammes, Eimer 537, GVF toned with some rim nicks, Note: originally given to purchasers of a Lottery Ticket for a silver cistern made by Henry Jernegan (d.1761) a London goldsmith and banker £70 - £150
1044 Capture of Portobello 1739 39mm diameter in pinchbeck, Obverse Admiral Vernon full length in frock-coat, facing right, holding sword and staff, cannon and ship behind, THE BRITISH GLORY REVIV'D BT ADMIRAL VERИOИ, Reverse: Six ships entering Portobello harbour, HE TOOK PORTO BELLO WITH SIX SHIPS ONLY, 20.39 grammes, Fine. Battle of Culloden 1746 Obverse Bust right armoured, WILL DUKE CUMB BRITISH HERO, Reverse: A Battle scene REBELLION JUSTLY REWARDED Exergue: AT CULLODEN 16.APR.1746, 10.75 grammes, Near Fine. Canada Medal 1914 39mm diameter in lead? Camp Valcartier, Canadian Training Base, Obverse: Three Musketeers, Reverse: the names of the Allies on a Maple leaf, 24.23 grammes, Fine £20 - £40
1045 Carthagena Taken 1741 28mm diameter in brass, Obverse: Admiral Vernon stands above kneeling figure of Admiral Don Blass, receiving his sword, DON BLASS in field, THE SPANISH PRIDE PULL D DOWN BY ADMIRAL VERNON, Reverse: Six ships entering WHO TOOK PORTO BELLO WITH SIX SHIPS ONLY, Exergue: NOV 22 1739, Bettes 302, unlisted by Eimer, 6.25 grammes, About Fine with some weaker areas £80 - £100
1046 Carlisle Recaptured 1745 35mm diameter in brass, unsigned, Obverse: Bust right, draped, WILL : DUKE : CUMB : BRTISH : HERO : BORN . 15 . APR . 1721. Reverse: Equestrian figure of the Duke directs a soldiers escorting two captive Highlanders, REBELLION : JUSTLY : REWARDED, Exergue: AT . CARLILE . DEC: 1745, 13.20 grammes, Eimer 599, GVF/NEF scarce in this grade £150 - £200
1047 Carlisle Recaptured 1745 35mm diameter in bronze by Wolff, Obverse: Bust right GUL DUX CUMB DELICIAE MILITUM . NATUS 15. APR. 1721. Reverse: The Duke of Cumberland, as a warrior, shield decorated with a bust of the King, attacks a hydra, a city in the distance, PRO PATRE and PATRIA. Exergue: REB. EX ANG. PULLSI. & CARL.REDACTUM DEC : 1745, 11.86 grammes, Eimer 597, VG or slightly better/Fine £10 - £20
1048 Carlisle Recaptured: Jacobite Rebels Repulsed 1745. 36mm diameter in bronze by Wolff, Obverse: Bust right, draped, GUL . DUX . CUMB. DELICIAE . MILITUM . NATUS . 15 . APR . 1721, Reverse: The Duke of Cumberland, as a warrior, shield decorated, not with bust of the King, attacks a hydra, city in the distance, PRO . PATRE . ET . PATRIA . Exergue: REB : EX . ANG . PUL. ET / CARL. REDACTUM / DEC 1745, as Eimer 597, Eimer mentions 'struck from two pairs of dies', 18.05 grammes, VF/GVF toned, the obverse a little unevenly so, but not unpleasant £35 - £75
1049 Prince Charles, The Young Pretender 1745, 42mm diameter in copper by C.N. Roettier, Obverse: Bust right, CAROLUS WALLIAE PRINCEPS 1745, Reverse: Britannia standing on the shore, regards an approaching fleet, her hand resting upon the shield of St. George, which partially reveals a globe marked with the British Isles. AMOR ET SPES. In Exergue: BRITANNIA, 27.07 grammes, Eimer 595, NVF/VF with a spot on Britannia's drapery £20 - £40
1050 Rebels Retreat to Scotland 1745 35mm diameter, Obverse: Bust left HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS WILLIAM DUKE OF CUMBERLAND. Reverse: A retreating army THE PRETENDERS LAST SHIFT OR REBELS RACE FOR LIFE 1745, 12.11 grammes, About Fine for wear, with some scratches, the reverse with some corrosion, unlisted by Eimer £25 - £75

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