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London Coins Auction 183
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771 A money clip made from a San Marino Five Lire 1898 KM#6 VF with some surface marks, the coin cut down the edge, each half then mounted on the outside of the clip, an unusual item £70 - £90
772 A Sovereign holder in 9 carat gold, to hold a sovereign and a half sovereign, makers mark W.H.H William Hair Haseler, 25.40 grammes with date 1918 below a monogram within an ornate design on the lid, in excellent second-hand condition £400 - £500
773 A Sovereign holder in 9 carat gold, to hold two sovereigns, by A. L. Dennison date letter O, total weight 38.53 grammes, with 18-2-26 and a monogram within an ornate design on the lid, in excellent second-hand condition £600 - £700
774 Accessories - a large group includes an aluminium carrying box with 8 Lindner style trays, two small plastic cabinets, one with spaces for 9 trays (8 trays present), and another smaller with 4 trays, a small group of empty cases and boxes for Royal Mint single coin issues, two additional Lindner trays, and a quantity of capsules, banknote wallets, banknote album pages and empty albums, 7 Lindner display trays, a useful group, the vast majority in used condition £0 - £150
775 Accessories - Lindner Trays (5), Albums (4), and a selection of empty cases for Royal Mint items (14) includes cases for 1937 4-coin Gold set and 1950 Proof set boxes (2), in mixed condition (total weight over 12 kilos) £0 - £100
776 Accessories includes Aluminium carrying cases (2) no trays, Proof Set box for a 1937 Gold Set, a banknote album, a Plastic cabinet with 4 trays, 235mm x 235mm x 65mm with a felt mat in each tray, empty cases from promoters items (18), Abafil Trays (4), a Lindner tray, Book - The Western Front Experience by Gary Sheffield, and coin tubes (2) £0 - £100
777 Books (18) English Silver Coinage 1992 Edition, Coincraft Standard Catalogue 2000 Edition, Spink Standard Catalogues (2) 2002 and 2005 Editions, Coin Yearbooks (2) 2001 and 2002 Editions, Coins Market Values (2) 2000 and 2001 Editions, Collector's Coins great Britain 2001, British Campaign Medals 1914-2000 by Peter Duckers, Collecting Military medals by Colin Narbeth, Check Your Change No.1, Pocket Money Guide 1968, Eyewitness Guide to Money, Revised Edition 1999, A.F.Brock Auction Catalogue 2003, and 2 other non-numismatic titles, Home and Ideas 2004 Summer, and National Association of Choirs 2004, along with A Coin album with printed pages from Charles II to William IV, most in good condition, the Coincraft catalogue with the back detached £0 - £30
778 Books (3) Coins From Sweden 995-2022 (Sveriges Myntbok, Munzen Aus Schweden) in 2 Volumes by Roberto Delzanno, both volumes in as new condition, and 'Gold Coins From Sweden 1512-2020' by Roberto Delzanno in as new condition £0 - £50
779 Books (3) Trade Tokens Issued In The 17th Century by George C. Williamson 1967 Reprint in 3 Volumes : Volume 1 Bedfordshire to Lincolnshire, Volume 2: London and Southwark, and Volume 3: Staffordshire to Yorkshire, and Ireland, in good second-hand condition £150 - £200
780 Boxes and cases (30) includes boxes for 1887 set (11 coins) (2) both different, 1893 (10 coins), 1902 long sets (2), 1902 card box, 1911 blue box, 1927 set boxes (4) two card and two hard, 1937 Gold Set, 1937 15-coin sets (3), 1950 set, Maundy Money square boxes (7), Unofficial Victoria Jubilee Specimen set box, Sovereign and Half Sovereign 2-coin box, Unofficial 4-coin gold set box, a Victorian-style 5-coin box for a £5 and 4x Sovereign size coins, Unofficial Slide cases (3), marked for Victoria Old Head, Edward VII and George V, and a red Maundy pouch. The 1902 set boxes in poor condition, others in mixed condition some excellent £250 - £300
781 Cap badges (2) RAF and Royal Engineers Second World War, in a presentation box, presented to Wing Commander Robert Parker, in good second-hand condition £20 - £40
782 Cigarette Cards in an album (357) Will's Cigarettes Roses, Wild Flowers, Ancient Chinese, Overseas Dominians, Homeland, Ladies and Gentlemen, and Feathered Friends series, in mixed condition, the album in poor condition £25 - £75
783 Empty Presentation Boxes (25), Royal Mint quality wooden boxes with outer black card box used from 2019 onwards suitable for modern Five Pounds and Fifty Pence, as new £100 - £120
784 Enamelled Badges (4) three are shield-shaped, the first with the arms of Cuba, the second with an eagle design, the third with a galleon and French Lis, the last in the form of a curved pin badge, the second and third items bear the legend 'Sauver ou Perir' the motto of the Paris Fire Brigade, each with a good quality of workmanship £30 - £60
785 Half Sovereign 1903 Marsh 506, S.3974A bent and mounted on a ring, the ring not hallmarked, total weight 5.18 grammes £170 - £220
786 Halfpenny 1772 Good Fine hollowed out in the style of a smugglers box to contain three recesses each 12mm diameter, containing a Maundy Penny 1800 this EF with some scratches, an unusual item £25 - £75
787 India - East India Company Rupee Weight (c.1840-1850) obverse legend: MINIMUM WEIGHT OF COMPANYS RUPEE, reverse legend : 176 2/5 GRS. With star countermark in right obverse field, 30mm diameter in bronze, 11.26 grammes, VF with some surface residue £20 - £50
788 Masonic Badges (11) an array of different types, includes Somerset, Sussex and Essex types, the Sussex an oval 'locket' type design, most with suspension loop, all larger sizes, many 60mm or bigger, in mixed grades £60 - £70
789 Match cases in 9 carat gold (2) the first by Henry Williamson 18.00 grammes of 9 carat gold with HJ monogram within an ornate decorated outer case, the second by C&S (possibly Collingwood and Sons) 16.26 grammes with FTS monogram within an ornate design on the outer case £800 - £900
790 Medal cabinet 522mm x 375mm x 285mm with 6 drawers, 5 drawers with 51mm diameter slots, and a deep open drawer at the bottom, in very good second-hand condition £0 - £20
791 Mint Error - Belgium 20 Francs 1932 Dutch Legend as KM#102, mint cancelled, the obverse with 'waffle' cancellation, the reverse cancelled with a parallel line pattern, Fine and unusual £30 - £60
792 Mint Error - Mis-Strike Decimal Ten Pence 1971 on a small flan 28mm weighing 7.80 grammes, only part of the milling is present NVF weakly struck on the Lion's face £50 - £75
793 Mint Error - Mis-Strike Halfcrown 1874 a small area of the lower field in an arc around the date area on the obverse is raised, this area shows an extra incuse section of rim teeth VG unusual £55 - £70
794 Mint Error - Mis-Strike Sixpence 1891 struck off-centre with a raised lip from 2 o'clock to 11 o'clock on the reverse, the edge milling between 2 and 11 o'clock only covers half the edge with the remainder plain and of a large diameter, EF/NEF and highly unusual £100 - £150
795 Mint Error - Mis-Strikes Malaysia 50 Sen (2) 2008 the first KM#53 a spectacular double striking with around 40% of a second coin overstruck on both sides with around 18mm of the overstruck coin visible and clear EF , the second with date off flan KM#53 a spectacular double striking with around 40% of a second coin overstruck on both sides with around 20mm of the overstruck coin visible and clear VF £100 - £150
796 Mint Error- Mis-Strikes (2) Crowns 1960 both weak edge milling with a plain area in the centre of the edge all the way round About UNC and unusual £20 - £40
797 Miscellaneous assortment of non coin promoters items, ornamental models planes and trains, plates, sports memorabilia, some stamp albums and empty boxes for coins and more (lot in several boxes, no postal service buyer must collect from our offices) £0 - £150
798 Pin Badges - Walt Disney Collectors Society 11 badges in an ornate picture frame as follows:- Jiminy Cricket 1993 'Cricket's the Name - Jiminy Cricket', Cheshire Cat 1994 'Twas Brillig', Dumbo 1995 'Simply Adorable', Winnie the Pooh 1996 'Time For Something Sweet', Magician Mickey 1997 'On With The Show', Timon 1998 'Luau!', Lady 1999 'A Perfectly Beautiful Little Lady', Mickey Mouse 2000 'On Top Of Thne World', Tinker Bell 2001 'Little Charmer', Snow White 2002 'Won't You Smile For Me?', Jiminy Cricket 2003 'I Made Myself At Home', as issued in the original frame, numbered 460 of a limited edition of 1500 sets, along with a framed sketch of the reverse design of the Fifty Pence 1992 EU Presidency by Mary Milner Dickens, signed and numbered (178), not suitable for posting - for collection from our offices only £50 - £75
799 Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee 1897 Masonic Jewel in 9 carat gold with inset diamonds, portrait of the queen half left in the centre surrounded by diamonds, dates 1837 and 1897 to either side on blue enamel background, crowned at the top with red enamel within the crown, with suspension loop, no ribbon, along with the 9 carat gold pin clasp, in excellent condition, in the Fattorini & Sons box £850 - £1,500
800 Toy Money by Lauer (125) Farthing to Sovereign types VF to UNC many have corrosion £20 - £50

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