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1210 Angel Henry VIII First Coinage (1509-1526) S.2265 mintmark Portcullis 5.14 grammes Obverse as Schneider 562, Reverse as Schneider 563 Good Fine or better, bold and even on a full round flan, very attractive for the grade and with very attractive overall eye appeal, £2,800 - £3,500
1211 Crown Charles I Tower Mint Under King Class 1a mint mark Cross Calvary VG-Fine edges a little ragged in places with a pleasing grey tone S2753 £500 - £900
1212 Cut Halfpennies (15) and Farthings (3) mostly Fine, an interesting study group £90 - £150
1213 Gold Crown Charles I Group B, Second Bust, in ruff, armour and mantle, Reverse: Square-topped shield S.2711 mintmark Cross Calvary, 2.18 grammes, Good Fine £450 - £550
1214 Groat Edward III Pre-Treaty, London Mint S.1572, 4.46 grammes, Fine/Good Fine £200 - £250
1215 Groat Edward IV Light coinage (1464-1470) London Mint, Quatrefoils at neck, S.2000 mintmark Crown, 3.08 grammes, EF with an edge nick by ANG, a very high grade example of the type £400 - £500
1216 Groat Henry V Type C with mullet to right of breast S.1765 mintmark pierced cross, 3.50 grammes, Obverse Fine or better with some slight weakness on the portrait, the legends bold, Reverse: Good Fine and even, a pleasing piece and scarce, comes with old ticket £100 - £200
1217 Groat Henry VI Annulet issue, Calais Mint with annulets at neck S.1836 Fine, the reverse slightly better, the obverse with some surface marks £60 - £100
1218 Groat Henry VI Rosette-Mascle issue, Calais Mint, S.1859, mintmark Pierced Cross, 3.85 grammes, NEF and nicely toned with much eye appeal £300 - £400
1219 Groat Henry VI Second Reign with HENRICV legend S.2082 mintmark Restoration Cross, 2.69 grammes, VF with a large edge chip, the reverse with some surface deposit, Shilling Charles I Group E mintmark unclear 5.85 grammes, VG with some shortage of flan, Ancients (3) Denarius Hadrian, Rome (c.119-124) Obverse: Laureate head right IMP CAESAR TRAIAN HADRIANVS AVG, Reverse Hadrian seated left on platform extending right hand, before him seated attendant, citizen mounting steps to platform, in background a second attendant stand and holding a coin counter. RIC 132, 2.62 grammes, Fine, Ae3 Constantine I (324AD) Obverse: Laureate Head right CONSTANTINVS AVG, Reverse DN CONSTANTINI MAX AVG, Wreath with VOT /./XX in exergue TSAVI Sear 3873var, Thessalonica VII RIC 101, 2.18 grammes, Good Fine with some surface residue, Urbs Roma Ae3 issued under Constantine I 307-337 Trier. (330-331) Obverse: Crested Helmeted busy of ROMA left wearing imperial mantle, Reverse: She-Wolf suckling Romulus and Remus, TRS in exergue, 2.23 grammes, RIC 553 VF £50 - £75
1220 Groat Henry VII Facing Bust, New Bust with realistic hair, double arched crown with only the top arch jewelled, Class IIIc S.2199 mintmark Greyhound's Head, 3.19 grammes, Good Fine, bold and pleasing £75 - £100
1221 Groat Henry VIII Posthumous Issue in debased silver, Bristol Mint Reverse legend CIVITAS BRISTOLIE, S.2406, 2.60 grammes, VF with pleasing portrait, a little weak in places, these pieces almost never seen in better than Fine condition, this a far superior example and very rare thus £800 - £1,000
1222 Groat Henry VIII Second Coinage, Laker Bust D, S.2337E, mintmark Arrow, some signs of minor clipping, 2.64 grammes, NVF with grey tone £65 - £100
1223 Groats (2) Mary S.2492 mintmark Pomegranate/-, 1.96 grammes, Good Fine with two small edge cracks and a small hole below the shield where a small amount of light is visible, Philip and Mary S.2508 mintmark Lis, 1.63 grammes Fine, darkly toned, with some shortage of flan and an edge crack, a tiny hole in the flan is visible under magnification £100 - £120
1224 Groats (4) Henry VIII Second Coinage, Laker Bust D, larger squarer face with fluffy hair, S.2337E mintmark Arrow, 2.64 grammes, VF and pleasing, Henry VII facing portrait, London Mint, S.2195 mintmark Cinquefoil, 2.71 grammes, About VF nicely toned with some small edge nicks, Henry VII Facing Bust, New Bust with realistic hair, double arched crown with both arches jewelled, Class IIIb S.2198A mintmark Escallop, 3.10 grammes, Fine or better, appears once silvered with some metal flaws on the reverse, Henry VI Calais Mint Annulet/Rosette (Early Rosette-Mascle issue) mule S.1836/S.1859, mintmark Plain Cross, 3.68 grammes, Good Fine £200 - £300
1225 Half Angel Henry VII, from altered dies of Richard III, Clear signs of die alteration are visible on the strike of the I and the C of HENRIC. One foot on dragon type. S.2188, North 1699, Schneider 506, mintmark Halved Sun and Rose/Lis on Halved Sun and Rose. Dies as Schneider 506 with a saltire stop at the end of the reverse legend, 2.45 grammes. 20mm diameter, About VF with a little shortage of flan in places. Comes with paperwork from the Portable Antiquities scheme detailing the find. An accompanying note states that only five previous examples have been recorded of this type. Further notes on the Henry VII Gold Coinage can be found in W.J.W. Potter and E.J. Winstanley Chapter 8, pages 141-143, a copy of these pages also comes with the coin, which states that of the five other examples, four are in museums. A very important coin from the early Tudor period, the extreme rarity of this piece cannot be overstated. £5,500 - £6,500
1226 Half Sovereign Edward VI, coinage in the name of Henry VIII 1547-1551, Southwark Mint, Obverse: Henry VIII enthroned with sceptre, Rose below, mintmark E, Reverse: Crowned Coat of Arms with supporters, E below, S.2394, Schneider 666, 6.31 grammes, Good Fine, a few small weaker areas on the reverse, overall pleasing and desirable £3,200 - £3,800
1227 Halfcrown Charles I Group III, Third Horseman, type 3a2. S.2775 mintmark Anchor, 14.93 grammes, Fair/Near Fine, the obverse type identified by the mintmark. Shilling Charles I Group D, Fourth Bust, Type 3a. No inner circles S.2791 mintmark Tun, 5.76 grammes, VG/Near Fine with uneven tone £40 - £70
1228 Halfcrown Charles I Group IV, Fourth horseman, type 4, foreshortened horse, S.2779 mintmark Triangle in circle, 14.63 grammes VF the obverse with some flan stress marks, nevertheless with bold portrait of the King, the shield bold, an attractive and even strike for this issue, struck a little off-centre, the flan of good shape, unusual for this issue £300 - £350
1229 Halfcrown Charles II Third Hammered Issue, with mark of value and inner circles, undated, mintmark Crown. MAG: BR: FR: legend on obverse. 14.60 grammes, S.3221, as ESC 456 with colon stops, a little weakness on the lower left of the shield, otherwise Near VF and with a pleasing portrait £400 - £700
1230 Halfgroat James I Second Coinage mule Obverse: mintmark Rose, Reverse: Mintmark Cinquefoil, 0.97 grammes, Fine, slightly off-centre with some unevenness to the edge between 2 and 4 o'clock £25 - £50
1231 Hammered (11) Shillings (4) Elizabeth I Seventh Issue S.2584, mintmark 1 Obverse portrait, 5.94 grammes, VG, legends Fine/Reverse Fine. Elizabeth I 4.65 grammes, Obverse Worn/Reverse worn with much of the legend and mintmark illegible. James I 3.73 grammes, NVG/VG clipped to the inner circle. Charles I Group D, type 3a, no inner circles, mintmark Tun, 5.97 grammes, Fine/VF. Sixpences (5) Elizabeth I (4) 1564 Large Bust S.2561B mintmark Pheon 2.28 grammes, Fair/VG. 1565 S.2561 mintmark Rose, 2.99 grammes, approaching Fine/Fine. 1571 S.2562 mintmark Castle 2.78 grammes, Obverse: portrait worn, legends VG/Reverse Near Fine. 1572 S.2562, mintmark Ermine2.83 grammes, VG. Charles I 1625 Group A, First Bust, in Coronation robes, S.2805 mintmark Lis, 2.95 grammes, Fine with a weak area on the portrait and on part of the shield. Threepences Elizabeth I 1573 (2) S.2566 both mintmark Ermine the first 1.43 grammes About Fine, the second 1.07 grammes, Fair, along with Isle of Man Penny 1798 NVG with graffiti, Ireland Farthing 1933 A/UNC with lustre and Scotland Bawbee 16-- Obverse VG, the reverse pitted £100 - £200
1232 Hammered (17) Half Groats (2) Edward III with large edge chip from 11 to 1 o'clock, Henry VIII Bristol Mint mintmark WS monogram on the reverse Obverse portrait worn, legend VG/Reverse Near Fine. Pennies (11) Edward I/Edward II (8) London Mint (6), Canterbury Mint (1), Durham Mint (1), Henry III Long Cross, Henry V, London Mint, Mullet and Trefoil by Crown, pierced and with some cracks, Elizabeth I Sixth Issue, mintmark O, Cut Farthings (2) Henry III Short Cross, Henry III Long Cross, Scotland Penny Alexander III creased, Anglo-Gallic Hardi d'Argent obverse legend unclear, in mixed grades VG to Fine £120 - £220
1233 Hammered (18) includes GB Pennies, Halfpennies, in mixed lower grades, and some World silver hammered minors including a Scotland Charles I Twenty Pence Third Coinage 1637-1642 VG £25 - £75
1234 Hammered a small group (3) Groat Mary S.2492 mintmark Pomegranate, 1.88 grammes, Good Fine, bent and straightened, Groat Henry VIII Second Coinage Laker Bust D, S.2337E mintmark Lis, 2.75 grammes, Fine, on a full flan, Sixpence Edward VI Fine Silver Issue (1551) S.2483, mintmark y, 2.85 grammes Near Fine/Fine, tooled, holed in the centre £90 - £150
1235 Hammered a small group (3) Halfcrown Charles I Group IV, Fourth horseman horseman, type 4, foreshortened horse, no ground below, Reverse: Oval garnished shield, S.2779 mintmark Triangle-in-circle, 14.95 grammes, Good Fine on a slightly irregularly shaped flan, Groat Edward IV Second Reign, London Mint, Trefoils on cusps S.2096 mintmark Pellet in annulet, 2.75 grammes, Good Fine with old grey tone, a light stain on the reverse possibly conceals an old surface crack, Groat Edward III Fourth Coinage Pre-Treaty Period, London Mint, Annulet in one quarter of reverse, stops before and after the A of CIVITAS S.1570, 4.58 grammes, Fine/Good Fine £110 - £140
1236 Hammered a small group (6) Halfgroats (2) Elizabeth I Sixth Issue S.2567 mintmark Hand, 1.03 grammes, VG/Fine discoloured, Elizabeth I Sixth Issue S.2567 mintmark Key, 0.81 grammes, Fair/NVG with the obverse scratches. Pennies (3) Elizabeth I Fifth Issue S.2575 mintmark Greek Cross 0.51grammes, on an irregular flan with some adjustment marks, Elizabeth I Sixth Issue mintmark unclear (possibly A) 0.44 grammes, VG, Henry III Long Cross moneyer Willam, Canterbury Mint 1.32 grammes, Fair/VG, Scotland Twopence - Earl of Stirling Coinage, S.5599b Lonzenge-rosette mintmark 0.68 grammes, VG, along with Token 17th Century Farthing Worcestershire 1653 Samuell Cart, Dickinson 5, VG. German States - Prussia Schilling 1752E Fine with some green surface residue £30 - £70
1237 Hammered a small group (6) Shillings (2) James I Sixth, Large Bust S.2668 mintmark Thistle, 5.86 grammes, Good Fine/VF with shortage of flan between 1 and 2 o'clock, and a large edge crack, James I S.2655 mintmark Grapes, 4.96 grammes, Fine/Good Fine with hints of underlying golden tone, Sixpences (4) Elizabeth I 1568 8 over 7 S.2562 mintmark illegible (would be Coronet) 2.21 grammes, Fair/VG creased, Elizabeth I 1567 S.2562 mintmark Lion mintmark and date difficult to decipher, 2.79 grammes, VG creased. Elizabeth I Sixth Issue 1593 Bust 6C S.2578B mintmark Tun, 2.81 grammes, VG, the reverse slightly better, creased, James I 1608 Second Coinage, Fourth Bust S.2658 mintmark Coronet, 2.80 grammes, VG or better with some clipping £50 - £100
1238 Hammered Shillings a small group (5) James I (2) First Coinage, Second bust S.2646 mintmark Thistle, 5.83 grammes, VG/Near Fine, the edge slightly crimped at the top obscuring the obverse mintmark, Second Coinage, Fourth Bust with plainer armour S.2655 mintmark Grapes, the mintmark virtually indistinct on the reverse, 5.93 grammes, Portrait VG, the remainder of the coin approaching Fine. Charles I (3) Group E, Fifth Aberystwyth Bust, type 4.1 Larger Bust, S.2795, mintmark Tun, 4.45 grammes, VG/Fine with some scratches, clipped. Group F, Sixth Large Briot bust S.2799 mintmark Triangle in circle, 6.21 grammes, About Fine on an irregularly shaped flan, Group F, Sixth Large Briot bust S.2799 mintmark Star , 5.60 grammes, weakly struck on the portrait otherwise Fine £75 - £150
1239 Laurel James I Third Coinage, First Large Laureate Bust, S.2637 mintmark Spur Rowell, 9.00 grammes VF with detailed portrait, very few weaker areas, on an almost round flan, gilded and with signs of a clasp mount having been removed from the top of the obverse, nevertheless of attractive appearance and retaining much eye appeal £2,600 - £3,600
1240 Pennies Henry III Long Cross (3) Canterbury Mint, moneyer Nicole, 1.34 grammes, Good Fine. Canterbury Mint, moneyer Willem, 1.43 grammes, Fine. London Mint, moneyer Nicole, 1.42 grammes, Good Fine. £25 - £50
1241 Penny Aethelred Long Cross S.1151 London Mint, moneyer Brihtlaf, 1.34 grammes, Near EF and colourfully toned with some light peck marks, comes with old ticket £100 - £200
1242 Penny Edward I London Mint, Class 9A, S.1407, 1.39 grammes About VF £50 - £60
1243 Penny Edward I/Edward II with many weak areas, blundered on the reverse with a crooked cross, Obverse legend reads EDWAR so can only be class 10b to 15, 1.24 grammes, some areas not struck, the remaining detail Near Fine to Fine £20 - £25
1244 Penny Edward the Confessor, Pointed Helmet type, bust to right, S.1179 mint and moneyer unclear, 1.31 grammes, GVF with a thin surface crack £650 - £750
1245 Penny Henry III Long Cross S.1365, Class 4a, London Mint, moneyer Henri, 1.47 grammes, Near VF £400 - £500
1246 Penny John S.1352, Class 5c, Winchester Mint, moneyer Bartelme, 1.44 grammes, the flan slightly misshapen at 6 o'clock, otherwise Near EF, a most pleasing example and seldom seen in this high grade £260 - £320
1247 Penny Richard I S.1348A Class 2, London Mint, moneyer Willelm, 1.11 grammes, VF on a full flan £400 - £500
1248 Quarter Laurel James I Third Coinage, tie-ends form a bracket to the value. Beaded inner circle on the obverse, plain inner circle on the reverse, S.2642A mintmark Trefoil, 2.14 grammes, a weak area on the King's chin and in the corresponding place on the shield, with some surface cracks and digs by IAC on the obverse and ROSA on the reverse, overall better than Fine £300 - £500
1249 Quarter Noble Edward III Treaty Period. Reverse with Lis in centre, Obverse with Annulet before EDWARD, A in GRA unbarred, Curule X, S.1511, Schneider 90, a little roughness to the edge at 1 o'clock, 1.81 grammes, other wise GVF and a pleasing example £750 - £850
1250 Shilling (3) James I First Coinage, Second Bust, Beard appears to merge with collar S.2646 mintmark Thistle, 2.91 grammes, Good Fine, Charles I Group D, Fourth Bust with falling lace collar, type 3.1 with inner circles, Reverse: Garnished oval shield with CR at sides S.2789, mintmark Harp, 5.81 grammes, a little weak behind the bust and in the corresponding position on the reverse, Fine or better, lightly toned and pleasing, Charles I Group F, Sixth Large 'Briot' bust, type 4.4, S.2799, mintmark Triangle-in-circle, 5.90 grammes, a little short of flan in places, NVF/VF with some double striking, close examination reveals only light actual wear, Sixpences (2) Charles I Second Milled issue 1638-1639 S.2860, mintmark mullet and anchor/anchor, 2.78 grammes, Good Fine the obverse with some adjustment lines in the centre, Charles I Group F, Sixth 'Briot' Bust, type 4.3, mintmark Star, 3.12 grammes, Good Fine and attractively toned, on a slightly irregularly-shaped flan with plenty of eye appeal £250 - £450
1251 Shilling 1653 Commonwealth ESC 987, Bull 124 a few small striking and small edge cracks, overall a very pleasing example appears GVF and colourfully toned, on close examination an original piece with very little real wear, easily the finest grade example we have handled since 2003 £400 - £600
1252 Shilling Charles I Group D, Fourth Bust, type 3.1, Reverse: Oval garnished shield with CR at sides S.2789 mintmark Portcullis, 5.94 grammes, weakly struck on the lower part of the bust and in the corresponding area on the shield on the reverse, otherwise VF and with pleasing tone £50 - £100
1253 Shilling Charles I Group D, Fourth Bust, type 3a, No inner circles, Reverse: Round garnished shield S.2791 mintmark Crown. 5.37 grammes. A metal flaw near the rim at the top of the reverse otherwise VF or better, the portrait and shield with excellent detail £50 - £100
1254 Shilling Charles I Group D, Fourth Bust, type 3a, No inner circles, Reverse: Round garnished shield S.2791 mintmark Crown. 5.91 grammes, a little weak in places otherwise VF/GVF and attractively toned with considerable eye appeal £50 - £100
1255 Shilling Charles I Group D, Fourth Bust, type 3a, No inner circles, Reverse: Round garnished shield S.2791 mintmark Crown. 6.13 grammes NVF/VF the reverse with hints of underlying golden tone, slightly uneven on the edge at 11 o'clock, otherwise with excellent eye appeal £50 - £100
1256 Shilling Charles I Group D, Fourth Bust, type 3a, No inner circles, Reverse: Round garnished shield S.2791 mintmark Tun. 5.91 grammes, VF and attractive with underlying golden tone £50 - £100
1257 Shilling Charles I Group E, Fifth Aberystwyth Bust, type 4.1var, larger bust with rounded shoulder, Single arched crown Large XII S.2797 mintmark Anchor horizontal, this weak on the obverse, 5.83 grammes, VF/GVF with a dark tone spot on the G of D:G:, an attractive and evenly struck example, and desirable thus £50 - £150
1258 Shilling Charles I Group F Tower Mint under Parliament 6th Large Briot Bust S.2800 mintmark Sun NVF with edge chips at 3 and 9 o'clock, the Obverse mintmark particularly bold £100 - £150
1259 Shilling Charles I Group F, Sixth Large 'Briot' Bust, double arched crown, S.2799 mintmark Triangle, 6.06 grammes, slightly weak on the King's face, otherwise Good Fine, Halfcrown Charles I Group III, Third Horseman, No caparisons on horse, scarf flies from King's waist, S.2773 Mintmark Bell, 13.87 grammes, VG/Fine, evenly struck with old grey tone, neatly plugged in the centre £50 - £90

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